The Eleventh Prasad, of “The Great Reveal” by The Planetmates released

The Eleventh Prasad

you started hunting planetmates for food and killing your own out of
fear of scarcity of resources, the next step towards ever more control
of what Nature/the Divine provide naturally was facilitated. In terms
of the well-being of planetmates, the planet, and the survival of
humans, this was the direst development.

of increasing lack of faith in Divine Providence, you next expressed
your impatience with the divine flow by controlling the vegetarian side
of your food resources by instigating horticulture. Through
horticulture you extended your control — we would say interference — in
Nature’s perfect ways by deciding what, when, how, and where to grow
the Flora Empire of Earth Citizens.

25,000 years ago, increasing numbers, though not all, of your kind took
over the divine plan for these Earth-rooted beings. You determined
their life cycles and fates and set them to your ends, rather than
Nature’s ends. You call this “the agrarian revolution.”

(to be continued)

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About sillymickel

Activist, psychotherapist, pre- and perinatal psychologist, author, and environmentalist. I seek to inspire others to our deeper, more natural consciousness, to a primal, more delightful spirituality, and to taking up the cause of saving life on this planet, as motivated by love.
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