YouTube Video just released – “The 16th Prasad” Of “The Great Reveal” by The Planetmates…”Accumulating ‘Things,’ Dominating Others”

Just released at YouTube:

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This video is a reading of The Sixteenth Prasad, as received from The
Planetmates — what I’m calling "Accumulating Things, Dominating Others"
— with additional explanation, context, and some commentary by
SillyMickel Adzema.

The issues highlighted in the commentary
concern the ways that our change of lifeways from nomadic to sedentary
led to the ability to accumulate more possessions than one would ever
need and how this excessive accumulation led naturally to another
cancerous branch on the tree of obsessive, fearful control the branch
of controlling, now, even other humans. This control of other humans
derived from the ability of those who were Big Accumulators to reward
and gift using their excessive store of things — Smaller Accumulators
in exchange for their cooperation. Thus this enabled people to buy off
other people for the first time in humans history, but it also led to an
increasing diminishment of consciousness of the human species over that
which humans had previously. This diminishment of consciousness was
tragic and has had dire repercussions extending right up to today, as is
being made ever clearer by The Planetmates.

The full text of
The Sixteenth Prasad, as received from The Planetmates, reads as

"The other dire
consequence of your adoption of sedentary, non-nomadic life ways was the
ability to gather more “things” – not just food but all kinds of
“things” – for you did not have to carry what you owned, like a nomad
would. When you ceased wandering and set up more permanent abodes, you
enabled the gathering and storage of much more than you could possibly

"This had effects on
your unplanetmate-like greed and your unplanetmate-like desire to
control, now – sadly, even this – others of your own species.

"Those of you who
gathered more or accumulated more, by whatever means, could have more
“say” and would have more sway over those who gathered less. Big
Accumulators were able to control the actions and behavior of Small
Accumulators because of their ability to use their excess accumulation
to gift or reward those whose actions fit with their ends."

Elaboration/ Abstract of “The Sixteenth Prasad” — by SillyMickel Adzema

adoption of a non-nomadic lifestyle had other pernicious consequences. When you
became sedentary – staying in one place and growing your food, eventually
corralling other planetmates, and so on – you were able, for the first time in
your long evolutionary history, to accumulate. You were able to store food, but
other kinds of "things" as well. This was because when you were
nomadic you, naturally, had to carry everything you wanted to “own”; whereas
when you “nested” you not only did not have to carry possessions but you were
able to create and build storage areas to protect your accumulations. In this
way you gathered and stored more than you could ever possibly need.


it did not end there, because this development led to another cancerous
outgrowth in your increasing addiction to controlling your experiences as
opposed to discovering the adventure that divinity would have for your
development and furthering on the path back to unity with divinity. This
tragic, life-diminishing spinoff of your ability to gather and accumulate
excessive “things” was a desire to control even those of your own species: Your
fellow humans became the last targets of your mania for control — added to
your desires to control your experiences, the timing of events, your sustenance
and food sources…which involved controlling your planetmates of the Flora and
Fauna Kingdoms of Consciousness…your lifestyles, i.e., becoming sedentary, and
so on.


unplanetmate-like desire to control expanded your unplanetmate-like greed, and,
sadly, you saw that gathering more enabled you to control the actions of those
of you who gathered less. It was not long before some of your kind discerned
that by gathering and storing excessively – becoming Big Accumulators – they
could have more say and more sway over those who were Small Accumulators.


Accumulators were not necessarily less able to gather more. Keep in mind that
gathering more required an obsession and preoccupation with that, thus it
required an unremitting focus on what is now called greed, manipulation, and
power. So the more congenial and less crazed and obsessed of your kind would
not wish this, especially as it required the relinquishing of the other
pursuits of life not involving accumulation – e.g., the relational, emotional,
spiritual, and creative pursuits. Many — who would choose to accumulate only
that which was needed to sustain life and little more, so that time would be
available for more fulfilling pursuits — thought the narrowing of focus to
simply possessing more a sad diminishment of experience, which it was.


this choice to use some of one’s time in the pursuit of a fulfilling life, as
opposed to just the pursuit of piles of "things," also left them
vulnerable to the Big Accumulators who could tempt and persuade the Small
Accumulators to act in concert with them through promises of gifts and rewards,
taken from their stores of excessive accumulation.


stage was set for Big Accumulators, who had accepted a reduced spiritual and
personal richness for a richness of “things,” to overpower and silence the
voices of those who refused such a diminished richness of experience and
narrowing of their personality – a narrowing of personality that left out the
grandeur of existence more for them than for any other “thing” of Consciousness
– living or “nonliving” – on this planet.

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For more:–The-16th-Prasad-Accumulating-And-Dominating-Of-The-Great-Reveal-By-The-Planetmates!8AC1F2673BAB1453!1553.entry


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