The Apocalypse Will Kill Your Child, How Can You Turn Your Head?

The Apocalypse Will Kill Your Child, How Can You Turn Your Head?

There are topics that you will rarely if ever hear in the mainstream
media. It’s not that they’re not true; it’s that these true things
are…well, is there such a thing as too true? Truth that the vast
majority of people will either not hear, or will distort, will deny,
will conveniently find hard to understand (i.e., they will retreat into
confusion), and so many other things. Obviously, by the title, you
already know the kinds of truths I’m referring to.

Our species
has never been confronted with such truths – facts about the inevitable
demise of our entire species in short order, unless something on a
massive scale is done. And it seems our systems have no capacity for it
– for indeed such an event has never occurred on our planet in its
entire multibillion year history.

So the fact you’re even
listening, fully aware of the title, proves you are one of the few who
are opting to know the truth — however disturbing — rather than turn
your head, as an unbelievable number of people are currently doing, to
the likelihood….sorry, that’s not something people want to know; but it
will be a certainty unless people get the courage to do something,
which necessarily of course starts with LOOKING at the problem!

I’ll try again, this isn’t easy for me either. The cumulative
scientific evidence relating to the fate of this planet has been
accelerating in the direction of there being little to no hope that
there will be much, if any, life on this planet, at some point only 20
to 50 years from now. So as I was trying to say above, many people are
currently turning their head to the likelihood that we will all be dead
in what will probably seem the fastest decades ever.

makes this likelihood so disturbing is that many people know this and
yet don’t care, some even get a charged up thrill, or sense of power at
the prospect, and many others just can’t wait! Sadly they have certain
misguided religious beliefs that have turned this most abominable
thing, wiping out the efforts and strivings and occurrences of billions
of years over 8 billion Human souls alone, in current time, and
negating the passionate struggles of trillions of humans prior to us
who wanted more than anything else to leave the world a better place.
But take a cynical — maddened — generation or two, and they may as
well never have lived.

Why am I saying this? If you have
children, or grandchildren, even if you might not see it, what kinds of
parents exist now that blithely turn away from the trillion alarm fire
that is already waging, that will consume their beloveds in ways too
horrible to contemplate? I don’t understand it, for in any other
situation where they would be threatened; wouldn’t many even risk their
own lives?

I need to say this because, despite the madness
surrounding us in the minds of people stressed with problems of all
kinds that are now at unprecedented levels, I have faith in God and in
the nobility of Humans at their base. I believe that more and more will
not only face this horrible darker-than-night cloud looming and rushing
us from the horizon, but will deem it to be the one worthy thing left
to do, whichever way it goes.

I am using my God given skills of
communication and intellect, along with a lifetime of study into the
human mind and its healing, I know there are other’s like myself right
now attempting to wake up the noble spirited, the heroic among us, who
once convinced will add whatever unique qualities God has blessed them
to this once in a multibillions chance to be good, kind, brave, hard
working , sympathetic, heartful, strong, God-loving, life embracing,
laughter, song, and children loving Humans again.

Humans, not
greedy beasts of prey with green in their eyes and their blood, who
have been taking over this planet for several decades now, for
idiotically selfish ends, and so maddened we have already seen the
first incredible detonation of their unconcern for this planet, all
God’s creatures on it, and even their own offspring, in this collapse
of an entire global economic system in what seemed practically to be

So when I think that the media is soft peddling
this vital truth; as if providing the opium of pleasant reverie to a
sick person, instead of providing the truth and giving the person the
less pleasant and more strenuous options of fighting for one’s health;
when I think of them as deciding for us, as if we are dying children,
who they think they are being compassionate to when saying those things
“you’re going to be just fine” etc., even as the patient takes the last
breath. I think of this as enabling us in an addiction and even
covering up the suffering that might get us well. Taking a look at the
media in this light, I am offended and feel disrespected; for I am not
one who appreciates being pampered and protected from upset, when it
means that it will guarantee my death, do you?

