Re: Chapter 1: “Strange Days” of Apocalypse? Or, Earth Rebirth?

On Mon, May 24, 2010 at 8:00
AM, xxxxx (name withheld) responded to the original post of Chapter 1 "Strange Days" of Apocalypse? Or, Earth Rebirth? by saying:

This is very interesting Mickel, how do I read the rest
of the chapters? 

I see on the site you mention a download but
see no link for downloading…?



I responded:

Thanks so much for your kind

As for your question, I’m delighted in your interest. I
actually wrote the book about a decade ago, but I I am working on
updating it. 

The original is on my Primal Spirit site. This
link takes you to the table of contents, with the titles being links to
the chapters:

know it is hard to read on that site — you have to read down the left
side — but I haven’t found a way to shorten the links on the right hand
side, which FrontPage put there automatically, without making a much
huger problem.

The site where I have started to update is on Apocalypse Emergency
site at:

the left side (you might have to scroll below some Google ads) are
links to what I have done so far as far as revising, which includes the
Introduction, which is the page the link takes you to, which is titled,
"Apocalypse Is Now, Why Not Known?" but also the first chapter, "Strange
Days" (which is what I sent you that you read), and "The Will to Die"
Parts 1 and 2.

As for the downloadable parts, they are the audio clips, some of
which are on the Apocalypse Emergency site.
But what I have in audio
form of this book, with descriptions and sample quotes are all in one
place, at, where they are all embedded from.  Here are the
links to the audio clips, which all are downloadable, as is explained
with them, as mp3 files, with a download logo on the right each of the audio players:

Apocalypse Emergency is heard being read and elaborated on at:–apocalypseemergency-full-avs-ap-or-ndeidited-perf-EntUp

The reading of The Will to Die, Part 1 being "The
Will to Die, Pt. 1 Zombies and the Sad
Proselytists" is heard at–The-Will-to-Die-Pt-1-Zombies-and-the-Sad-Proselytists-by-SillyMickel-Adzema-The-Once-and-Future-News

The reading of The Will to Die, Part 2 being "The
Will to Die, Part 2: Thanatos Walking"
and is at–Pt-2-ThanatosWalking-04-15-09

Chapter One "Strange Days" is heard being read and elaborated
on at:–Apocalypse-Or-New-Dawn-Ch-1-Strange-Days-by-SillyMickel-AdzemaSillyMickel%27s-Calling-the-Noble-in-Spirit-Wake-Up-

Chapter Two "The Perinatal Unconscious" is hear being read and
elaborated on at:–Chapt2-Apoc-orN-Dawn-Ent-Up

Chapter  Eight is a
reading in two parts, part one being "Apocalypse or New Dawn, Ch. 8:
Derailing the
Cycles of War.and Violence, Pt.1: What Say We Leave a Planet For Our
Offspring?" and is at–Apocalypse-or-New-Dawn-Ch-8-Derailing-the-Cycles-of-War-and-Violence-Pt-1

Chapter Eight, Part 2 is Apocalypse,
or New Dawn?: Chapter Eight:
"Derailing the Cycles of War and Violence, Part 2: Can You Handle
Happiness? (And the Pain That Comes With It?)" and is at–Apocalypse-or-New-Dawn-Chapter-Eight-Derailing-the-Cycles-of-War-and-Violence-Part-2-Can-You-Handle-Happiness-And-the-Pain-That-Comes-With-It-by-SillyMickel-Adzema-The-Once-and-Future-News-SillyMickel%27s-Calling-the-Noble-in-Spirit-Wake-

Thanks so much for your interest……



On 24 May 2010 13:30, Mickel Adzema 

This is something that affects us all.  And we need to do it more for
our children and grandchildren than for ourselves.  The unstoppable oil
leak in the Gulf is a tiny harbinger, only, of what is coming and what
is at stake.  If you turn away, then the rest of us will work to save
your lives too, knowing what fear there is in humans that form their
thoughts and attitudes.  We will do it for you, for we love you, but we
will fail unless enough can overcome their fears.  We are in God’s hands
ultimately; but God’s hands on Earth are human hands, as we all know.

