Tea-baggers proclaiming “liberty”..”free speech” while aiming to overthrow our democracy & institute dictatorship

Can somebody tell me how good America-loving people want 2 overthrow democracy? Is it all because Obama is Black?

Hello friends,

I commented on something I found in the Christian Science Monitor, which read like this:


Amplifyd from www.csmonitor.com:

A new poll shows that a quarter of Republicans think Obama may be
the anti-Christ. Apocalyptic right-wing rhetoric is going mainstream,
as Republican lawmakers stoke the flames of epithet-hurlers and
conspiracy theorists.

Lawmakers have led this charge, making them more troubling than the
protesters who (flung racist and homophobic words at Democratic
legislators as they marched to vote Sunday. These elected officials in
good standing with the Republican Party can’t be explained away as a
few bad apples. From Rep. Joe Wilson’s “You lie!” in the middle of
President Obama’s first State of the Union to Rep. Randy Neugebauer’s
“Baby killer!” chucked at Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak during Mr.
Stupak’s speech supporting healthcare reform, Republican officeholders
are behaving badly and encouraging their supporters to do the same.

At least 10 House Democrats have reported death threats or security concerns at their offices in recent days.

in today’s GOP

extreme rhetoric has infected the party


I’m including below a sample of my comments on this shocking news.

For all of it, go to:

One of our “Amplifyers,” reddenm, has asked “Toxic hyperbole…inciting domestic terrorism”? (http://reddenm.amplify.com/2010/03/26/toxic-hyperbole-2/)

I’m glad he asked, for we don’t want to look at what’s ahead on the
road the Becks, Limbaughs, tea-baggers, Republicans, and anti-Obama
forces are pushing America down.

I’m old enough to have seen this happen too many times, too many times
to see our country crippled in tragedy…too late, the damage done, can’t
be undone…

And this is the worst I’ve seen in 60 years, for it is coming from the
mouths of duly elected Republican legislators…legislators standing in
the halls of Congress and egging on protesters in the balconies
attempting to shut down our government — the one that WE ELECTED WITH A
MAJORITY OF VOTES. I’ve seen these Republican “legislators” standing on
outside balconies and egging on tea-baggers to violence, to violent
overthrow of our democracy, to …. what?

So is it inciting domestic terrorism? How could it not?

Indeed, I would call death threats, cutting the propane line to a
congressman’s brother’s house, threatening to do violence to the
families, the children, of our fairly elected representatives, and the
fact that all kinds of guns are flying off the shelves of gun shops
throughout the red states (who lost the election), as pretty good
examples of people who want their own way, democracy be damned.

And I am offended that people dare say that I support COMMUNISM for
wanting democracy in our country. This guy here on Amplify, a former
Marine, whose site I checked out, and felt admiration for his work in
legally protecting the victims of crimes — including rape — committed
on ocean cruises, among other of his good work. Well this guy This guy
was a Marine, and he’s got a law degree. He’s doing good work, seems to
love his family and be a good father.

But I’m dumbfounded that he would equate democracy with COMMUNISM,
which he most assuredly does? How could educated, good people not know
the difference?

Does he not know the difference between free elections and what he and
these people are espousing — government at the barrel of a gun! How
many more JFKs (was JFK a COMMUNIST!?), MLKs, RFKs, etc. Where do
people get off thinking that just because the majority of the country
doesn’t agree with them, then the majority of the country must be

And if their answer to COMMUNISM/totalitarianism is democracy, then why
can’t they accept the results of fair elections? Don’t they see that it
is THEIR sentiments that are those of totalitarian states?

We have democratic elections in our grade schools, junior high, high
schools — many places in America — and we all know that “the most votes

When did fighting for liberty mean taking the rights away from the
majority of the people who don’t agree with your extremist views, not
to mention your idiotic confusion of democracy and COMMUNISM.


Will somebody tell me how good people can so easily become fascist? Can
somebody tell me how good people who love our country want to overthrow

Is it all because Obama is Black?

Good lord, are these people Christian? Do they not even realize that
Jesus was not white, Anglo, aryan, or the like but would no doubt have
been considered a “minority” in America at the current time?

So what are the sentiments behind these accusations of COMMUNISM (which
never held free elections…and good Marines damn well know it!) for
supporting the will of the majority, as expressed in the last election?

I’d really like to know if it would all be different if Obama was White and was named Barry Owens.

People are going to die here folks. It could be me — it could easily
have been me at Kent State. It could be me now, too. Buy, hey,
dido-tea-bag-kkk-liberal-hater-freedom-hater…head!….. It could even be
you! And, reckless haters of good-feeling…you kitty-drowners and
butterfly-mashers of America…don’t you realize it could be your own
child or grandchild struck dead by what you are unleashing…not from a
liberal’s bullet or conflagration, but do you really trust that the
militias you worship are really going to be that disciplined, or that
good, or that perfect…that there will be no collateral damage?

Wake up now, before someday you wake up, middle of the night, crying over what you cannot take back…. it has happened before.


For more:





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