For if a great
many people don’t quickly and radically reverse their lives (and no I’m
not talking boy scout recycling efforts), I’m talking about the gearing
up and urgency that would need to be far greater than that of the last
world war — how can it not be seen that that holocaust will seem a tea
party alongside what’s coming? But it is not warriors we need, that’s
part of the problem. We do need people as disciplined and caring, not
just of their buddies, but of all life, human and non-human, of all
creation that God in his/her great love for us and all life masterfully
crafted, slowly, carefully, meticulously, over a near eternity this
incredible, planet, as finely balanced and perfect and precise, and
wondrous and beautiful in infinite ways, precisely moving in perfect
harmonious exquisite synchronicity of infinite living elements through
the seasons, over the years, languorous and slow and allowing for a
plenitude of experience, of possibilities for joyous play, exuberant
and bountiful youthful sense of power, pride, belonging — for ALL
creatures, and infinite number of them — each of them single
individuals sharing with us this possibility of joy, wonder, happiness,
laughter, pain, grief, wisdom….this divine adventure taken by so many
humans even, each doing their best between the poles of the monstrous
and the angelic, creating in the end, whatever the outcome lives as
different, as unique, as incomparable as any snowflake to another.

all the while, surrounded from birth, breathing the divine, God always
so close you can’t see, but in every little thing pushing you to the
exquisite slow, painful then wonderful unfolding into greater and
greater wisdom, goodness, love, truthfulness and loving of truth — no
matter how long it takes, or even lifetimes — slowly, slowly, turning,
turning, expanding, flowing ever outward in wider and wider
encompassing surrounds of wisdom and love — no matter how long it
takes– and on the way the dawnings of blissful openings of being
leaving the darkness of pain and ignorance more and more at our roots,
just as the lotus grows out of the much of the dirty swamp, feeding on
that much for sustenance, just as our hardships, mistakes, even our
cruelties lead us in time that much more beautifully and committedly
loving of love, of life, of goodness, of God, and our eyes every more
aware of the beauty always there but more and more radiant as the
darkness slowly dissipates, and the lotus reaches its tender shoot
higher and higher into the murky water, it too in time becoming
increasingly aware of light that is above and that the darkness is more
and more in behind it, until, just as we, there is that moment of
arriving on the water surface and feeling and breathing being free and
so joyous, blissful, and understanding of the marvelous divine
perfection of the experience, even when it seemed hopeless, just as we,
and in gratitude and glory it unfolds its perfect, delicate, joy in the
expressions of joy that are the splendid beauteous aromatic creations
that we call its many petals, but for the lotus is its song of
gratitude, as much as our unfolding may open our hearts so deliciously
loving and alive that we must sing to God, to Love, to the
Consciousness that is the only Existing thing and equally coursing its
wondrous way throughout all creation — lotus, Human, in the loving
ministrations of all God’s creatures toward each other as we feel the
attraction of like to like, of divine to divine…..

would this wonderful incredibly sweet sound of God’s Life in us and
around us, harmonizing over billions over years and to the ends of the
Universe, the chorus of the divine, the harmony of the spheres, this
grand, often dramatic and percussive symphony, the only reality, the
only one really desired, the home of all whose sound is even telling
you it is Om, where one belongs, where one loves and is loved and
dualism-nondualism are irrelevant for equally delightful are the
movements of this endless ever changing symphony, which must be
separate and forgetful and also awake and one for the sheer beauty of
it, for the sheer pleasure of remembering again the most wonderful
truth of oneself, and then maybe again.

