Horse Sense, Revised: The Leaders Were Liars, The Planet is Dying, The Economy Has Imploded…

Just revised.
This is a much improved version from the original Horse Sense – shorter, tighter, stronger.


Now, A Horse Talks! Mr. Ed is back, and Would You Believe Even He’s Pissed at Bush!… But He’s Bringing a Message to All of Us from Our PlanetMates on Spaceship Earth

particular piece includes Mr. Ed’s Complete, uncondensed, unedited,
uncensored Harangue (a small part of this has appeared in a few
blogs)…. If you’re like most Humans, you’re probably not going to like
it. But it could save your life, just for starters. On second thought,
if you’re reading this, you’re probably not like "most Humans." You may
already have been thinking about what is wrong with our species, as we
watch ourselves accelerating toward an Armageddon, which could happen
by any one or by several or more together of a number of death traps
that we have set for ourselves…and within anywhere from a few decades
(or less) to fifty years, not much more, with nary a sense of alarm.
So, you folks, already thinking this way, will hardly be offended by
the message from our Non-Human brothers and sisters, and will want to
know what the message is. Still, you’re going to get a lot more than
you expect; it’s guaranteed that you’ll be shown a way of seeing Humans
and our actions that has never occurred to Humans. You will also, no
doubt, be surprised, perhaps enlightened!… as to the reasons these
observers, who have studied us from our first beginnings, give as to
our apparent nonchalance as death hangs over the entire planet,
including ourselves and our families. They also seem to have more
compassion for us than do some of our own Humans for the masses of
Humankind. They point out that many good attempts by Humans have been
undercut, squelched, and more, by a certain group of Humans.

So Mr. Ed — he said he needed this job as spokesperson, as the
economy hit him hard too– while it is clear he’s speaking from his own
heart, gives the message primarily of the unimaginable number of living
and dead of all species ever to live on this planet, especially those
that observed us. In this message, they bring not just a wakeup call, a
warning, and understanding of ourselves that goes beyond what we know…
they bring also the way back, to sanity, to safety, in that they tell
us not only how we’ve gone wrong, but also how we once had gone right
and could once again. They show us where we foolishly rebelled against
a beneficent Universe, or God; and chose instead to go it alone, to
reject the gift of the "given way" of happiness, and fooled by our
hubris, which actually arose out of a kind of inferiority complex we
carried from birth, being only half-borns compared to all other
species. Our rebellion came down to hating the one stipulation imposed
by that Universe — a hint: it is akin to rebelling about having to
wait until Christmas morning to open one’s gifts — that is just an
analogy, but it was that trivial. And so this message has good news;
implying that giving up ego, hubris, the rebellion against God’s
blessings, against God’s Love, and adopting a much less effortful
non-macho simple humility and surrender to the Higher Power (which
sometimes wants to please us all the more by making us wait for our
blessings — you beginning to see the Christmas analogy?), can give us
back the Nobility and Happiness we once enjoyed3


Horse Sense, Revised: The Leaders Were Liars, The Planet is Dying, The Economy Has Imploded…


Sample Quotes

(me speaking)

then there was that fear that came over your species, unlike anything
ever before seen among the rest of us creatures of God. A fear of
uncertainty, quite strange. For we… More »

"I vividly remember an event I remember hearing on the
financial news in America, on CNBC one day, sometime last fall.  One of
the expert trader/commentators – a person I’d often seen on the show — was
being interviewed on the floor of the actual exchange, seeming surrounded by
evidence of the carnage; there were actual strewn papers and such, just like in
the old days, as I remember it, as stocks were tumbling (again!) with such
rapidity that even the old call out system was being implemented, for some
reason – for certain financial instruments anyway. And there had been the
confusion and the outcries, and yes, even the panic that one would expect to
see in an old movie about the Stock market Crash.  In the midst of this
all, this trader/expert was asked by the CNBC interviewer, about his take on
the scary and unprecedented retreat from stocks and those days of multi hundred
point losses, one after the other (think back to October, for one
example).  This elderly obviously seasoned personality seemed to balloon
out several sizes of his suit, in his sheer incomprehension and his near
perfect confusion.  Raising his voicing, a little more squeaky and almost
embarrassed, he yet proclaimed as if written on tablets first, how "all
the traders have lost money,” and then "Nobody’s doing OK… " 
But his afterthought hit me like a spear:  He pleaded, "I mean who
last year at this time foresaw anything like this coming…I mean," he said
"anything at all, at all, like this coming up?"


