The 15th Prasad. “The Great Reveal” by The Planetmates “Planetmates’ Compassion and Pity”

The 15th Prasad. "The Great
Reveal" by The Planetmates "Planetmates’ Compassion and Pity"

is a reading of The Fifteenth Prasad, as received from The Planetmates
— what I’m calling "Planetmates’ Compassion, Planetmates’ Pity" — with
additional explanation, context, and some commentary by SillyMickel
Adzema. The issues highlighted in the commentary concern the surprising
compassion that the planetmates relate as being their primary response
to our species, even as we capture, enslave, use, and kill them. They
express that they feel more pity for us, seeing us as living lives of
unmitigated suffering, driven by early pain and crazed, feverish
brains…insane, actually, compared to them…and therefore warranting
understanding and forgiveness and even support and help. This last they
say many of their kind have extended to us by choosing lives as pets or
“domesticated animals,” even at the cost of those lives at our hands.
This surprising, almost saintly, response to our cruel ways toward them
is conveyed, but with little elaboration on my part for how can a human
such as I presume to understand such high altruism among those that we
denigrate and dismiss with terms such as “beast” and “animal.” The full
text of The Fifteenth Prasad, as received from The Planetmates, reads as

“Adding to your
creation of new diseases for yourself was, of course, the constant
ill-at-ease state that characterizes you because of your early trauma.
So the result of your decisions to separate from Divine Providence and
seek to control your fates was the creation of lives of near unmitigated
suffering. To us, you were the suffering planetmate.

And for a
long time, despite your cruel ways to both the Flora and Fauna Empires
of planetmates, there was more pity and compassion toward you than any
other feeling.

In fact, some planetmates even chose lives as
species where they could help and comfort you — your pets and, so
called, domesticated animals, being prime examples of that — solely out
of pure, simple compassion for the unfortunate lots you had created for

Paraphrase/ Summary/ Abstract of
“The Fifteenth Prasad” — by SillyMickel Adzema

You not only created new diseases by which you
would perhaps unconsciously seek to bring to an end your denied state of
unmitigated suffering; these diseases were added to the constant
uncomfortable, miserable state, poisoned with your early birth trauma,
as it was. So you created lives of fundamental suffering in your attempt
to better your fates as set by Divine Providence and within the flows
or a divinely-ordained Nature. We saw you as the suffering planetmate
and pitied you.

This was in spite of the cruelty that you
perpetrated increasingly upon both the Flora and Fauna Empires of
Consciousness – your fellow planetmates. Indeed, rather than anger,
your planetmates felt more feelings of pity and compassion toward your
species than any other feeling.

Your unhappy lots were of your
own choosing, it is true; but we understood your crazed brains could not
discern easily the way we could. We saw you as sick or
emotionally-intellectually deficient, so we did not judge or condemn
your actions.

In fact, in our compassion, many sought increased
spiritual redemption through devoting their lives to aiding you, at
least in the relief of your suffering; even though at the cost of many a
planetmate’s life. So some planetmates chose lives as species where
they would be close to and able to help you – “pets” you would call them
or “domesticated animals” – and this was done solely out of pure,
simple compassion for the unfortunate lots you had created for

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