Of such
possibilities and perceptions are the expanses outside, outside one’s
skin, as one’s identity is not merely that within the gushing
palpitation below the skin but expands to include spouse, family,
children, others, all creatures, all beings known and unknown, with
malice toward no one, as such unity is our food our destination our
bliss our home… oh, so sad and yet tender and beautiful and juicy we
take our prodigal souls ever home, and more and more recognizing our
brothers and sisters on the way, delighting in the exquisite separation
that we will continue to enjoy until ready to release, let go, like a
swimmer letting go of the side of the pool to sink deep into the
crystal water, where it is then all the Universe that one experiences
and then one becomes aware that one is just as much of it as in it, and
slowly delightfully then just not conceiving of any boundaries and the
swimmer disappears to those still holding on to the delightful game of
pretending that there is any such thing as a thing, as boundaries, as
nations, as bodies… fun, that game of thingness… for a while… for
it is just a game, a made up concocted set of parameters, boundaries,
and rules, that we sit down on a pleasant Sunday afternoon to play, to
enjoy the amazingly creative plays, humorous remarks, and outright
belly-whomping creative utterances that our playmates entertain with
and we enjoy also performing as things we do and say come so perfectly
from, well, … it’s just there.

We just are, we can’t help
be, and whether irritated or laughing uproariously or snickering
secretively as we plan our next play, in sweet anticipation of the
reactions, surprise! befuddlement! or knowing smiles from another, it
is all unknown and to be discovered, so who would spoil such fun by
ever letting on, even, or especially, to oneself that it is all known,
there is no separation, why we even might enjoy it more if we allow
ourselves to suppose that the stakes are real — at which point we know
we have taken the wondrous forgetfulness game of Humanness. One only
does that to enjoy the sweetest waking of all, that from the soundest
and undisturbed of all possible dreamings.

However you
conceive it, though. You needn’t buy my reverie, in fact how could you
though you and I could be mirrors to each other it is the absolute
knowing that we cannot be the same snowflake. No. You have your world,
and your unique way of enjoying sweet existence.

But is it
God’s, yours, mine, anyone’s plan that this multibillion year sweet
symphony of consciousness expressing itself as beauteous Nature is
suddenly, in eternal time, within the last second or two, to be
stomped, crackled, and crashed, by the Caterpillar boots of newbie
Humans, the skin bound ones; I mean, reaaalyy skin bound. As for me
such horrible catastrophic cacophony of destruction is about as
creative and delight inducing as a slow wonderfully silent drive
through a countryside in late spring, fragrant, aromatic, feelings of
gratitude to the All That Is, and hearts overflowing in appreciation of
the company of such remarkable, loving, and brilliant of friends, so
slowly meandering in fragrant meadows and moisty tart forests one just
regrets that the vehicle will have to stop to be charged in a little
bit. That’s pleasant to me, maybe it is or isn’t to you.

who among us would wish for the ride, the symphony, the song, the
journey, the adventure, the whatever’s finale to be a split second of
angry irritation and then an all too easy wander off of the freeway
home such that before one is even aware oneself and one’s friends and
God’s delightful chorus is composed…. the ending, 60 miles per hour,
6 friends, the unmovable concrete of an overpasses supports kissing all
six’s bloody bags of waters, water balloon style erased on the slab,
and the percussive sounding to mark the end, over before you even
realize it’s begun, but when you in your awestruck wonder slow it to
single frames, that sound, that sound so hideous, containing so many
others within its one second elapse, but you there are billions, you
hear, trillions, more, infinite, crashing, metal but within it mixed,
why, that is that hell that some speak about.

All those
voices crying out in loss, in anger: How have you the right? Why have
you robbed….? And all creatures that have ever lived here crying out
in pain at the same time; such things well… not fun… not, well…
anything. It seems we were even given the warning so that we could come
up with a much better drama, more fun for all for every place in
consciousness throughout the Universe. For the Universe has already
experienced such a bummer of a symphony, which is now just a red
planet… it was much more fun filled with life, creative divine
noises, and manic whacky Chaplinesque movements, sounds, color,
laughter, laughter, laughter. Not fun that one.

