Culture War, Class War – Book 1

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The Rise and Fall of “Obvious Truths”

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Class War is disguised as Culture War. The 1%—especially the wealthiest of them, who have been termed the Filthy Rich—foment Culture War among the 99% to distract and cover their real economic motives.

While the rise of unions in the early decades of the Twentieth Century and the post-Depression initiation and expanse of programs to benefit the common good might have made for a more harmonious time in the America of the Forties, Fifties, and to some extent, Sixties, that trend and that era of relative class peace has been totally reversed. Hostilities have resumed since the Sixties—especially beginning in 1970—until currently there is all-out class war that is becoming increasingly bloody and one way or another is taking a toll in lives of the American people.

This book looks into why America’s “privileged class”—its “royalty,” “blue bloods”—started a “culture war” against the middle class, working class, the poor…and the educated, artists, and humanists in the early 1970s. We discover how their fear of Sixties activism panicked them into an all-out assault against elements that threatened their wealth and privilege in all institutions of American society—media, education, medicine, government, politics, publication, religion, especially higher education, and so on—and restructured them for their ends.

This book, Culture War, Class War: The Rise and Fall of “Obvious Truths” is about how that reversal and restructuring happened and what has transpired in the last fifty years to bring us to this crisis. In particular it focuses on the story not told about that … the story the 1% has made sure you would not hear.

We see how American’s minds, personalities, beliefs, and their daily lives were orchestrated to a tune not theirs any more, but one that was sweet and harmonious to the profit-takers.

We see how this culture war, class war continues today: blatantly so in the Tea Party movement, the Republican Party, the Wall Street giveaways at the expense of jobs, tax cuts for the “filthy rich” and corporations, budget battles and cuts in government services and entitlement programs, rampant anti-environmentalism, and anti-minority, anti-immigrant laws and attacks.

Finally, we behold a worldwide global awakening. As the strains of war and financial oppression increase to a point no longer bearable, the American mind reawakens, beholds the obvious lies that have created the matrix of their lives, and sees more clearly….


Preface and Introduction

Culture War Is Class War Disguised

Part 1: The Rise of “Obvious Truths”

Chapter One: Smoke, Lies, and Revelations – 1950s Through 1970s

Chapter Two: Matrix Aroused, the Sixties: How We Became a Nation of Puppets, and the Hidden Puppeteers


Part 2: Drugs and Generations

Chapter Three: Drugs of Choice and Generational Cultures – Opposing Worlds

Chapter Four: Drugs of Choice and Generational Cultures – Concocted Worlds

Chapter Five: The King Won’t Die – An Aborted Changing of the Guard

Chapter Six: “Pleasantville” as Culture War Allegory

Chapter Seven: Cultural Rebirth, Aborted

Part 3: Creating an American Mind and Personality

Chapter Eight: Creating an American Mind

Chapter Nine: Creating an American Life

Chapter Ten: Erosion of Reason, Self-Confidence

Chapter Eleven: Reality Transplant, The Media

Chapter Twelve: Only The Game Remains


Part 4: The Great American About Face

Chapter Thirteen: The Great American About Face

Chapter Fourteen: Better Off Than Fifty Years Ago?

Chapter Fifteen: Money Madness


Part 5: The Fall of “Obvious Truths”

Chapter Sixteen: The Fall of “Obvious Truths”


Continue with Book Three: Apocalypse Emergency:
Love’s Wake-Up Call

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