Planetmates say our wisest humans shared one understanding: The same blind spot

The Great Reveal, Chapter Nine:
The First Prasad – “Unapproved and Hidden”

Planetmates Release The First Prasad

Just released, here’s the latest. The Great Reveal–arranged by the Planetmates for the benefit of humans on the eve of the biggest challenge ever to face humans or even the planet at any time of its existence–is being released in snippets.

I received this; they call it “The First Prasad,” so no doubt there will be more to follow. Stay tuned. I’ll continue to update here with whatever I find out, as soon as I find out.




“We thought it would help if…the one and only constant…was the hole in their understanding of the the Nature of All”

The First Prasad – “The Unapproved and Hidden”


"A Blessing for choose or refuse"

There were always those of you, many from even the past, whose names and words you would know; these trailblazers into truth’s jungles, these gardeners of consciousness, brave, even foolhardy, deep-sea divers into the black waters of the Unapproved and Hidden of virtually all the numberless and diverse societies and cultures existing and transforming over the course of innumerable millennia, are even better known to us.

We thought it would help if in all their reports to you–strangely enough, among all those maddeningly different ways of life, and kinds of people, and uniquely lived lives—that the one and only constant you would find among them was the hole in their understanding of the Nature of All.  (to be continued)

Video Commentary by SillyMickel Adzema

What follows is a video of a reading of The First Prasad, with commentary, elaboration, and context, by SillyMickel Adzema.

“The First Prasad” From The Great Reveal by The Planetmates
– the audiocast

The link above takes you to the audio only version of my commentary on The First Prasad, exactly as is in the video. Click on the link to go the the audio site, or you can listen to it here using the audio player below.
Image of The First Prasad. From “The Great Reveal” By The Planet Mates

Summary/ Abstract of “The First Prasad” — by SillyMickel Adzema

DEFINING CHARACTERISTICS OF HUMANS; WHY NO CULTURE EVER DID OR COULD EVER REVEAL THE TRUTH ABOUT HUMANS AS A SPECIES, THAT IS, AS RELATIVE TO ALL OTHER SPECIES OR BEINGS, ALSO AS RELATIVE TO THE DIVINE, GOD, THE ONE CONSCIOUSNESS. There were always those few of you who ventured into the Unapproved and Hidden — many of their names and words you would know, but they are even better known to us. We thought it would help if their reports contained one constant only — that constant is the hole in their understanding of the Nature of All.

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