Why not a
hero’s tale; no, solitary hero, but billions and billions of heroes.
Showing the Universe the story of the impossibly death-defying grasping
at life, even as being thrown over the cliff, the solidarity in flesh,
as united as in divine state, grasping single-handedly a bit of root
protruding from the very edge above the abyss. And with mighty united,
happy joyous, then singing, mighty and strong, pulling up, scraping
knees chins, shins, no matter, such incredible unity of peoples around
the Globe as hasn’t been seen since the time before that Tower, that
time called Babel.

That was a time when flesh decided to really
stray from remembering and to really become solitary and alone,
creating the darkness, which the light is so much sweeter by, creating
the horrible endless times of struggling, of violence, of ego over ego,
with no one hearing, no one listening, but every simply babbeling out
THEIR world, their sounds, "the song must be like this!" "It is my
song." "I am divine, who the hell are you to sing while I’m composing
my next chorus!?"

And so it began, with the blissful
knowledge of Unity with All That Is turning psychotically into "I AM
the Unity, I am all that is, I am hardly experiencing the flows of
consciousness that you are. For I AM the only consciousness. How could
you be? You don’t look like me; yet I am conscious and I am the
Decider. So since I look like this and I act, and you look different,
as different as I look compared to a pile of rubble, so you must not
feel. You must be props for me to use. And yet you jabber on, even as I
am thinking ever more, always thinking. I can’t stop this thinking; I
don’t remember the world too well. That must be the price of being the
only real living feeling existing thing here." So it went. I don’t know
why. But then there is that thing about it all being about greater

And perhaps, I think this a better story than a
one second sounding of the Universe in Pain… for nowhere in that
Universe would there be a being saying, now that was one great species.
Really so godlike. Incredible, they lasted for one nanosecond and then
simply slammed their entire species, even taking with them every other
of the millions of different kinds of beings that Consciousness was
tripping around with, in, checking out.

No. I don’t see it
that way as being any more entertaining or enlightening than the
shortest of all short stories about a man who walked across a busy
freeway, cleverly he avoided every car; he got increasingly adept and
nimble. In his happiness he jumped to safety and stabbed himself to
death with a knife. I told you, pretty dumb story.

rather see people becoming the best Humans that have ever lived on this
planet at one time, and working together, not knowing even if they
would make, but knowing that the laughter of children depended on it.
That laughter of children would be never again. And, in fact, who can
say that it ever existed really.

So, if you feel like I do.
If you would rather write, together with 8 billion others, a story that
will thrill God Herself, won’t we be thrilled and never forget.
we took the best they had. They misinformed, spent untold huge amounts
on those whose souls could be bought, and many there were, to deny, to
repress, even when the rest of the world was waking up and looking to
us for leadership.

And America did not merely back off and,
inexplicably, turn to throw back at the world a big ol’ middle finger
salute, grimacing, then turn and walk away. America, the wealthiest
country in the world at that time (well at least its rich elite made it
so, for its standard of living was getting lower by the year since the
institution of the new slogan of democracy which was redefined in the
early 1980s as, "of the people, by the people, to benefit the rich.”),
left the rest of the world to suffer and meet and discuss.

all the time the world knew that they were like employees having a
meeting without the boss showing up… nope, more like they were like
the citizens who lived in a beautiful lake area, which had once been a
pristine lake. But now the lake was dead, there were no fish living,
lots of gooey seaweed though. And sure they all contributed something
to polluting that lake they did, but what was going to be done having
meetings that had no representatives of the lumber milling company that
sat on a good stretch of lakeside frontage, and mindlessly had been
spewing the most god awful chemicals in the lake. It was going to be
sickening the citizens soon. But this lumber operation also confused
any deliberations that might have been fruitful by its habit of tossing
around such huge gobs of money at selected groups of citizens. So
that’s us, the fat bastards.

