Antiwar Protesters, Tea-Partyers, 9/11 TRUTHERS LOCKED UP FOR LIFE UNDER NEW US LAW

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Quoted from video:

A new bill quietly introduced by Congress last week…the brainchild of Senators John McCain and Joe Leiberman…

The frightening thing about this legislation is that it effectively gives the U.S. military the right to detain American citizens in the name of National Security, with absolutely no recourse to correct the situation if someone was, for example, detained in error. The bill is worded so broadly that it basically could throw you or I or anyone into jail for being perceived as the War on Terror, and it doesn’t really set any limits on who makes the decision about that perception. And so if, say, we speak out very strongly against the government and it’s somehow perceived as being a threat to the United States, we could see ourselves locked up, held by the military, interrogated, held indefinitely and all without a basic right to an attorney, a public trial, etc….
Could we see this legislation used to stifle dissent… tea-partyers…9/11 truthers…antiwar protesters….

To be sick, too, see:

Afraid to be signing his name,

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