“Like Trigger-Happy Cowboys on Crack, You Fill the World with You.” In The Great Reveal’s 26th Prasad – Ego Above All – Planetmates Say the Root of All Problems Is Our Obsession for Control

That Ego That You Do, You Do So Well: According to Our Nonhuman Brothers and Sisters, Humans Secretly Think, “There’s Nothing Really Alive But Me“ – The 26th Prasad from The Planetmates

Planetmates Release The Twenty-Sixth Prasad – Ego Towers Over Everything

Newborns were seen in exactly the same way as other beings being controlled—as just as worthy an investment as raising kidnapped Earth citizens.

child_abuseMoon Jellyfish were First Consciousness at The Twenty-Sixth Prasad.

Separation from the Divine meant separation from all else, all others, even one’s own offspring and increasing isolation, increasing reinforcement of the alien, backwards, consciousness construct, Ego.


The Twenty-Sixth Prasad – Ego Above All

ego.spawn-angelAll these controlling tendencies of all-seen-as-not-ego were alike in their estimation and implementation: control of life ways; all Earth Citizens—Fauna and Flora; other humans; and dependent newborns. They were all seen increasingly as “things” to be manipulated and used for Ego survival. squirrel.friends.animals,cute,love,wild,life,animal,kiss-0234b807ffd68088bcbc8b2247324e1d_hThey were all gradually deprived of their status as being conscious, of having consciousness, as being akin to self and one’s consciousness. So separation from the Divine meant separation from all else, all others, even one’s own offspring; and increasing isolation, increasing reinforcement of the alien, backwards, consciousness construct, Ego. Newborns were seen in exactly the same way as other beings being controlled: That is, they were viewed as just as worthy an investment, and little more, as the raising of kidnapped Earth citizens and their forced enlistment in the survival schemes of the rootless, directionless Humans. (to be continued)


Paraphrase/ Elaboration of “The Twenty-Sixth Prasad” — by SillyMickel Adzema. Ego Changes Everything.

You see that your so-called evolution in consciousness has been largely to do with an expanding obsession to bring everything under control of your Ego. You display an ever-increasing fever to dominate and determine all aspects of your reality.

Previous prasads have dwelled, one-by-one, on these different spheres of your mania for management. We have also explained how this obsession brings with it an ever-increasing amount of effort. And we have discussed the ways these have interacted with each other in terms of a push as well to bring other beings—adult and young—into the effort of the adult Ego to manage and manipulate all things that can be influenced.

So, everything that was not seen as Ego was targeted for control. You changed your stature to upright and this led eventually to a change in the way you would be born. Your abnormal life entry led to an apprehension of mind. Out of such fear you chose to control your food source, which was vegetation—the Flora Empire. GREEDchickenscagedbattery_cage_hens2-300x240This led to your extending your net of control over the Fauna Empire—members of which you corralled, began using as a food source, and deemed yourself superior enough to, to make life and death decisions regarding.

Following this, you were able to bring yourself to making life-and-death determinations about even other humans of you. pyramidpowSycthianKingsuperiorimagesCA6DJ4X4You developed a hierarchy of humans centered around strong men, with ever lower levels of rings of conforming, sycophantic underlings spreading out from that. From there, pushed both by cravings for control and accumulation and the burgeoning work load that came with that, you extended your reach of resource revaluation and control to include your young as well.

9232157_85da_625x1000 (2)You even attempted to control things that could not be influenced. We have a lived spirituality, in that we do not feel separate from All or each other. For what reason would we wish to control, cajole, or even appeal to a higher order of knowing, which has our overall goodness in mind…is as you say, God, or good itself?

starhawktwowolvesb8948a71-e410-4bc9-8800-838d6b82fae5But as a consequence of your separation from All, you began using ritual, instead of your felt experience, to connect with the Divine. ritual.lgAt first it was simply to seek to discern the Divine Will, which you had made distant from you in all the other ways mentioned, so that you might act in accordance with it. jacobfightangelmodernAAAADCVGyhkAAAAAALrdqQLater it was to seek to control—again that thing of you—the will of the Divine, including all of its manifestations as in the forces of Nature, the weather, fate, destiny, luck, providence for oneself and the extension of one’s Ego, the family. Your prayer—the spoken or linguistic form of ritual—was employed for the same purpose: To sway the Divine to itself bend along the outlines of one’s (perverted) will…actually, one’s predilections.


