Hello 1984. You’re looking a bit spiffier these days.

Hello 1984. You’re looking a bit spiffier these days.

The headline from The Huffington Post read:

Feds Using Fake Online Profiles To Spy On Suspects

My response:
(more at http://bit.ly/spif1984);

You get a "follower" on Twitter, who’s picture shows horn-rimmed dark glasses, fake crooked teeth, goofy hat, and smile (obviously in disguise), and he’s interested in ME, supposedly, but all he posts are adverts of travel info (over 500 tweets by me, not one having ANYthing to do with travel). So, did I see this coming a mile away!?  ("You betcha!  <wink> [ugh.])

But then you think, would the CIA, FBI, right-wing hate groups be so obviously fake? You answer yourself, no…well, except for the right-wing hate groups; and even then, just the duped followers acting on their own would be so "Get Smart"–ishly transparent. So, except for those tea-bag enthusiasts who are not the manipulators but who are the duped, frightened, sheeple followers; and except for similar crazed or right-wing vigilantes acting independently (i.e., again, the sheeple element), these attempts would not be obvious like the example I gave. For the professionals would be smart enough to NOT look fake, or at least be plain vanilla enough in their profile for your eyes to glaze over scanning them.

But that’s not the scary part, we saw their obvious "plants" at antiwar demonstrations, late 60s – early 70s. They’d be short-haired and dressed in trench coats..at an antiwar rally surrounded by others sporting patches, jeans, head bands, tea shirts, blue work shirts, and so on. Hey, this was the Nixon era — they were anything but slick in the beginning — not thinking they would have to be; and with the assumption that any that didn’t agree with their obvious rightness must be idiots.

Anyway, these crude and obvious "plants" — government paid agitators — would get into the middle of groups at particularly tense times  and do things to rally the crowd to violence, encouraging everyone to overreact and "storm" something or other. Now this was at an ANTIWAR peace rally; a peaceful demonstration, which everyone knew would fail if there were any violence because the violence would become the news and the point we had gathered for would be discredited. We were NOT stupid.

So these agitators whose job it was to get us to do something that would discredit us and thus serve the ends of the War, would be trying to get us to come along and join with him, taunting us to "push through the policeline" or whatever. Everyone around would be looking at these guys and turning away; we’d be shaking our heads and turning to each other knowingly, motioning to each other to "back away, stay away from this guy, don’t listen, he’s one of THEM." So, quite common in those days, it was, I say (becoming Yoda, for some unknown reason :-)).

But what I’m worried about is not so much what they did in the past or what is being reported that the Overseers are doing now in spying on U.S. citizens’ internet relationships. What I’m most angered, scared, terrified, saddened, depressed, and riled about is what these corporate matrix-weavers are doing that is beyond the law – wiretapping, national electronic monitoring — y’know the kinds of things that Vader-Cheney-Gonzalez just LOVED.  Now THAT’s what I’d like someone to find out and report to us. But, dream on, I say to me. We all know their best spying/infiltration is so good that it will not see the light of day ever, not even for the history books.

So, once again, I say, "Good-bye, privacy. Hello 1984, again."

Yea, I looked right into the face of that prick, that demon who is so taking us all down. Fully aware was I of his monstrous pervasiveness and control and the incredible advancement in the "polish" of his mind-soul designing. I knew the world was seeing unprecedented heights of accomplishment in the art of what had once been called, a term seeming so crude now, "brainwashing." Even "propaganda" is too pedestrian a term to use for the tools that are in use, which go so far beyond that in degree and variety and currently are orchestrated with such finesse and slickness — again like nothing ever known. Spectacularly horrible, yet perfectly understandable is the coming into form of this demon Weltanschauung. You see, for, having gathered over 90% of the world’s wealth into "his" greedy hands, there’s little world intelligentisia or brute resources that are not sucking on "his" tits and making real "his" Mordor horrible, Matrix seamless nightmare…out of greed, terror, blackmail, or one or combinations of many other tools of compliance.

Such is "his" success — that soul-stealing, enlightenment-lobotomizing demon, "1984" — that a good percentage of Americans are mindlessly lockstepping behind "his" every move. They’ve been newly birthed into politics and like freshly hatched baby ducklings are hypnotically bonded to their Monster Corporate Mommie, ready to tie tea bags to their bodies and attack and threaten with violence the interests that are working to preserve their lives and health, blind even to the hundreds of thousands of deaths of people like them, some whom they even knew, that were caused by the very people and moneyed interests that are leading their attack.

As for the rest of Americans, well almost all of the rest are vision adjusted from birth to doubt the evidence of their eyes or any of their senses. So they can see a zapruder film, watch a President shot by a driver, and yet when told that one magic bullet from a rifle far away was what took a life they can thank the authorities for being more perceptive than them. They can watch the TV live for hours and see the Twin Towers come down demolition-style and even see the precise puffs of smoke ringing various floors and hear the pops of the explosives set there. They can hear the news anchors, reporters, fire and police personel on the scene all remarking on the the puffs of smoke and the precision demolition. Yet a day later they can be told that their own eyes lied, and the reports of the anchors and people on the scene were confused and hysterical, despite their memory of that not being so, and yet they can again doubt their own perceptions, not even questioning why those many hours of footage are never broadcast again. 

