The Twelfth Prasad, of “The Great Reveal” by The Planetmates released

The Twelfth Prasad, of “The Great Reveal” by The Planetmates
February 8, 2010

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The Twelfth Prasad

it was not long after this “conquering” of the Flora Empire that you
began to extend your control over some planetmates in exactly the same
way. You captured, enslaved, and set their life cycles to fit yours.

who, what, when, where, and how of their lives were plucked from
Nature’s perfect blueprint and set to your ends — the ends driven by
your fear, obsession to control, and crazed, backwards, and
overstimulated brains, borne of early trauma. No longer content merely
to hunt planetmates who were living their divinely ordained lives in
the perfection of Nature, you corralled and kept them for any number of
ends that you would choose, including, usually, their being killed and
eaten, without having to hunt them first.

However, your control
of both Flora and Fauna in this way required the most drastic change in
your way of life — one that would be the sole root of the apocalypse
that we see looming before us all. For horticulture, and to some extent
“herding” of planetmates, required the end of your nomadic lifestyles
and the establishment of sedentary ones.

(to be continued)

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Activist, psychotherapist, pre- and perinatal psychologist, author, and environmentalist. I seek to inspire others to our deeper, more natural consciousness, to a primal, more delightful spirituality, and to taking up the cause of saving life on this planet, as motivated by love.
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