Fwd: YouTube Video just released – “The 17th Prasad” Of “The Great Reveal” by The Planetmates… “Nascent Culture War, 20,000 B.C.”

Just released at YouTube:


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This video is a reading of The Seventeenth Prasad, as received from
The Planetmates — what I’m calling "Nascent Culture War, 20,000 B.C."
— with additional explanation, context, and some commentary by
SillyMickel Adzema. The issues highlighted in the commentary concern the
way the sedentary lifeway and the possibility of storing and owning
more than one needed led not only to a division among humans into Big
Accumulators and Small Accumulators, but also into Controllers,
Conformers, and Non-Conformers. The natural alliance between
Controllers, i.e., the Big Accumulators, and their conforming
sycophantic underlings gave them survival advantages over natural,
authentic Non-Conformers. How human’s birth pain and its increased
anxiety led to the Controller-Conformer alliance to seek to swallow up
or eliminate all Non-Conformers is explained, along with the
consequences this has had ever since for societies and the divisions
between them and within them.

The full text of The Seventeenth
as received from The Planetmates,
reads as follows:

matters worse, both conforming behavior and controlling behavior had
survival advantages over more natural and authentic behaviors. Not only
did Big Accumulators and their conforming underlings have the benefit of
access to more of the resources of physical survival, but Big
Accumulators, out of that same uncertainty and fear rooted in early
birth trauma, would be pushed to deprive others in their sphere of
influence of these survival resources.

Big Accumulators could
do this because they derived excessive strength and power combining
their own power with the power of their conforming underlings.

Accumulators would do this because their crazed brains saw no end to
their fear of deprivation, got no relief from their blown up fear of
uncertainty, hardship, pain, and struggle, and so saw no end to their
desire to drive others into states of deprivation that would make them
more amenable to control and to also becoming conforming underlings,
doing their bidding and serving the ends, not of themselves, but of
their high accumulating overlords.

Paraphrase/ Elaboration/ Abstract of “The
Seventeenth Prasad: Nascent Culture War, 20,000 B.C.” — by SillyMickel Adzema


Over time, there was
increased pressure on Small Accumulators; those who were "more
conservative" in seeking to choose richness of life experience over
possession of things became fewer for several reasons. One reason was that
among Small Accumulators, there were also those who, for reasons of fate,
Divine intention, inordinate fearfulness, and/or inability to be or "bad
luck" in becoming Big Accumulators, would be easily swayed to conform to
the wishes of the Big Accumulators. These Conformers would become solid, albeit
often sycophantic, allies with the Big Accumulators or Controllers. And these
together would dominate in the struggle for resources over those Small
Accumulators who sought to hang onto more natural and authentic behaviors and


Controller-Conformer alliance not only could organize their activities in ways
to reap and store resources in greater amounts than the more natural,
individualistic, Small Accumulator by choice, but fear drove them further. The
Big Accumulators (the Controllers) shared something with the Conformers — an
excessive fear, again from that early birth trauma, of lack of resources and
its ultimate consequence, death. Fearing death, deprivation, and uncertainty to
an extreme degree they would feel that nothing less than the control of all resources and the conformity of all other humans to their will and ends was
the only way to find relief from their overpowering anxiety about existence.


So the Controllers
and Conformers would not merely seek to gather and accumulate resources, they
would seek also to eliminate any competition for these resources, however
slight or inconsequential, however small or disorganized that competition might
be, in the form of the natural, authentic, but also individualistic Small


They did this in a
number of ways, beginning with gathering and hoarding as much of the available
resources as they could and thus leaving the non-conforming Small Accumulator
with less than enough even to survive. They would employ other stratagems to persuade
the non-conforming to become "domesticated" — just like the animals
they had corralled. Causing deprivation was the stick, but persuasion to become
Conformers and to enjoy the benefits of "social conformity" was the
carrot. And if neither worked, then there was harassment, scapegoating,
belittlement, ostracism, ridicule, the creation of rules to suit their ends and
therefore the creation of crime and therefore the ability to mark the
Nonconforming as criminals, and therefore to be able to rationalize the use of
physical force, capture, enslavement, physical punishment and torture, and even


So Controllers and
Conformers would have extreme advantages over Non-Conformers and they would
dominate in the circles of increasing densities of societies, whereas the
Non-Conformers would either fall in line and become Conformers, would be
enslaved and killed, or would run away to live in groups of their own kind
farther and farther away from the reach of the Controller-Conformer

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