Deeply disturbing; please read. You can do something here to help. Agree? just sign, that’s all it takes.

In the
last week, Democrats have faced racial
slurs and death threats
. But Republican leaders have been mostly
silent or dismissed these deeply disturbing events as isolated incidents.
Will you sign the letter asking them condemn the bigotry and hatred?

your name

weekend, anti-health care protesters were out in force in Washington—and some of their behavior
was deeply disturbing.

crowd of tea partiers shouted the "n
word" at Congressman John Lewis
, a former civil rights leader
who marched with Dr. King. They yelled homophobic epithets at Rep. Barney
Frank, an openly gay congressman. And one protester actually spat on a Black
member of Congress.1

this week, Democrats who voted for reform
began receiving death threats
—one had a coffin left on his
lawn and another was told snipers would kill the children of lawmakers who
voted yes.2 Several Democrats had their district offices vandalized,
and a gas line was cut at a home that tea partiers mistakenly believed belonged
to Rep. Tom Perriello.3

few Republicans have spoken out against the racism and violence, but most are
still treating them as "isolated incidents."4 They are not
isolated. They’ve been part of Republican-supported tea parties for almost a
year and they’re a natural consequence of
telling people that reform is a totalitarian plot

an outrage, and no American should tolerate it. So we’re joining with our
friends at Color of Change to stand up to the hate. Can you add your name to
this letter asking Republican leaders to
unequivocally condemn bigotry, hate, and violence among their supporters?

The letter asks the leaders of the Republican party to do
two simple things:

  1. Unequivocally condemn bigotry and hate among
    your supporters, and make clear that those who embrace it have no place in
    your party and that you reject their support.
  2. Make clear that you will not tolerate
    fear-mongering and coded appeals to racism from officials in the
    Republican Party, at any level.

Instead of calming the tea partiers’ anger, Republican
members of Congress have stoked it. NBC reported that on Saturday, Reps. Mike
Pence, Tom Price, and Michele Bachmann all addressed the tea partiers and that
Bachmann stirred them "into a tizzy."6 Protesters from
that rally then fanned out across Capitol Hill and were behind the assaults on
Reps. Lewis, Frank, and Cleaver.7

Rep. John Boehner called the violence and threats "unacceptable."8
But just last week, he referred to fellow
representative Steve Driehaus as "a dead man"
if he voted
for health care reform.9 And while Boehner’s office insisted his
remark wasn’t meant to be taken literally, as Rep. Driehaus pointed out,
"It doesn’t really matter the way you meant it, nor the way I accept it.
It’s how the least sane person in my district accepts it."10

there’s more: During the debate on the floor of the House on Sunday, Rep. Randy
Neugebauer shouted "baby-killer" at Rep. Bart Stupak.11
And after the vote, Sarah Palin told
supporters "Don’t Retreat—Reload,"
and then
highlighted specific members of Congress she thinks are politically vulnerable
using gun cross-hairs.12

Tea Party movement has been marked by racially inflammatory and violent
outbursts since its inception a year ago. And while most Republicans are
probably disgusted by this behavior, the Republican Party and its leaders have
repeatedly tolerated it at events they support.13 But the hateful rhetoric and the tacit acceptance of
"isolated incidents" of violence have gotten way out of hand.

you sign our letter to the leaders of the Republican Party telling them they
must stop it now?

for all you do.

Nita, Kat, Daniel, and the rest of the team   


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