NAACP, tea party, racism–Checked Internet & cudn’t find any Whites supporting NAACP. Here’s one White who will!

NAACP, tea party, racism–Checked Internet & cudn’t
find any Whites supporting NAACP. Here’s one White who will!

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I’m pissed. I found nothing but vitriol against the NAACP while
searching Google listings on the NAACP and tea party racism. What? No
one but Whites use the Internet? No one but Blacks can read the Tea
Party signs? No one but Blacks can remember recent history and news
reports of Tea Party member behavior against Blacks & Black members
of Congress?

Even on the Huffington Post I could find no outright support for the
NAACP. What the fuck?!!! Can Whites not stand in another’s shoes? Well
this one-time hippie-young radical who hitch-hiked through the South
during the 60s (and you better believe got to feel what it was like to
be a Black; “Easy Rider” time, more than once, and more than in one part
of the country…Southern Oregon coast also), and who, along with the
others in his junior class in a Pennsylvania high school, boycotted the
swimming pool at the amusement park we were enjoying our Junior Class
Outing at, because it refused to allow our Black class members, and my
friends, to swim there, and so we were kicked out of the park…well, to
hell with the rest of you White folks who will not stand up for our
African-American brothers & sisters.

Well, this White remembers. Use your eyes. I had to go to youtube to
find any support or evidence supporting the NAACP and their resolution
pointing out the racism in the Tea Party. So here’s one video, one
showing the evidence in undeniable photos; there were other videos there
too (only?).

Use your eyes. Or prove you really are racist, really are
ultra-conservative, with the utter inability for self-reflection and the
lack of conscience that characterizes them.

I’ve been pointing out this racist element, on Amplify and elsewhere, as
it was rearing its ugly head. Examples:

Evidence, pics, documenting Tea Party racism posted by Ronald Jackson on at

TEA PARTY RACISM: What The Media Won’t
Show You About Teabagger Racism


DOCUMENTED: Tea Party Racism – Fake grass roots (astroturf) organization
grows out of a hatred of non-whites and hatred of a black president.
Post this video to your blog or website. Help get the word out about the
TRUTH regarding Tea Party Racism. For an animated GIF of this
presentation to post to your page or website (very small file), go here:

MORE examples of Teabagger bigotry and hate, check out this short

while your at it, check out this slide show of racist Tea Party Bill
Boards along our nation’s highways:

PARTY RACISM: America’s corporate media has been covering up the fact
that the Tea Party is based on bigotry, hatred and especially racism
toward African-Americans. The Tea Party and “teabaggers” blow away the
myth of a “post racial” America. Watch this video and see for yourself
the well documented history of Tea Party racism that America’s corporate
media has been hiding from the world.

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