Audio, mp3 clip of “Breaking News: Hell Doesn’t Exist; God Is Really, Really Good!!!'” released. Can be downloaded – mp3

Just released at Entertonement:


Audio clip, for listening, downloading, posting, embedding

his performance of comedic supposing is clipped from the longer "The
Great Reveal: Recalling the Riotous, Exciting First Days" played for
you by SillyMickel Adzema and his wife, Mary Lynn Adzema.

They reenact the roles of the TV anchors Katie and Dave as the
first report of The Big Reveal breaks on TV. In this clip the news is
first being announced. The first reports are coming in: There is talk
of pandemonium in the streets and throughout cities large and small
throughout the World.

You hear Dave’s transparent inability even to say the news; the
street reporters openly discussing his confusion about even being on
the job among the heaving masses — which, with all the heavy drinking
and drug taking that ensued upon the announcement, was in some parts
rather more "heavin’" than others, as the street reporter remarks; and
you hear the early comments from people on the streets.

This is the kind of wacky headline theology that we only wish could
occur. But when it does, the changes in normal behaviors are drastic,
as it seems everyone’s mask is tossed away, and people, worldwide, for
the first time are faced with the idea of who they REALLY are and what
they REALLY want to do…for this news is the equivalent of releasing
all the people on Earth from a prison simultaneously, with added tumult
caused by the sudden awakening by most to a never before considered
reality: that before the Big Reveal they had ACTUALLY BEEN in a kind of
a prison.

It was one of the most memorable days in all of history, occurring very soon..

Sample Dialogue:

Dave: “Breaking News…..Obvious Truths Discovered – Despite 25,000 Year
Cover-Up, Slander, and Pervasive, Omnipresent, Persistent
Misinformation, Big Lies, and Propaganda Campaign.”

Katie: “A Virtual Matrix of Religiosity Pompously Substituting Itself for Reality and Truth….”

Dave: “Who would’ve believed it?!!! HELL DOESN’T EXIST!!!! For
thousands of years, people lived in fear of death, and worse. ALL A BIG

Katie: “The Big Reveal — God Is Good and All-Merciful Ends Up Being Not
Happy Talk to Comfort Us Before Inevitable Death and then Eternal Life
in Fiery Hell of Suffering

“The Big Reveal — Turns Out God Is Actually Good, Real Good, All-Good, and Certainly Gooder Than Any Human Can Imagine.”

Dave: “Investigation Into Coverup Reveals That Source of Idea of Hell
Is Actually Tight-Assed Controlling Compulsives Who – Well – Not so Good

“25,000 Year Campaign to Control Others By Scaring Crap Out of Them
With a Totally Concocted and Most Horrible, Frightening Idea Ever to
Exist is Actually a Product of Very Sick Humans”

Katie (to street reporter, Dave): “Reporters Rushed to Record Reaction on Street. What are you hearing out there, Dave?”

Street Reporter Dave: “Well, Katie, things are nuts. People… I thought
I saw amok in Iraq. Iraq’s amok got no truck with this here amok….”

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