Once again, let’s give a big ol’ “thank you” to George Bush for all he’s done, all his “hard work”…

Mickel Adzema says:

the airwaves were abuzz re: the CEO of Goldman Sachs taking $100
million in bonuses and thumbing his nose at Obama in doing so. Other
reports this week are confirming the sleight-of-hand and shadiness
surrounding the TARP bailout of the banks: Specifically, that TARP
money handed out by Paulson was not recorded, let alone accounted for
or monitored; and therefore it cannot be traced or even determined
whether it went to benefit American corporations, let alone Americans,
and not foreign corporations or even private interests or parties. With
these recent developments coming to light, along with the tea-baggers
and Republicans continued blaming of Obama for everything from being
born, daring to take the oath of office with unpresidential skin
pigmentation, to daring to reverse the direction of the country from
the cliff that Bush had so clearly left us heading for, it seems it’s
time to revisit those days of yore, those nostalgic last glimmerings of
a time when we had a government solidly on the side of the people, in
keeping them comfortably distracted from the sight of the truckloads of
loot being removed from the Treasury to the coffers of the filthy rich
and the huge, oftentimes, foreign or international corporations. Let us
return, then, to December, 2009, and President Bush’s last couple
months in office, and recalling those halcyon days, render our
gratitude anew:

C’MON EVERYONE, JOIN IN NOW!: “Why, Thank you, George Bush!”

A Big “Thank You” to George W. Bush, with Admiration for “The Great Bush-Paulson-’Filthy Rich’ Caper”

…………….This is my little, let us say, oh, “thank you note” to George Bush for all his “hard work.”

Also, in appreciation of the “Paulsie Scam,” which we will be dealing with forever….

luckily it’s been arranged that won’t be too long.


“Thanks George W. Bush for all your efforts and “hard work” which have led,

your decisions and your Administration solely to blame –

thank you for being “THE DECIDER!” by the way –

to leave us in the midst of so many dire and rapidly expanding
problems, so that many people are not just wondering if they will have
a job or money, but that even if this planet will make it through
another fifty years.

So, hey, thanks for all the hard work and for relieving us and all our grandchildren of any money, and….

oh, I see, there probably won’t be any planet for the little dears to live on.

And everyone dead and all….

Why, gosh, Mr. W., you’re so smart, you probably knew that!

So that’s why you and your cronies went so far as to commit grand
larceny even at the end, scraping out the last of any money in the
Treasury — wasn’t much left for Obama to do with anyway, after your
eight years of partying on high with your Halliburton and your
god-only-knows faceless “filthy rich,” gang.

Must’ve felt like the ol’ times, eh, except for the cocaine. . . Er, I
mean, I didn’t mean to presume, I mean, you can have cocaine, who am I…

Oh! What a relief, glad to hear you did not partake like the others. It’s just that….

I mean George, friend, my Man here, c’mon there were some pretty weird
dancing and stuff and things — right at the end there — that had me
wondering and worrying…

Oh, I get it, no cocaine, but wink, wink, you’ve got your ways you say?
Hmmm? Finding things better than cocaine and getting away with it?

Well, he he, I’m not about to judge. I mean if we can have Rush
Limbaugh asking for drug users to be hung up by their finger nails,
even as he’s got a constant drip for a codeine fix, and he gets away
scot free, why shouldn’t you have your fun? You always said it was
haaaard work.

But I gotta get back to that stunt with the Treasury at the very end. I
mean many, many a lesser, “criminal,” shall we say, mind would never go
back again and again, let alone in broad daylight and in front of the
entire world! Gad!

Was this all your idea to totally take everything while you could? Somebody else’s?

Anyway, it was brilliant. First, you enlist the support of that guy
Paulson. Er, now that I know more about him, being worth $700 million,
like and, getting bonuses of $37 million in 2005 and then 16.4 million
the next year before he came into office with you…..

Why, could it actually be that he was the one that talked you into it!!! Naaaaaaw?

Certainly, he’d have to be characterized as one of them “filthy rich”
that you helped to create, making people wonder who’s really calling
the shots in Washington. …

But, never mind, even if it was his good idea — and now I understand
he’s had plenty of experience — being involved with the folks who did
Watergate and all…way back in his early days… with Ehrlichman and all —
so that — no doubt he’s got lots of good ideas, ya gotta give him that.

