We stormed the administration building and found the documents — the letters from wealthy benefactors and alumni insisting on this change or they would stop their funding.

My response began with this dialogue:

Tell lies, pretend it’s true, punish youth for being young?

Arizona Republicans Attempting to Slash Youth Minimum Wage

Translation: we are going to get these kids in the lifelong habit of working their asses off for scraps.

This measure, if passed, would be devastating to young Arizonans
attempting to work their way through college as they face huge tuition
and fee increases and even worse for those students entering the
workforce immediately after high school.

Mickel Adzema responded:

What, it’s not enough for the corporations to have harnessed the Third
World for cheap labor, now they want to enslave American youth?

karen todd responded:

mickel…..corporations made slaves of all of us a long time ago we were
just hoodwinked and confused….in thinking that we have been working for
ourselves- they HAVE been plundering openly- people were just too side
tracked to notice……………

Mickel Adzema responded:

Karen, agreed. I think the Vietnam War protests just brought the
suppression/repression out in the open. They actually fired professors
on my campus, not because they were radical or speaking out against the
war, but because they were cutting back departments that had anything
to do with the Humanities — even the social sciences, religious
studies!!!…anything that involved encouraging students to be
independent thinkers or to learn anything different from the elementary
and secondary school propaganda we’d been taught before.

We stormed the administration building and found the documents — the
letters from wealthy benefactors and alumni insisting on this change or
they would stop their funding. This was a concerted effort by the
wealthy elite that hit all the liberal arts institutions/universities
in America. We demanded the Dean appear on the steps of the
Administration building and answer to the charges and respond about the
documents, as a condition of us leaving the building. He showed up,
sheepishly, and mealy-mouthed his way through his responses to our
evidence. He never denied it.

Some students chipped in (what little they could) to pay for some profs
to continue teaching the next semester. We couldn’t use any facilities;
we sat on the grass, outside. Of course, we could not afford to
continue to do this; nor could the profs get by on the $1-$25 voluntary

And before the corporations there were the rich of other economies —
the filthy rich nobility that kept the peasants as virtual slaves.

The point, I guess, is that we are all taught something quite different
about America, from kindergarten on up. So since it is all untrue, I
wonder how different it is from the brainwashing and propaganda that we
heard that totalitarian societies engage in, especially the Commies in
the Soviet Union that were used as examples for most of my life.

But is it corporations that do these things, the enslaving? Let’s say
it exactly so we can pinpoint who are really the actors. Is it not the
people who own/run the corporations? So, that, in my opinion, makes it
what one network (CNN, I think) who did a documentary a couple years
ago on the obscenely increased wealth and power of this class
(occurring during the Bush Administration) termed “the Filthy Rich.” I
think it is high time we started being specific about who is running
this country into the dirt. What do you think?




About sillymickel

Activist, psychotherapist, pre- and perinatal psychologist, author, and environmentalist. I seek to inspire others to our deeper, more natural consciousness, to a primal, more delightful spirituality, and to taking up the cause of saving life on this planet, as motivated by love.
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