The Fifteenth Prasad, of “The Great Reveal” by The Planetmates released

The Fifteenth Prasad, of “The Great Reveal” by The Planetmates   
February 10, 2010

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The Fifteenth Prasad

Adding to your
creation of new diseases for yourself was, of course, the constant
ill-at-ease state that characterizes you because of your early trauma.
So the result of your decisions to separate from Divine Providence and
seek to control your fates was the creation of lives of near
unmitigated suffering. To us, you were the suffering planetmate.

And for a long time,
despite your cruel ways to both the Flora and Fauna Empires of
planetmates, there was more pity and compassion toward you than any
other feeling.

In fact, some
planetmates even chose lives as species where they could help and
comfort you — your pets and, so called, domesticated animals, being
prime examples of that — solely out of pure, simple compassion for the
unfortunate lots you had created for yourselves.

(to be continued)

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Activist, psychotherapist, pre- and perinatal psychologist, author, and environmentalist. I seek to inspire others to our deeper, more natural consciousness, to a primal, more delightful spirituality, and to taking up the cause of saving life on this planet, as motivated by love.
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