But, hell, don’t want to take any shine off your apples. No, it was you
who chose him. And despite his background, managed to get him on your
side and portrayed as one of the most well-respected men on Wall
Street, at the time… I remember that well…. I’d never know about his
background, and I was most respect…everybody said it was a big…a good
pick for you? ‘Course that was the old Wall Street; ‘cuz we now know
those bonuses and stuff aren’t too popular right now.

Anyhow, brilliant move, you put this man of yours on task for the
high-pressured auto trading that you knew would be required to pull off
such a heist.

So you had your guy Paulson, former head of Goldman Sachs…coming to
take this position of Secretary of Treasury for you. And now we find
out that none of that money went where it was intended to go and it did
not change the situation but rather exacerbated it! Brilliant! More on
that later, but…

more on that later, but, Jesus! I gotta say though…pretty incredible!!?
I mean, Paulson himself, gets like, uh, what was it…50 some billion to
a German bank? That then owes…Goldman Sachs 16 billion, and so he makes
off with 16 billion on top, is that like…

What a crackup this guy is being! I mean he had everyone fooled, and,
in fact, there is nothing at all being said about his involvement or
his possible effects on what happened, even to this day.

That’s smoothness even you and I could learn from , y’know, Mr. W
and……..stay away from him, man…. He’s just tooo smart for all of us,
ok, I think he’ll have……. He, he, I think he’s already had his hands in
all of our pockets, he, he, I figure… (I’m sorry bout that)… But

Naw, c’mon, let’s, let’s…we wanta go over your accomplishments tonight,
Mr. President, I mean…. I mean..the whole thing…y’know, going to
Congress, there…. Getting them to tally up that un-be-leiv-able sev-en
hun-dred bill-ion dollars! …like almost a trillion dollars…. I mean
they could not get that high, I mean….

Anyway…so we heard how you guys gathered these guys together in
Congress…I mean how it was done, y’know, it was like…well musta been
like one of those movies….like Ocean’s elev…. Like an Ocean’s 33, yeah!
And. Anyway, so you gathered those suckers, those guys, in Congress
together, who had the money, huh?

And, he, he, he, y’know, like, we heard afterwards how you guys
gathered, Congressional Leaders… and… without explaining exactly how it
would happen – of course Congressmen could not be expected to
understand the workings of economics and high finance like a Paulson
could. So, kindly Paulson and his deputies explained using analogies,
how nice of them to bring it down to their level, so sweet of them….

Y’know analogies…like this is like this, this is like this, y’know, and…yea, like that….

I just want to say how cute you are, W.. I mean, it was just, soooooo you….

Anyway, the analogy they used was that if Congress didn’t cough up the
dough pronto – perhaps those weren’t the exact words, my bad. But
anyway, that the consequences – and tell me W. this was all you, right?
– The consequences would be that of a “GLOBAL ECONOMIC MELTDOWN” (tell
me, that part was you, right?) a terminal global economic meltdown that
would… (wait, I’m getting an inkling here… was this next part,
Cheney’s?) “End modern civilization as we know it for the foreseeable

Wow! It gives me shivers just hearing it. I mean there ain’t no auto
salesman in his wildest fantasies that could come up with something so
absolutely, well, disabling.

You guys really took those suckers in Congress “out by the knees”! How could they have had a chance!

And, boy, there’s that implied nuclear thing again…”the meltdown”; yea.
Doesn’t have to make any sense; I mean economics melting, but hey close
enough. How clever! I mean that whole image of mushroom cloud, why it
just worked stupendously to get us into a war. And now, this being

Oh, my God, I see it; it’s like a fifties movie — “Oh, please help,
we’re meeee-ee-llll-tiiinggg.” Yea, super scary. Heck, anything like
that from fifties horror flicks…just good stuff. Heck, you know that
most people believe that stuff anyway. So, I see, you feed them what
they always feared anyway. Brilliant. Brilliant.

But that’s my George, the W. himself, going with what he knows. And,
hey, why bother coming up with anything else, that card’s a winner for
you, my man….

And c’mon, level with me, I just gotta know, won’t tell anyone else…
Was that Cheney with the “end of civilization” part? C’mon, he’s
already living the Wild West out there in Wyoming, he’s probably
thinkin Mad Maxin it and everything… I mean, c’mon…. C’mon, it’s got to
be him, that’s just sooo Darth Vader, who else could think like that?

Please tell me I’m right…I feel like I know this guy and that is….well, that is just sooooo him!…

[For SillyMickel’s inimitable rendering of this monologue:
audio and video: http://bit.ly/boq04s
downloadable mp3 audio only: http://bit.ly/9dP1Ea]



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