Republicans Saw a Naive Obama Coming a Mile Away

Republicans saw Obama as Easy Mark

Republicans and the filthy rich from the beginning saw Obama as an easy mark. Decades ago, supporting my educational pursuits driving a hack, I was advised not too look like a target out on the streets, for “you could be just driving by and they would see it in you…and they’ll be on you like vultures.” Sad to say, I think Obama, radiating his red-state/blue-state enchantment, may have been seen a mile away as easy pickings and someone who could be rolled. It’s even possible his election may have been helped along because they saw a chance to cash in on such naivete. It’s possible they saw Hillary as much more a threat to them and sought to direct events his way.

“capitulation framed as compromise” … “false centrism” .. taking the middle point of two positions is not level-headed if one is an idiotic position

What Happened To Obama? (Devastating NY Times Piece)

A devastating New York Times piece by psychology professor Drew Westen called ‘What Happened To Obama?’ is discussed by The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur.

Republicans saw Obama as Easy Mark.

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