So I encourage you to check out the post — especially the audio
clip rendition of it — at the link below:

Don’t do it for me…do it for yourself — you will feel better
knowing you are arrayed with the forces of light during these dark
times…that you have done something, made a start, rather than were
part of the problem….but mostly do it for the ones you love.  And
love, that is something that you certainly do, something you know, of
that I know for sure.

What follows is a sample of the text only of what is at the link:

Chapter 1: Strange Days

Apocalypse? Or, Earth Rebirth? We
live in
unprecedented times, times in
which the possibility of ending our species in our lifetime, even
eliminating all life on this planet, are very real possibilities. No
other time has been like this. And the effect of this possibility of
the actual end of days, so to speak, while so horrifying that we are in
denial of it and hardly speak it, hangs over us and affects us in ways
unique and fantastic.


will either heroically, somehow,
save our species and our planet,
which will require a change of our human nature unlike anything that has
been asked of our species ever before, or we will be the witnesses of
the elimination of life on this planet in some way that we cannot
imagine, but can only be horrific in the extreme. This clip is about
facing, not denying, the unique dire character of our times and finding
out what it says about us and requires of us. But also it is about what
it is about our species that we — of all the other species here — are
the ones, the only ones, that would bring about such a possibility.
Just what is it about us that could allow us to so violate our home as
to make the death of us all possible? This is something that somebody
should be addressing, don’t you think? I will begin that here. Come
along, if you dare. But this is not for those who would prefer to keep
their heads in the sand and to sleepwalk through life. Certainly that
is part of the reason that we could get to this pass; but it is doubtful
that such people, in such deep denial of the signs around them, would
be able to hear what is here being brought to light. But if instead you
are of the type that would wish to look fiercely at the truth, no
matter how horrifying it might be, and to truly witness and be awake in
these most fantastic of times, then listen up. There is much here to
see, and so much of it the mainstream would never touch for fear of
creating a panic. Still, to survive, our species must face our
problems, not look away. And there is a nobility in doing that, which
is unlike any kind of noblility or heroism that has been asked of our
species before. I hope, for the sake of us all, that you are one of
those heroes, for we will need many in order to reverse our current
downslide into oblivion.


"Something’s happening here. What it is
ain’t exactly clear." 
So goes a hugely popular song from the Sixties, sung by Buffalo
Meanwhile Jim Morrison of the rock group The Doors sang "Break on
to the other side."  A decade later John Lennon sang "Strange days,
indeed . . . most peculiar, mama!"  That was in the late Seventies;
not long afterwards he was murdered.  More recently, the group
R.E.M. enjoyed enormous success singing, "It’s the end of the world, as
we know it"; and then, parenthetically singing, "and I feel fine."

My point is that there is
something happening here . . .
unprecedented in the entire history of this planet, as far as we are
to know.  There are powerful factors and influences at work in our
world now that have the capacity to change us and our world in radical
ways . . . for good or ill.  My point also is that this unprecedented
situation, like the "break on through to the other side" lyric
has something to do with birth feelings, birth trauma . . . an emerging


What I have in mind in the ensuing posts on
this topic is to attempt to
you to the unique character of our times.  Then I expect to persuade
you that this unprecedented era in history is rife with the perinatal,
that is, with things having to do with the time around our births. 
This contemporary age is permeated by perinatal symbolism, elements,
behavior, rituals, and situations — in other words, I expect to show
the events of these "strange days" are being sculpted by an emerging
unconscious — an unconscious that was created out of the trauma of our
entering into this world, our birth trauma.  Finally, I intend to
say a few words about what might be the outcome of these emerging
trends — new age or apocalypse.


people, I would assume that I am not telling you anything
in pointing out that our times are unique.  For that matter, all times
are unique — unlike any other.  But what no other time has seen is
the actual — not

imagined — possibility
of the "end of the world," that is to say, of the end of our species and
maybe all life on this planet along with us.  Considering just
scenario, we have the
capacity, with only a minuscule amount
of our
weapons, to wipe out all life on this planet.  (We all know this.)

