Over the Last 25,000 Years, the Truth of What It Means to Be Human Became Increasingly Invisible, Say the Planetmates


You Can’t Know That You Don’t Know. But Now You Need to Know. The Second Prasad from the Planetmates


The Great Reveal from the Planetmates, The Second Prasad: Truth Become Invisible


Planetmates Release The Second Prasad

“Real hope” and “challenge” are the words I am hearing most often, as I seek to position myself closer and closer.

bren-goose-38223The Missives are arriving randomly-timed but with regularity. We could be on the verge of something big. The Prasads so far seem to point to some major overview of us humans extending over an incredibly long time, not to mention the possibilities that arise from this first ever category of a “species” for a source. Anything can happen but the indications are that it is to our benefit; Prasad is the Sanskrit word for a blessing from a saint or a divine being.

I’ll stay on top of this. I’ll make sure whatever I get, jacobs-ladder-mccaulay-culkin-and-tim-robbins_thumbwhatever it says, I will post. Of this, I make my solemn vow. It’s beginning to feel that I should make that sort of commitment, lest I should be tempted to shy from parts that I, myself, might want to slant or overlook. It’s guaranteed that something this big isn’t going to be all complimentary; but it must also be said that I’ve received assurances that while shining a bright and harsh light, the Missives are far more positive than they are critical. “Real hope” and “challenge” are the words I am hearing most often, as I seek to position myself closer and closer to the Inner Circles.

"The early on Unapproved and Hidden, with time...with never a challenge to their exclusion ever arising...so, becoming increasingly invisible."


The Second Prasad – The Truth Become “Increasingly Invisible”


A multitude of understandings of your Nature spread widely into every corner of possibilities by virtue of randomness of culture multiplied by randomness of personality and finally multiplied by the randomness of changes in societies and humans occurring over many millennia so as to fill out and seep into and saturate every seeming possibility of existing as a human, leaving no possible human experience unexplored…except, that early on Unapproved and Hidden!

Further, the early on Unapproved and hidden, with time, have added to them the increasing weight of time, peoples, and individuals coming and going with never a challenge to their exclusion ever arising…and never named, nor pointed out, nor in any way indicated, so, becoming increasingly invisible.


Paraphrase/ Elaboration of “The Second Prasad” — by SillyMickel Adzema

So, despite all these efforts there was one thing missing from all the reports to you of the Nature of It All from these seekers of actual sanity. It was found in none of their conceptualizations or teachings, absolutely none. 0015-summerwood_ipThe actual Truth of you has been completely hidden and perfectly unknown.

Certainly, every one of your cultures has areas of knowledge that are taboo and are covered up…in word but also in thought. These vary by culture, mostly.indigenous Some items of knowledge, information, and fact are brought out into acceptable discourse whereas those same things might be completely unapproved and hidden in another culture.

Still, in the depths of the Unapproved and Hidden of every culture is the actual truth about your species—who you are and how you got to be who you are and what makes you different from all other species, what distinguishes you.indigenous_bkg This specific understanding is absent from absolutely every view you have of yourselves; there are few cultures that have conceptualizations of humans that are even dimly reminiscent of your truth; most human populations have ways of thinking about Reality and who they are in relation to It platos_caveartyedgy_verysmallthat are exactly opposite to Actuality … that are almost perfect mirror images of It. In particular this includes what you call Western civilization, with all its myriad and varied cultures. And among the views that are exactly opposite and exact mirror images of Truth, the most obvious and fundamental one is your materialistic assumption about the Universe.


babelYou would think this absolute lack of Truth among all peoples at all times could not be possible, we know. For with the incredible variety of culture you created, you came up with what might seem to be every possible way of thinking of yourselves and every conceptualization of Reality. Considering as well the even more varied personalities existing in each culture—with each and every one of you different, at least somewhat, from every one of you that has ever existed—you would think surely this way of thinking has been Jacobs-Ladder-1989seriously pursued by some one. Further, you must think that with all the different experiences that each individual has in the course of a lifetime, this view must have been stimulated in some personality at some point in their life. Finally, you would think that with all the changes in your societies and peoples over such a long period of time that this Truth must have been stumbled across at some point in the course of it all. Multiplied together—with all these possibilities of culture, individual personality, and time—certainly the actual view of you has been conveyed somewhere in some place. You would think this had to be true.

You would be wrong.

For with all these changes more than anything else you fortified your illusion, widened the expanse between us and you, between you and Nature, between your thinking and Truth, and elaborated endlessly your misconceptions and unrealities; rather than the opposite.

With your adoption of horticultural and sedentary ways, beginning 25,000 years ago, the true understanding of you got reversed from what it is. It became permanently relegated to the realms of the taboo, the forgotten, the no longer seeable or even thinkable. In truth, these ways of thinking of and viewing yourselves can hardly come to the human consciousness you created.

Nevertheless, though it is completely absent now, this Actual Truth is knowledge that you once had about yourselves, just as we planetmates have understanding of who we are and where we fit into the pattern of It All. But for all the reasons that we in this Reveal will be bringing forth to you, your true nature was long ago forgotten by you.

So, whereas over many millennia, a multitude of understandings of your nature emerged among humans, seemingly covering every possibility and every possible understanding, and seemingly leaving no possible human experience or understanding unexplored or considered; yet, despite this, the real truth of your nature, purposes, and relationship to Everything Else remained unconsidered and unexplored. Your Truth was everywhere and at all times unapproved and hidden, and never was a challenge raised about this exclusion of the real Truth, nor was this exclusion ever named, pointed out, or in any way indicated.

So the real truth of what it means to be human became increasingly invisible as time went by.


You don’t know; you don’t know what you don’t know; you don’t know that you don’t know; and you can’t know that you don’t know.

But now you need to know.


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