YouTube Video – “The 13th Prasad” released. Of “The Great Reveal” by The Planetmates…“Resisting, Defying Divine Assistance”

Just released at YouTube:

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This video is a reading of The Thirteenth Prasad, as
received from The Planetmates — what I’m calling "Resisting, Defying
Divine Assistance" — with additional explanation, context, and some
commentary by SillyMickel Adzema. The issues highlighted in the
commentary relate to further separation from Divine Providence — a
product of our desire to obsessively control — to reframe life as a
pursuit of avoidance of exigencies, obstacles, and pain instead of the
way seen by planetmates wherein all these things are embraced as Divine
teachings/guidance of a very personal and loving kind

The full text of The Thirteenth Prasad, as received from The Planetmates, reads as follows:

drastic switch from nomadic to sedentary life ways was significant for
two crucial reasons, each with dire consequences for the long term of
all Earth Citizens, including yourself:

The first crucial reason is
that the ending of your nomadic life meant a near total break with
Divine Providence — whose purposes are twofold:

First and foremost
the continued perfect direction and guidance of lives towards the
growth and life ways that are optimal to each Earth Citizen, as
determined by the Divine, what you call God –

For by Divine Guidance
all Earth Citizens in Nature are led to their ultimate fulfillment and
spiritual progress through the exigencies of what you call "fate" but
what is actually the Divine Hand of Guidance and benevolent Teaching.
Hereafter, with your crazed, backwards thinking, you would determine
your ends, and would resist Divine attempts to assist you.

You saw
difficulties, obstacles, even struggles, deprivations, and pain, as to
be avoided instead of the blessings of Divinity, who through these
means directs, teaches, and guides us in lives to where we end up ever
closer and more understanding of our rootedness, rather, identity with
the Divine.

Paraphrase/ Summary/ Abstract of “The Thirteenth Prasad” — by SillyMickel Adzema

Your change from nomadic to sedentary lifeways had two significant effects on your species, each of which have been instrumental in creating the apocalypse emergency facing you and all other Planetmates today. The first effect was that of severing your connection with the Divine, what you call God, to the point of near total separation. As your Michelangelo painted it, you and the Divine touch the end of a fingertip. This is about right, and quite the fall from grace from what had been and the way it is for ALL other Earth Citizens. Divine Providence serves all Planetmates in two major mays. The first of these is the continued — continued from the womb and birth — the continued perfect direction and guidance of our lives toward the growth and life ways that are the best, as determined by God or the All That Is, for our ultimate fulfillment and spiritual progress. The Divine Hand guides and teaches us along perfect pathways through the exigencies of what you call "fate." We see difficulties, obstacles, struggles, deprivations, and pain as the teaching tools of the Benevolent Teacher, guiding us toward lives where we end up ever closer and more understanding of our rootedness and, eventually, even identity with God. Whereas, because of your crazed, backwards thinking and your insistence on trying to control your own destinies — however much more difficult that would be since you resisted and even defied Divine Assistance — you did all in your power to avoid the Divine lessons brought to you through the adventures and exigencies of life — what you call hardships and suffering. So, your radical separation from the Divine caused you to mistake always the Divine lessons and blessings for evil, for wrongness. In this way you guaranteed your failure in the game of life; as a species your cumulative failures you piled one upon another as if they were progressive achievements, not the increasing web of disaster that is reaching its culmination today.

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