Audio clip of “Commentary On The 10th Prasad Continued: Descent Into Savagery Begins,” released. Can be downloaded – mp3.

Just released at Entertonement:

Audio clip, for listening, downloading, posting, embedding

The audio clip contains a
continuation of the commentary of The Tenth Prasad, as received from
The Planetmates. (Go to for The Tenth Prasad
commentary on "faith vs. fear, playful vs. predictable.")

The issues highlighted in this commentary relate to the descent
into savagery that began with the switch from a completely vegetarian
diet to one that included planetmate flesh and involved hunting and
killing. Very importantly this led to the ability to be able to kill
other humans as well. This momentous development — its significance
and consequences — is elaborated upon.

Paraphrase/ Summary/ Abstract of “The Tenth Prasad” — by SillyMickel Adzema

Your state of ominipresent fear caused you to lose faith in the
goodness of Nature/ the Divine as it is. You became increasingly
fearful of what would happen in any future time and so spent your time
seeking to determine that future through fervid controlling activities
in the present, which consumed both your consciousness and became your
lived Existence. Life is uncertain because we do not know the future
consequences of our present actions, but we see that as part of the
joyous adventure, whereas that fact causes you dread. So our natural
state is one of being, awareness, and bliss, and our lives are
surprising, playful, and always interesting; whereas yours became one
of impatience, defiance toward Nature/ the Divine in all its forms, and
set toward fighting imaginary threats in a state of fervid, obsessive
controlling of things inside and around you. The basic needs of
physical existence, like sustenance, food, we accept as gifts from God;
your crazed state caused you to seek to control this aspect of
existence, to make it less certain. Your first attempt to do that
involved your adding planetmate flesh to your former, exclusively
vegetarian, diet. You had been happy accepting God’s varied and often
surprising gifts through foraging, but now you began what you called
“hunting,” as well. This began your descent into savagery. Prior to
your prematurity trauma it had not been in your nature to kill, let
alone eat, flesh that resembled your own — those that you call
“animals.” But with your lives of increasing tension and as your
continued loss of touch with Real Existence diminished and your lives
lived in your substitute world of monochromatic ghostly symbols
expanded, you became insensitive enough to the spilling of blood to
make life and death decisions over fellow planetmates. After that, it
was not long before you were intruding on God’s domain by making these
decisions about each other, as well. You first began to kill each other
out of your fear that there would not be enough sustenance for all —
what you call “competition over resources.” Planetmates know without
doubt that they are interwoven with and therefore infinitely loved and
sustained by a God who is perfect in His care and nurturing of us in
every way, even the tiniest and most insignificant. So your fear of
dying through lack of sustenance was your delusion wrought of your
crazed, increasingly ghostly existence. But as more of you believed it,
you created the very real threat of being killed, for that reason, by
one of your own kind. So, out of your delusion of scarcity of
resources, you created the reality that you would need to kill in order
to keep from being killed.

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Activist, psychotherapist, pre- and perinatal psychologist, author, and environmentalist. I seek to inspire others to our deeper, more natural consciousness, to a primal, more delightful spirituality, and to taking up the cause of saving life on this planet, as motivated by love.
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