“Like horses being raised for carriage, your young ones are raised and trained to carry your “baggage” — physical but also emotional”

“Raising” children and planetmates … “growing” plants and families … incest taboo, much more from the Planetmates

“At any rate, without peeling apart your human truth productions one by one and dissecting them, we can generalize by saying that — as seen in the light of Earth Citizen consciousness — they are overly complicated and in their confusion are wrong-getted of just about everything; they are a reverse, bizarro perspective in many ways.

“Indeed so much is this true that there did not exist a concept such as “stupid” before your kind came along. This is not meant to be insulting to say that. Think of it. Consider us in Nature and what we are doing in going about our lives, and tell us how we are wrong in going about it. You cannot. For you see the perfection, the intricate interconnection, of everything that exists in Nature. Indeed, that is what makes you feel inferior. And feeling inferior, it is what pushes you to come up with rationalizations to explain your errant ways, such as that we have merely “instinct” while you … oh, glorious you … have “free will”!

“Your thinking is a form of dementia to be sure. But it is humorous, too, and is a source of amusement for us. If only you could see yourselves, puffing and preening, playing ever like you are before some kind of camera and are the only one on the stage.

“But far worse than that is the ignoble quality of your views. For the result of all this wrong-gettedness is more than just unfortunate and laughable, it is tragic and often ghastly. For we see the way these odd, demented views have directed your behavior in disastrous ways toward all else but you.

“In particular, we observe your behavior toward your own offspring and see how it mirrors your treatment of us planetmates.


“Reflecting your manner of engagement with flora planetmates, you “raise” you children like you do vegetables. For many of you, over the course of your post-agrarian existence, conceiving children is akin to planting crops. You went about it in the same methodical way — without pleasure and with your mind focused on what you could eventually reap, of your actions, and how you would use and manage that “product.” Even the idea of a family — having a “brood” of children, as you put it — brings to mind a field of uniform and faceless — personality-less — items … a “product” of your labors. It is no coincidence that you call what mothers go through in giving birth to a child, labor. The child is seen as a product of your effort, a concrete achievement that can be used, like a tool, to achieve ends beyond it, and stood upon, like an accomplishment, in your relentless struggle for power and control.


“As for fauna planetmates, you kidnap and capture your fellow Earth Citizens, us, and in your ignoble and unfeeling “management” you would have us not walk alongside you but be as mere clay for you to mold whatever you desire with. You control where we go, what we eat, what we do, virtually all of the time, and who we will mate with, and when, and how. You pluck our offspring from us, like an apple from a tree, for any use of yours at all, including consumption. You force us into excruciating labor — the likes of which you would not do — and you “train” us to do tricks for you and amuse you. You see our lives to be yours, and you look into what can come of such a life as ours and seek to appropriate, for your own use and pleasure, what you see. We are little different, for you, from machines, which you can beat and pound to keep running and push to the maximum of their capacity.

“Reflecting this perverted relationship, which you eventually developed, and have now, with the fauna consciousness, you “raise” your children. They also are your belongings. Like horses being raised for carriage, your young ones are raised and trained to carry your “baggage” — physical but also emotional. Like oxen being trained for the plow, your children are raised and trained to pull your enterprises forward. Like dogs they are trained to guard and protect your possessions. Your children you teach to perform for you and to entertain you, as they were seals. You do not manage all the details of the actual fornication of your children, as you do planetmates. But you, very often, determine who will be mated with who; and through cultural and personal persuasion, you extend the size of your families through them and such sexual activities of theirs. You “grow” your children like house plants, you pet them when they are young like kittens; you have them “fetch” the way you would dogs. They are yours to be used for anything you want, like machines. The way children are treated just like things and are shaped and fashioned through brutal surgeries like circumcision and clitorectomy will be dealt with in more detail in the next prasad where we shed light on your use of children as tools.


“Even your vaunted incest taboo — another self-congratulation, this one a favorite of your intellectuals — is a lie. How ironic that the one — the only one — thing that you would claim as an instinct for you would in actuality not be, and would be another one of the many things you concoct to hide the truth of you. Indeed, it seems clear that your cultural proscriptions against incest are in place, not as an expression of universal instinct … for if it was truly instinctual, why would it need to be culturally prohibited … but out of the fact that you need to be kept from doing that which too many of you would otherwise do. More than ironic, how much of a howler it is that this one claim of yours of instinct — a nod to your delusion of superior morality — would actually be instinctual for your nearest planetmate relatives — chimpanzees and other primates — in their relation between parent and child.


“You would think you would have gotten the clue that incest is in you in the many mythological stories you have involving it. You have fathers and daughters cavorting and making offspring, mothers and sons, even siblings. There is good reason it would come out in your mythologies, for they are where you project and express the things about yourself you cannot think, or say aloud. Your unconscious — all those things you hide from yourself, and incest more than qualifies — is the raw material from which you concoct your mythologies.

“Thus, unlike your cousin chimpanzees — in this light seen to be more “moral” than thou — quite to the contrary, in more cultures than you want to acknowledge and in all cultures more than you will let yourself see, children have been your sexual playthings, your sexual toys — both inside as well as outside the family. Ancient Greece, pedagogical institutions of all times and cultures, and clergy — in particular, Catholic — are examples of these. It is not uncommon for cultures to have institutionalized rape of young girls; some of your “initiations” involve the participants’ coercion into the performance of sexual services — in this case, by boys — for the pleasure of the ritual conductors and attendants. Your “civilized” abhorrence of such activities, with its accompanying denial, covers the multitude of perverted inclinations existing in many of you….”

[Pt 1 of 28th Prasad — Family. More coming…  
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