And what is the form of this ritual and prayer? As damaged and sycophantic adults–no one of apocalypseyou having received adequate nurturing and caring as infants and children and instead having been taught that some satisfaction of those needs could be had by pleasing and appeasing one’s adult watermarkcomp1caregivers—you would act out that training in seeking to gain boons from the Divine. Indeed, you would deem this Divine to be blown up versions of the child’s and infant’s caregivers—mothers and fathers become Mother and Father. And you would seek to garner boons and satisfaction of desires from these early figures projected onto the Unknown in the same way you learned you could elicit them from the early entities: through meaningless or distantly removed (symbolic) behaviors, repeated maniacally.

mass (2)

Your adult caregivers trained you as children to be conforming underlings, so you might be enlisted in their overblown schemes and phantom struggles;fathergod sycophancy.shoe.kiss.4160945447_43e464a92e (2)and now you would demonstrate to the creations you project onto the Universal screen that indeed you are a sycophantic underling—as sycophantic as can be. You seek to receive “compensation” from the Unknown for demonstrating those things that worked as children with caregivers: You express undying devotion, love, and allegiance to this Universal Phantom Mother/Father. Just as you needed to ally with the caregivers—your actual mothers and fathers—in their schemes against all others, so also you think you can garner good will by demonstrating your alliance with this Phantom against the Phantoms of all others.

So, you think that you “please” this Phantom—which you mistakenly call “God” but who is not (for it is not Good)—by taking up arms against the Phantoms of others and their allies. prayer.2crpdYou have projected your early family drama as a child onto the heavens. 14a-Slave (2)And you seek to use Conforming Underling behavior—sycophantic, mindlessly obedient, repetitive, most often nonsensical (to you), expressive of “love,” devotion…what you call “worship”…and alliance against all others…which you mistakenly link with faith, as in “keeping the faith” and “defending the faith”—to procure “boons” to alleviate the anxieties you have created for yourself about this life as well as to relieve your overblown fear of death and an afterlife. You seek relief from the misery you have created for yourselves—unique to all planetmates—from this Phantom in this life as well as afterward. This is the real meaning of your ritual and prayer.



And by the way, if you ask then how we can disembowel ritual and prayer—the essence of religion—this way, yet still allude to an All That Is with a Benevolent Consciousness? If you wonder how we could even be communicating with you if such Phantoms are only projections of unmet need, you are not remembering what we have been telling you about your sense of a separated self. For while the essence of religion is appeasement and appeal, truth-awareness-bliss-phranicenergythe essence of what you refer to as spirituality and mysticism is surrender and mergence…re-union.

Religion is a product of the separation from unity with the All That Is or the Divine, and its individual observances of ritual and prayer only reinforce that separation. Whereas, the essence of mysticism and spirituality is to dissolve that barrier to the Divine—existing in your perturbed mind—and to re-acquire your true identity, which is at-one with that…to achieve at-one-ment (atonement).

To this end you have shamans and priests who encourage your separation—what you call religion—and you have shamans, guides, and helpers of all kind around you everywhere (as “provided” by that Divine) whose conscious as well as unconscious intents and behaviors serve to aid you in removing that separation.


slideshow_05_lgIf you should, finally, question the existence of the Divine Itself, thereby removing the separation artificially by removing, in one’s beliefs, that Other from which one has become separated—if you remove the separation by simply denying the existence of half of it—then “the proof is in the pudding,” as they say. For while religion depends on believing the unbelievable, which can’t help but be constantly under assault from Reality Itself in that it is erected against and in opposition to that Reality, which you mistakenly refer to as faith, spirituality requires no sycophantic obedience.animals,cute,cat,happiness,joy,kiss-78a3ce53d1d4f155b6c0b24a896c2ea1_h (2) Since the Truth is that Ultimate Reality cannot be anything but helpful in that It is you—and why wouldn’t you help yourself?—why would it withhold anything that would aid you in tossing off your enslavement?

work.4426357.2.flat,550x550,075,f.god-walking-in-the-garden (2)So it is that by simply trying out the idea that there is a benevolent Universe, one finds that one receives help, assistance, and experiences that reveal that Other and, although it doesn’t need to at this point, proves it. This is what is meant by, “Seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you….” Reality does not require of you blind obedience and sycophantic worship. Now why would a Benevolent God—one you say correctly is all-merciful, all-compassionate—want that of you? No, the Divine—your denied Self—is as accessible to you as it is to us. And, as we have said, it is part of a felt knowing of our consciousness that we cannot doubt.


