Magnifying Life’s Pain Is What Humans Do Making Them Unique in Nature. Yet That Mistake Is What Holds the Key to Our Survival…Our Redemption, Say Planetmates in 31st Prasad.

Light-Darkness, Happiness-Pain: Planetmates say, “In Running From Darkness, Seeking to Create a Forever Light, You Have Made Darkness Darker … But Also the Lightness Brighter.”308157_2704946665925_1324516302_3105340_1023240093_n

The Great Reveal, Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Thirty-First Prasad. Light and Darkness, Happiness and Pain: Planetmates Say Human Pain Is Greater Than Theirs

Planetmates Release the Thirty-First Prasad

[D]arkness and light are in constant flux. We know that in your denying this fact, in running from darkness and seeking to create a forever light, you have only made the darkness darker. You have also made the lightness brighter.

Parrot is first consciousness at the Thirty-First Prasad.

“[P]ain is never as painful as humans’ pain, since it cannot cross our mind…it might not end or…might have a [malevolent] conductor.”

The Thirty-First Prasad – Light-Darkness, Happiness-Pain

Thus in life we en-joy. There is darkness and lack of pleasure, but that we know is the requirement for overall enjoyment. Light is brighter contrasted with darkness. And our pain is never as painful as humans’ pain, since it cannot cross our mind, even for a second, that it might not end or that it might have a conductor with ends malevolent for us and seeking to take us beyond that which we can handle.

We know that change is the quality of existence, so darkness and light are in constant flux. We know that in your denying this fact, in running from darkness and seeking to create a forever light, you have only made the darkness darker. You have also made the lightness brighter. Making the dark more dreadful and, by contrast then, the light greater is what you do; it is the one unique quality of you. Yet it is that which holds the key to your survival…actually, your redemption.

Paraphrase/ Elaboration of “The Thirty-First Prasad” — by SillyMickel Adzema

We know of life as being an alternation of pleasure and pain, happiness and misery. But this is no big problem for us, because overall this flux of darkness and light is what makes life that much more enjoyable. In a game one would not enjoy victory or making a good play if one did not also experience being scored against and losing occasionally. Life would have none of its exquisite sense of surprise and discovery if there were not twists and turns in it. One could not enjoy the blessings of wandering into delightful glades if one did not travel twisted, darkened paths at other times. Life would simply not be much of a story or worth playing if there were not drama in it.

We see that you have, however, made this simple fact into the biggest dilemma for you. For you have magnified the pain of life to an amazing extent. Light requires a darkness for it even to be seen; one would not know pleasure except in contrast to pain. But you would wish to have only light, only pleasure, always. This is because, for reasons having to do with the twisted consciousness you carry from your abnormal beginnings—the pain that you have in birth—you go through life terrified that you will once again experience such pain as you had at your beginnings. You see all life through such a darkened filter. You live in trepidation of the ending of your happiness, when you could be enjoying it, and in terror that your pain, when it comes, will never be followed by happiness ever again. So you spoil even the experience of pleasure, while you amplify the misery of pain.

You once experienced pain in such an assaultive way that you feared it would never end. At your beginnings, you have an abnormal amount of experience of feeling trapped and suffocated; and you, in your premature state yet still coming into the world, are not aware yet of the ending of pain, of the fact that it is not possible without pleasure. You experience such overwhelming pain in your coming into the world that ever afterward you believe it is possible that you could at any time experience pain greater than is possible for you to bear. And because you also at that early time mistakenly thought that it is possible that pain will never end, you believe that such a thing is possible in life…even in afterlife. So, unlike us planetmates, you amplify life’s pain with your fear that it can ever be more than you could bear and with this belief that, beyond that, it could be unending.

To add to all that, because in your beginnings you experienced these things while in close proximity to a seemingly all-powerful Other—that is, they happened while inside your own mothers or while being born from her—you have the feelings that there can be an intention or an actor behind the events of your life—including its pain—like your mother to a small extent was around your birth events. The whole world for you being Mother, at that time, and experiencing her as the only other actor in that drama of your birth, you attribute some of the inordinate pain of that time to that fact: that it is related to this Other, who was also World to you, and who you sensed as Mother. So, experiencing these imagined magnifications of life’s pains in relation to her, throughout your life it is possible that you can even think there might be an intent or actor behind your experiences of pain and suffering then also. And since you have made such pain and suffering to be wrong, as well as horrifying, you of course can think of this actor as being malevolent.

For these reasons you have made the darkness-pain of life that much darker. But in doing so, you have set up the possibility of experiencing a greater pleasure or brightness in contrast to it. You have made the darkness, darker; the light potentially brighter. For if you could imagine being freed from your self-imposed hell, for a second, can you not imagine what a relief and pleasure it would make of your life ever after that? This is a greater pleasure than we can have. So there is undoubtedly more to it than even we can know…it is probably “lighter” or more wonderful than we can imagine. You have made life into something horrible from which you need a “saving.” This “salvation” is therefore one experience you have created for yourself that we cannot have, and because of the way duality works in life, it cannot help but be that much more exquisite.

So here again is something that makes you different from all other planetmates. We have been telling you how you are different in creating a birth that is more painful than any other planetmate and also leaves you born more premature than any other, and how this prematurity leads to even more pain likely in your life because in your earliest time of development you are not assisted by a near-perfect Nature, but must rely on damaged adults—who because of these things are even more damaged than if they had been other adult planetmates. We have explained how this has led to a split from Nature, the development of unnecessary spoken and thought symbols of Nature—language—which actually hide Nature more than it reveals it; so therefore also the overcomplication of Existence; and how this separation had led to a fear that has caused you to forego Natural blessings and believe that you are an independent actor capable of creating your own blessings. But in attempting to do this, you needed to control everything and everyone around you. This perversion, as you do in all other of the flaws which distinguish you, you spin as being some honor. You call it “free will”; making of yourselves separate gods to make up for the loss of the knowledge that you are God, yes, but inseparable from Nature or each other—One God. You rationalize this delusion of “free will” into a “crown” proving your superiority, thus enabling you in even greater and more harmful controlling. This greater controlling leads you to ever more complication of existence and separation from it, and then around again, in a vicious cycle. And now you see how, all in all, this has resulted in your creating the most miserable lives among all the planetmates.

So this is another major thing that distinguishes you. Humans can be said to be those planetmates who have created the most painful lives. You have blown up the acceptable and necessary “darkness” of life into something that can often be horrifying in the degree of its pain. In fact, horror is exactly the kind of thing that you have brought into existence that we cannot know. For horror is exactly that perception of pain in a way that it might be unbearable and/or continuing without end. Since you are able to perceive life this way, you are also able to create that which you see; you create horrifying things and do horrifying actions; planetmates cannot do this…nor would we want to. For what reason would desire such darkness?

But you have done this. And in keeping with the Divine perfection in which you exist but which you deny and mentally separate yourself from, this seeming flaw in your perception, your magnification of pain into horror, making darkness darker, is that which, perfectly so, through Divine Providence, provides your actual salvation from all you have wrought. Your very survival…indeed your redemption…lies in this unique and strange capacity of yours to make darkness darker, but then also the possibility that light can be brighter, that the experience of life can be even more wonderful than it is, in essence, and as we experience it.

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