"At home, There was no way to restrain the howl of
laughter that triggered in my, while at the exact same time, I experienced this
sharp pain in my belly, like I’d been stuck, well and good, by a spear.  I
couldn’t believe this “expert’s comment. I pondered, Is it funny, or horrible,
that I had been making money hand over fist as I kept shorting the market,
buying only puts, having fully expected this crash ever since Bush had put in
his tax cuts for the rich policy in the first year of office. I expected it to
come near the end of his second term, like had happened to Reagan who had
employed the same asinine throw money at the rich scam…so they won’t spend it
to create jobs, but instead will buy yachts and – one big rage of the Reagan
era – buy expensive art, which they bid through the roof, making headlines in
those days, as one art object after another would break a new record. At the
time, we all thought: Great idea, Ron, baby. Now you just tell me how money
locked up in art will somehow create jobs and tinkle down on the poor. 


"Yet here, only twenty years later, I see this seasoned
elderly guy, — obviously he’d seen more than I could ever have – of the
workings of Wall Street. Yet he had not had a clue that this downturn could
happen, nor apparently, had anyone, any trader, or any CNBC talking head, seen
a thing. ("Where were they 20 years ago?" I wondered.) Still, lowly me, is it
because I’m a Democrat? Lowly me, well I did I remember the way Reagan’s
"Robin-Hood-in-reverse" economics created a great recession, which
brought Bill Clinton to power, incidentally, but also how everyone was alarmed
at the size of the National Debt, which, during Reagan-Bush I, had more than
tripled.  And my mentors in the market, the ones I picked who were not
afraid to look squarely at the fundamentals and who were not Republican
cheerleaders or in bed with the interests we see now running for the exits like
a bunch of cockroaches when the light is turned on." 

(Ed speaking:)

then there was that fear that came over your species, unlike anything
ever before seen among the rest of us creatures of God. A fear of
uncertainty, quite strange. For we think it joyful to not know what the
future will bring, and believing in higher forces that really ARE good
and loving, we expect to be loved and blessed and gifted with whatever
fate the future brings, knowing there is nothing that is not a product
of that consciousness of All, which is both good, for All, and perfect,
beyond what mere creatures can know in the moment. So we are happy with
our lot, never understanding why your kind chose to forego the
glorious, blessed lives you had at one time: There was in the beginning
such a closeness with what you call divinity that we saw you happy and
playful as little babies with their Mamas. You often would howl and
laugh, engaging in one of the many Divine games or plays, which made up
just about all your life, when at the end, you would discover the
switcheroo that had been planned for you, turning seeming distress into
delight. You often threw yourselves with glee into the very next of
God’s uncertain plays or leelas. We saw how, even as babies, you were
being taught. When Mama plays peek-a-boo behind a towel or
handkerchief. Even you know how the little child is alternately a
little distressed – where did Mama go? – and then when Mama reappears
from behind the veil, smiling, loving, happy, and saying “peek-a-boo, I
love you,” why the squeals of happiness are the greater for having been
fooled into thinking something distressing was happening but wasn’t.
That is the way your kind, we have observed for as long as we were
aware of your kind . . . that is the way that we have seen your Mama’s
teach their children that Mama will always be there, even when she
seems not to be. And this learning is precious to the child, for it
gives the baby a foundation of certainty that love is around even when
not seen."

"But it was always meant, though eventually forgotten… And isn’t
it obvious now that it was a teaching meant to be about more than the
protection of mothers. Wilber, Wil-ber, that learning was so much like
the way we learn, falling down but finding there is always love around
and that we will be up again and back in the mix, if we just let the
many blessednesses around us come to give us what’s necessary,

"So, Wilber, the point I’m making is that you now find yourself,
like those thieves of old, making a game out of the suppression,
murder, and suffering of the masses, as a way of controlling the fear
inside you that you have because for so long you have been estranged
and not trusting of the Perfect All That Is that managed to sustain
billions upon billions, nay, trillions of beings of all kinds on this
planet, and so many countless of them playing their parts in this
planets slow development, living and dying, even before your species
existed. And in your short existence, how you have managed to muck up
the perfection wrought by so many over such a long period. Are we sorry
for you? Yes. For with your fears and pain you are the saddest of all
beings here. But that sadness, and that fear that covers it, is no
excuse for the angry murderous rage that is layered over the fear and
partakes of its energy, a rage that is horrific enough directed against
your own, but now is taking down all life and obliterating the
histories and efforts of untold trillions of souls who’ve lived and
died before use – human and nonhuman."

Holiday Greetings!


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