Complaining Makes People Feel Good. Spouting Solutions That Sound Good But Are Whimsical at Best Makes Us Feel Smarter Than the Ones in Power.


Just look at the Republicans.  Surely they’ve grown up in families where they were called "stupid" or made to feel that way by their parents or caretakers, or in school.

How else can you explain their demonizing of most of humanity as below them and their insulated groups of white, rich folks?

Below is Eric Goldstein’s (CEO of Amplify and Clipmarks) flippant insinuation that he could do better on health care than the Democrats, by throwing out a totalitarian or magical proposal and wondering why no one else has proposed it.  Really doesn’t occur to Eric that anyone can spout nice sounding solutions (remember "a chicken in every pot"), but real world solutions, ones that really work, are far more complicated and hard to find — even by sincere, smart, and hard-working minds.

I mean, not to get down on Eric; I just think he is expressing something that we all do far too often, without thinking; and it demeans and smears the sincere people who are working hard to benefit us.  His answer to health care costs and inaccessibility is basically "Why hasn’t anyone proposed that we do away with all junk food?"

That’s remarkably close to Marie Antoinette’s purported solution to the problem of Paris’s food shortages — "Why, just let them eat cake!"
Or the Republican’s plan for health care reform:  "Don’t get sick.  If you do get sick, die quickly."

We’ve just got to do better than this as humans; we’ve got to be better and fairer to our sincere and hard-working brothers and sisters under God; and if we’re in a position of influence, as Eric is as CEO of Amplify and Clipmarks, we should be more careful in what we say that can disillusion people unnecessarily, and even contribute to the kind of anger, violence, and ugly racism that we see among the Republican wing nuts and tea-baggers.

For my published remarks at Amplify, see below:

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Eric- Isn’t your health plan-Everyone eat healthy – like Republicans’ – “Don’t get sick. If you do, die quickly”?

Mickel Adzema says:

able to imagine unreal but happy solutions to complex problems that our
country is facing is a fun game; but let’s not deceive ourselves that
we know how to do it better and are superior humans to our elected
Democratic representatives who are working their asses off, and now
under the threat of death for real-world health care reform.

With the Republicans pushing back against the Dems, and whipping them
as they work, it is clear they are carrying out the wishes of the

For example, they are following those tea-baggers who — seen in a clip
shown on “Hardball” with Chris Mathews only yesterday — dressed up as
Pelosi, Obama, and another Democrat working hard for this country, and
wearing masks of these politicians, played out being chained together
like slaves… with ripped clothing, fake blood all about them, acted out
being in pain, while other tea-baggers whipped these “slaves” (in

So while Republicans sit on their hands and attempt to bring down the
entire country and destroy ever more American lives by continuing the
Bush policies that cost almost 400,000 of our citizen’s lives in eight
years alone because of the lack of universal health care, the Democrats
are working hard against all Republican obstacles, of which there is no
end or nothing too small to use, to bring reform to save such huge
numbers of lives.

But the teabaggers, incited, supported, and applauded by the
Republicans, who themselves are bought, instructed by, and funded
excessively by the Filthy Rich and the huge Corporations, who would
have people die for their excessive profits, are singling these heroic
Democrats out and inciting crowds to murder them. That is what
Republican lies and misinformation, in carrying out the wishes of their
F.R. puppet-masters, have done.

However, Eric, I’d like to join this fun game of imagine, too. You say,
imagine “everybody just stopped…” and that was the “best idea you hear

Well, silly, of course that would be true because “proposals” are being
hashed out in the real world — the one with all the other people in it.
Your idea works only in fantasy…oh, and under severely totalitarian
regimes (and even there not so well) and in prison. So proposals in the
real world versus imaginary ones with imaginary results, well, hell,
you win, of course, but only in “imagine” land; so, no comparison,
hands down!

I’m mean, seriously now, Eric, you can’t get legislation to make people
put down their cigarettes (that’s infringement of tea-bag freedom!)
permanently. You can’t get people to put down their Twinkies
permanently (same thing). Their Uzis and semi-automatics? Well, you
know. Hell, you can’t, because of pressure from the sugar lobby, even
get legislation to tax sugary breakfast products which are causing an
epidemic of obesity and diabetes in this country. You think “giving”
people health care is hard against Republicans; try legislating morals
(the government controlling what I can eat or drink or smoke), and see
if the tea-baggers don’t start setting up camp on the Washington Mall,

But I’ll play along…think I can beat you….