So the demon monster 1984 is now omnipresent yet invisible, like some kind of demon god. And this enslaver has slipped in to history, time, America, and the world, and has been sowing our realities through media concoctions and distractions for decades. But "his" entrance and presence — "he" being as invisible and yet real as the air you breathe — has gone unnoticed by all but a very, very, tiny few.

But I looked straight at "him"…and I said to this darkness, 1984, who had crept in unseen but was now firmly entrenched and increasingly bloated with hideous power:
"I see, 1984, that you’re more brazen about showing yourself these days. But then you know that nobody cares, nobody’s listening, and you’ve got everyone so scared of some made up "others" (dare not say the word) that they’ll cling to you as the only support they know. 

"But I’ve seen into your future, Cocky-Face.  I even uploaded a lecture about you on Entertonement last year. It is an hour long or so audio clip called  "Message in a Bottle, Part 1."  In one part of it, near the beginning, I speak as if I am  a "Wolf Blitzer" of the future. And in his monologue, he lays out, on air, the media plan for total brainwashing to his listeners after it has succeeded so successfully that his network is trying an experiment to test their power of total mind control by allowing Wolf to tell the entire story of brainwashing, lies, and untruths put upon the masses by a controlled media, even lets in the masses on the future plans of further expansion of control over individual minds and souls, describing the plan to give everyone wonderful memories of their personal past and eradication of the actual events of people’s lives that’ll be so real, you’ll actually believe you’re having a wonderful life, and so on. By now the Media is so confident of its total control it even lets the populace in on the proof they’re expecting, of this total control:  They’re going to tell the whole truth for one day of the way everyone’s reaility has been made up and the real reality blotted out; and then the next day and from then, the Network is going to deny that that information, or even that day ever happened, especially not the way it did, and they will deny everything that they said in that day of truth, and they will adjust all the records, so that the truth will have been spoken, but like that tree dropping in the forest, once the Media says you didn’t hear it fall, you’ll forget that you did, and never give it a second thought. The Media’s slogan about their experimental day of "spilling the beans": "So tune into our once-in-a-lifetime daylong documentary TOMORROW on LNN; You DON’T want to miss it!!  You’re SURE to FORGET IT.

I’ll clip and post it here soon, I think.

"But getting back to you, Your 1984-ness…or whatever the fuck you are, I know that you can screw and hurt me in any number of ways at will. But what you don’t know is that "I’ll throw my body on the banana crater to keep it from eploding. What’s 1 life, when a paradigm shift is at stake?."

I also don’t have any false hope, not for in my lifetime. But I’m not the only one recording these things digitally for some future generation or alien race or "deux ex machina" (actually, my chips are on the last one as the most likely…seriously) with the cajoonies and strength to serve you your proper karmuppance.

For I know something that you don’t. That as bad as it is for the ordinary folks OF THE WORLD, and in America, the only true non-changing thing is CHANGE!

So control all you want, mofo’s. Keep yourself hidden. Unless you’re able to remove the divinity from everyone (impossible since there is no such thing as something that is not inherently divine, so where would you remove it TO?) then there will be people waking up from their trances over and over and sneaking out of the Matrix to post alerts about what they saw going on behind the screen. We’ve noticed how many of them came clean in tell-all books about the Bush Administration both during and after his ignoble retreat.

I KNOW, that the biggest secrets you are keeping the tightest screws on. Hell, every time I even sideways mention the one biggest atrocity I know that you committed — like even recently here at Amplify — people were too afraid to recommend it, retweet it, comment on it, and they’ve shyed away from me a bit since because of it, I think.

How would I know that? Hell, even I WAS afraid to post it because of you, and EVEN I would have held back on recommending it, etc., let alone having my name associated with (well, actually) me.

And the most important and damning evidence I know I’m afraid to post anywhere, recommend anywhere, associate my name with. So, I deal with fear and hold back, and then my courage wrought in my knowing of my dharmic obligation and the ultimate perfection of all and the unbelievable goodness of God, who’s actually walking around among us to help us in these trying times (over in India — with 10s to hundreds of millions of people knowing this…5 million actual "devotees" worldwide…and heads of states from all governments, including our own, and some of the biggest named celebrities in the world going to see Him for advice…sometimes on the sly…sometimes publicly)

And yet you never hear a word about him either in the mainstream or the popular internet medias…He is keeping Himself that secret."

So, scare me you do, "1984," but I know something that you will never know — blind as you are to Truth, seeing only money and profits, and they being your gods. I know that there is more to life and consciousness than this fleeting dance of physical form. I know that I cannot die, really, though my body can disappear from your eyes at any moment.

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