FW: It’s time to deliver

Organizing for America

After months of negotiations, the health reform debate is about to move to the full Congress for the first time. With the insurance industry lobby pulling out all the stops to derail progress, we need everyone who supports reform to weigh in. So here’s the plan: Set a new OFA record by getting 100,000 calls to Congress placed or committed to on a single day.

On Tuesday, October 20th, OFA volunteers will gather at "Time to Deliver" call parties and neighborhood outreach events across the country. We’ll get together in living rooms and public locations, and reach out to friendly voters whose voices are particularly critical in this debate. We’ll talk to them about the President’s plan and then we’ll ask them to call on their representatives to support reform.

President Obama will be joining a call party and then speaking directly to all the other events that evening via an exclusive live webcast, sharing the latest info on the fight for reform and our campaign for change.

It’s an ambitious plan — and it depends on you. Find a "Time to Deliver" event near you, or sign up to host one in your area.

Participating (or hosting) is surprisingly easy. No special experience is required, and we’ll provide simple step-by-step instructions. You’ll gather with friends, neighbors, and OFA supporters from nearby, and together you’ll have a great time while making a huge difference.

We’re closer to health reform now than we’ve ever been, but we must not take anything for granted. The insurance industry is throwing millions of dollars a day and an army of lobbyists at Congress to stop reform.

If we can get 100,000 calls to Congress placed or committed to on a single day it will ensure the people’s voices are heard louder than the lobbyists — but it won’t be easy. Everything hinges on folks like you stepping up and joining in.

Can we count on you? Please sign up to attend or host a Time to Deliver event on October 20th:


Thanks for making it happen,


Jeremy Bird
Deputy Director
Organizing for America

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