As for evidence for this, how do you account for the very things you are hearing right now? They are meant to relieve your unnecessary suffering and free you. vlcsnap-2011-07-06-00h17m18s188Of course it is meant to have you turn to an actual discomforting problem. But even then it is only meant to ennoble you and free you from the diminished life and futile dramas you have created as substitutes for such a grand and fulfilling role and script—one that is part of a more exciting and profound Divine Play that is being offered you.

But how do you account for hearing these words right now, so at odds with so much of what you have been taught and so promising to you…but most of all from a source that in your Reality would not even be possible? Schwartz1Consider the blessing of the Prasads themselves, as evidence of this Benevolent Reality, this God. For indeed that is the meaning of prasad: it is a blessing from Divinity or a Divine Being. Why would you be receiving these helpful words—right at this moment especially, which you know is just perfect for you—if Reality is not Benevolent? Does it not feel like a blessing to you? A prasad? And how could you be receiving this message from this consciousness that is not you as you have defined yourself? Is that not proof that this Benevolent Thing is also “higher” than you—a higher power?


But these are only the faintest glimmerings of the evidence in your experience, the blessings and guidance, the teachings and knowings that come—miraculously it seems—to you once you give the Universe a chance…once you give the Universe a chance to reveal it as it is (not as you want it to be, out of your fevered mania)…once you give the Universe a chance to actually be benevolent, not just as you are coerced into saying it is in your current unaccepting-of-actual-blessedness state, you find that it is, more so than you have ever imagined it could be.


It must be kept in mind that this control at each point required that correspondingly there would need be intensifying control over your inner life. So you set your wrestling- into-submission fever upon aspects of your very selves, even, that the “management” of consciousness, the Ego, deemed “inappropriate,” but was actually feared.

For you to be able to conceive of doing this, you needed to have a rationale that justified it. You needed to be able to turn it into a correct thing to do; legiondefygod300fullyou needed to be able to fool yourselves. So, in order to deny the ability of the consciousnesses around you to have inclinations (desires, tendencies, will, self-determination) of their own, you needed to insist that they were not capable of such decisions. It would follow that by removing the ability of intention from everything around you, you would not only be allowed to control, you would be required to. dominiongodspositionforyouSo to remove will and other-determination from the Universe you needed to deny consciousness in all of it, except yourself. Angel-WarfareIt would be true that the extent that you would be able to deny consciousness in any aspect of the Other was the extent that you would be able, “in good conscience” (sarcasm intended), to control and dominate there.

The upshot of this entire process is a separation from all else in order to control it. In separating from all else, you, of course, separate from the Divine in that the Divine is exactly that: All That Is or all that exists including yourself.

godpumpkinheadSo in total separation from All That Is, or the Divine, and davincihumancertainly from Nature, and other humans, including your own families and others in your social units, you created the ultimate in isolation for yourself. And in this isolation you created your extra-natural ability for alien and backwards conception, thinking, and perception. This embodiment of a vortex of phantasms is your singular consciousness construct—again, that Ego that you are able to do.

(That ego that you do, you do, so well. 😉 )

superiorityandegoarthowlingReturning to the development of family in your species, however, remember that it is based on your expanding addiction to control which has now infected your view, even, of your own offspring. You see them, as well, to be things.pelicanoiledBPtumblr_l3gxfhRrgT1qaukhio1_500 You attribute as little of consciousness to them as you can possibly rationalize to yourselves. Your children are viewed, for the vast majority of you humans and over the near entirety of what can be counted as the time of your existence, as having as little consciousness as the planetmates and other Earth citizens that you kidnap and control for your ends. That is, little or no independent intention or sentience is bestowed on them in your estimation.

Having achieved such a narrowing of apprehension of the true nature of the reality around your ego—inside as well as outside—you give yourself maximum rein in reckless determination. Like trigger-happy cowboys on crack, you fill the world with you. You see no existence outside your window of temporal craving…

…hence no consequences of the exercise of your lusty appetites outside the perimeters of your perceivable pain. And even that, your pain, you seek to deny and diminish so you can have even greater sway in your bumbling amidst Nature’s otherwise exquisite china shop.

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The Twenty-Seventh Prasad from The Planetmates

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