Imagine that all the Health Care Corporations and Pharmaceutical
Companies operating in America had the priority of saving lives — as
many as possible — over making profits — as much as possible? I.e.,
imagine that the Health Care Corporations are actually friends of the
people of America and have the best interests of American’s health as
their deepest desire, as their heart-warming ads would have you
believe…instead of the best interests of their bank accounts, as in

Now, isn’t that a great health care “proposal” — wouldn’t it do far
more to bring health care costs down and quality up over there in
“Imagine Land” than your, equally frivolous “proposal.” Think I’ve got
some points here, Eric, in the Imagine game.

Ah, ah….aw, huh!! See! I got you, didn’t I? That would easily do more
for the collective health of our country as well as keep costs even
lower than your plan. Not sure I’ve won, hands down?

Well, what I’m saying is no different than before the dawning of
Nixon’s answer to health care — health care for profit — at which point
this problem started. Before that, and I’m old enough to have grown up
in the Fifties, there was no health care crisis nor health care prices
gone amok.

My father raised 6 children on as little as $50 a week at that time. He
bought his first and only house, cash, for $8,000 — It was attached to
a huge brick warehouse; but we thought that wall lining our tiny back
yard was our tennis or baseball throw practice wall. We even had a
“swimming pool” in the back yard — my father got an old scrap bathtub
and dug a hole in our minuscule back yard and placed the tub in it,
with a few rocks under it for drainage. None of us kids liked it very
much and we really couldn’t use it like we wanted. It would get dirty,
drain too fast, have toads, snakes, or pollywogs in it — but we
actually gained a little status in the neighborhood (status? Well,
let’s say we were talked about…reputation, might be more accurate) for
being the ones with the, if not a pool, well then the outdoor tub
(before the Californians stole our idea and called it the hot tub —
course their genius was adding warmth and having it above ground and
not trying to be a pool). But that backyard tub was the source of many
a family yarn — one of my brothers coming home and being inebriated
falls in, has to be helped to bed by my Dad; my brother-in-law (not
liked by my Dad), while dating my sis, running out the back door after
dark, as my father walked in the front. A loud crash as we find later
he has tripped, slipped and come crashing down into the empty, deep,
porcelain “pool,” “tub,” “hole,” “grave.” Immediately followed by the
even louder howls of my brother-in-law, bellowing in pain…no matter
that he’s now busted.

Yes, this was the stable simple life in the Fifties among some of the white poor.

But health care? My father could always afford the $7 a visit our
doctor charged. And the doctor would more than once just N/C it,
knowing we were poor. That charge was only one-seventh of a one-week
salary; and with doctor’s visits even for six kids not requiring a
visit each week, that amount was nowhere near the double digit
percentages of our income that health care costs today. So it was not
considered expensive.

You find that hard to believe? How about the fact that the Doctor would do a home visit for that price, too. So what happened?

The change came about when “for profit” was introduced by Nixon.

So, I think I’ve got you beat in the imagine department because my
fantasy proposal at least actually worked once in the real world.
Yours, however, well, a bit of an authoritarian dream, or just wishin
and imaginin. But the part of the government (you know, the Democrats)
that wants to actually help people who are dying in this country for
lack of health care, having 45,000 lives a year on their hands, have
neither the luxury to engage in wishful thinking or the right to impose
totalitarian measures to enforce control over what you can do with your
body, don’t have the luxury for fanciful thinking like we’re having
here with this neat game of yours.

But, what the hell, it’s a fun game… this imagine thing… like, got
another one for you: Try this one — yea, I know “you’ve heard it” but
bear with me.

“Imagine there’s no heaven; I wonder if you can. No hell below us,
above us only sky. Imagine all the people, living life in peace….
Imagine no possessions, it’s easy if you try…nothing to kill or die
for, and no religion too. Imagine all the people, living for today….
You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. Perhaps some day
you’ll join us, and the world will be as One.” (The inimitable John
(L.) of course.)

Amplifyd from

Eric Goldstein says:

if everyone just stopped eating crappy fast food. That would probably
do more for the collective health of our society, and therefore bring
down health insurance costs, than anything i’ve heard proposed.

Amplifyd from

lost about two pounds a month over a period of two years by reducing my
daily calories and replacing my typical fast-food lunch or dinner with
something from the Taco Bell Drive-Thru Diet,” Dougherty says in the
commercial. “I just chose smarter options.”

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