For this insanity [Hell] to be true, God would not be God…well, even Satan comes across as kinder by comparison

Believe it or not, this is a comedic re-enactment
of the fateful day; it is enacted by SillyMickel and Mary Lynn Adzema. 
You need to click on the links taking you to the audio clip players to
get this.  Below is just text to give you an idea and a context.


Mickel Adzema says:

the world changed because it was the most hideous lie; it had made
humans miserable throughout their lives and caused them to be terrified
to live, terrified of acting or even speaking, and after such a life of
paralyzing terror, at death’s door it caused untold trillions of humans
to be freaked out of their gourd and to go nearly insanely brain
scramblingly, nose drippingly mad as they approached the threshold.

The Big Lie, the incredibly long cover-up?

It turns out that some quite insanely controlling and pompously
superior types had long ago concocted the idea of Hell — this place of
endless and unbearable suffering that would last for all time. And then
as the ultimate in mind scrambling irrationality, attributed its
existence to God, who was also claimed to be all-loving and

And if that did not make any sense, they further compounded the
insanity by claiming that if that didn’t make sense to you it was
because you were a sinful (thus likely to suffer forever unbearably)
person who expected that God had to make sense to you, and thus you
placed yourself slightly higher than dirt in your self-esteem, which
was the huge sin of hubris, or thinking that you were capable of
rational thinking.

So it was the biggest, stupidest, and meanest mind fuck of all time,
concocted to keep people so terrified that they would be easily
manipulated by the controlling Meanies. But it succeeded wildly beyond
all expectations in that it could not definitely be disproved, and with
the penalty of not believing in it so unbelievably huger than any
person’s worst nightmare magnified times infinity, it held fast in
people’s minds for 25,000 years with barely a soul ever courageous
enough in that time to speak up and say what a rotten crazy notion it
was; nor how it didn’t coincide with ANY concept of God at all. For
this insanity to be true, God would not be God, but would be the worst
most evil human imaginable, times infinity, again, which doesn’t make
that being a God but, well, even Satan comes across as kinder by

So Dave and Katie replay the highlights; the outpouring into the
streets in every city of the world, the people – some crazed, others
furious, others gleeful – it was the most emotional day in recorded
history; and the world changed. Listen in as that day is brought back
to life through the observations of the TV anchors and their reporters
in the streets bringing in your face observations and interviews with
shocked, emotionally overflowing street demonstrators.

Sample Quotes:

Yes, Katie, it’s certainly hard to believe – our world changing soooo fast.

 To put it all in context, we review how it all began . . .
Not even a month has passed,
yet it seems like the time before is ancient history…now. 
We think back to the broadcasts:

News…..Obvious Truths Discovered  – Despite 25,000 Year Cover-Up,
Slander, and Pervasive, Omnipresent, Persistent Misinformation, Big
Lies, and Propoganda Campaign
* A Virtual Matrix of Religiousity Pompously Substituting Itself for Reality and Truth
Who would’ve believed it?!!! HELL DOESN’T EXIST!!!! For thousands of
years, people lived in fear of death, and worse. ALL A BIG SHAM!!!!

The Big Reveal — God Is Good and All-Merciful Ends Up Being Not Happy
Talk to Comfort Us Before Inevitable Death and then Eternal Life in
Fiery Hell of Suffering….

rest, including the elaborations and extra coverage and details, are
included in the audio clip that accompanies the text outline.  Go to:

The Great Reveal’s Impact Recalled




P.S.:  Hello,

Mickel found this nice "guestbook" to put on the front page of Primal Spirit.

both love it if you would include yourself in this.  This would be
really nice with our friends included.  You have to see it to
understand.  It is very pretty and complimentary.

It’s at

Primal Spirit


Mary Lynn


About sillymickel

Activist, psychotherapist, pre- and perinatal psychologist, author, and environmentalist. I seek to inspire others to our deeper, more natural consciousness, to a primal, more delightful spirituality, and to taking up the cause of saving life on this planet, as motivated by love.
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