I used the phrase, just now, "end of the
world," deliberately, for
I expect that it will evoke in some a reaction that what I am going to
say from here on will be a drawn-out verbal version of a familiar
depicting a bearded and bedraggled man on a street corner, carrying a
or wearing a clapboard proclaiming, "The end is near!" and that what I
will say will have just about as much credibility as that man’s would. 
I take that chance to make my first point . . . which is:  The fact
that we can so easily dismiss, ridicule, and smugly deride such ideas of
apocalypse points to our complacency with these strangest and most
of days.  In fact, we have lived with this unprecedented situation
— dangling on a thread, as it were, above the abyss of nuclear
to name just one of the possible forces of extinction . . . we’ve lived
with it for so long as for it to seem commonplace — as part of the
and familiar furniture of our daily lives.


It has become so much a part of our daily
lives, in fact, that we
give it any thought anymore.  But, for a moment, let us just imagine
a person from a previous time in history being somehow transported into
this time and being made to understand the impending forces of
collapse, nuclear threat, population explosion, and so on; and — unless
this person was Nostradamus — we can imagine this person would be hugely
alarmed — to say the least — and might well wonder at our nonchalance,
or should we say apathy, in the face of such likely, not just potential,

So I won’t waste time pointing out the
statistics that prove the
premise that the current trends we are following are apocalyptic. 
For example: environmentally — with the depletion of the ozone layer;
rapid deforestation, or, let us say, the ravaging of the lungs of the
globally increasing air pollution; the dying off of the life of the
— the oxygen-producing plankton — and, hence, the basis of all life on
this planet; the greenhouse effect; and so on; nor the nuclear threat,
whether precipitated by terrorists, rogue nations, or accident; the
explosion of the world’s population leading to likely famine, wars,
and so on; the possibility of virulent epidemic that cannot be cured, as
strains of micro-organisms evolve that are immune to our much-touted
the possibility of rogue nations, tyrants, or terrorists employing
of mass destruction, possibly leading to ever-mounting rounds of
with eventually no one left standing or, instead, the weapons, such as
biological weapons, getting out of control and creating a worldwide
. . . no, I won’t go into supporting that premise.  The evidence and
statistics are there for all to see, published and promulgated by the
scientists of our time, mixed in with the more mundane messages of our
daily newspapers and nightly newscasts, though we mostly turn our ears
from them.  In fact, if you are not already aware of the global crisis
that besets us, I do not think you will get much out of reading further
in this book and would probably better spend your time doing something
else.  There will always be those that will have their heads in the
sand and will be cast about like flotsam upon the waters by the events
swirling around them — impotent in the face of them and dependent upon
other’s actions for the result.  Assuming you are not one of these 
— a good bet, if you’ve managed to get to this paragraph — there is
to say about the current apocalyptic trends.


But even those of us aware of this crisis
hardly think of it. 
Of course it is our normal psychic defenses that operate to keep this
awareness out of our daily minds; we must do this in order to be
able to function.  But perhaps, for some of us, our defenses work
too well — so much so that we unthinkingly participate in and
to our own demise.  This is classic neurotic self-sabotaging,
on a macro scale.


psychologists, historians, psychohistorians, and
scholars and the educated public claim not to be like that.  It is
their job, or their claim, to be looking squarely into the face of these
forces of denial and potential apocalypse and to be seeking to
the human condition and human psychology in light of them.  It is
their duty then to inform the rest of us about what they see so that we
might have a chance of reversing our self-destructive tendencies.

Whether the educated public and the multitude of
scholars actually
are fulfilling their mission in these times is debatable.  Regardless,
my thesis is that when we do this, when we look foursquare
into the face of the global crisis and its accompanying denial, we find
that these unprecedented global factors contribute to a unique and
human condition and psychology.  I have seen a bumper sticker around,
in California where I live, that proclaims, "If you’re not angry, you’re
not paying attention!"  It could as easily say, however, "If you’re
not alarmed," fearful, anxious, depressed . . . you name it, "you’re
paying attention!"

So then let us pay attention.  This book is
about facing
into the fantastic circumstances and situation in which we find
watching, like a photograph emerging in solution, as the face of these
times slowly comes into view, and then waking up to the meaning of the
message, perhaps the warning, it brings us, so that we might live most
fully and take up our roles consciously amid these unprecedented
What is required of us now, then, having turned to receive the message,
is to look deep into the features of our age.  Let us begin.





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Activist, psychotherapist, pre- and perinatal psychologist, author, and environmentalist. I seek to inspire others to our deeper, more natural consciousness, to a primal, more delightful spirituality, and to taking up the cause of saving life on this planet, as motivated by love.
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