I will be doing what I can to
put my energy towards educating about the dangers, trying to help
people to understand that it is so huge that they are not really
believing it, but that it is real, as real as your kid getting killed
by suddenly lurching out of your hand to rush into the street just as a
car was speeding there.

I hardly think I will be the only
one; though it seems that way now. For, there are lots of people now,
more than ever, who I think are fed up of being coddled from the truth
and manipulated by lies and misinformation. Having been water boarded
so many gallons of lies over the past eight years, they are showing the
starvation they’ve been feeling for truth, and the painful Jonesing for
something authentic in a number of ways. Most spectacularly, they
showed it in the overwhelming turnout for Obama, someone who radiated
realism, accountability, and authenticity. They are showing it still as
the polls show that the Republicans are seen to be more like fools than
as credible opponents. Still, facing the facts of the likely End of All
Time, Doomsday, or Apocalypse – however you choose to phrase it – is
not in anyone’s hardwired capacities to handle. We are like ants
suddenly confronted by a huge lumberjack’s boot about to come smashing
down on their meticulously created universe of AntHill. I doubt they’ve
ever been programmed for such contingencies.

But humans are
supposed to have the capacity to reason, to go beyond pure instinct,
and to be able to prepare for the totally unprecedented. So far, our
much-vaunted rationality is seeming like a pretty convenient
rationalization to enable to kill without conscience, for any reason we
choose, the other species on this planet. How would our PlanetMates see
it, perhaps something like “Humans Adopt Superiority Over All, Basing
It On Their Inability to Keep Their Psychotic Minds’from ever stopping
the onslaught of mental verbiage, which keeps them from seeing Reality,
let alone God, who is directly before them, but they are committed to
this pyschosis of generating such a mental screen of words, which they
mistake for actual reality. Living in their self-imposed tortuous hell
of verbal-mental realities having nothing to do with reality, they
neither see God, nor us, nor do they really hear each other – for they
pretend to listen but are really thinking of what they are going to say
when it is their turn, and so they come away from conversations having
only heard themselves. And now, their delusion is having them kill
themselves all off; and they are not even all that concerned.
Unfortunately, they are taking ALL the rest of us, indeed everything
alive on this planet down with them. Planetmates, in light of this are
questioning their compassion for their sorry half-born asses and
tolerance over the past 25 millennia.

You don’t believe them?
Natch. Didn’t expect you to – sprung on you like that – but if it just
for a moment pisses you off enough to say “NO, We are not stupid ape.”
We are rational. Then you cannot be consist without using some of that,
ahem, ahem, so-called “reason.” For before you can say NO to Apocalypse
you have to let yourself KNOW Apocalypse. Now, how many of you have the
cajones or ovaries for that?!

Sting sang, "We could be
heroes…just for one day." Wow, that just occurred to me. It also
occurred to me that it never made any sense to me until just about, oh,
like 2 seconds ago.

Well, I’m no hero. I just fucking care –
sorry if it offends people so much that they have to put down feeling
people by saying “kumbaya moment,” to put down people who have hearts
by saying “bleeding hearts,” or even when we have a President who sheds
a tear and says in all sincerity, “I feel your pain,” the cynical have
to rake him over the coals for it and put it down in the history books
as a calculated, planned, political move. I’m sorry for people like
that who have no hearts and so do not understand those of us who do.
Because before I went into therapy and opened up to my feelings and
eventually to the love that lie deep inside, I was more of a mental
machine than a man. Now, I am happy to be flesh and blood and feeling
and organic – I cry, fart, burp, laugh uproariously sometimes rolling
on the floor, I see, hear, and notice people and think they are just
fascinating; and I can’t imagine life back in the world of the
machine-minded, bragging how they can multi-task, so they can fuck up
more things at the same time; but never can they focus on one thing at
a time and completely take it in, in all its complexities. But this
isn’t about the ones who will never hear me. It’s about those who are
just as much flesh and blood as I. You, are the ones who will
understand that I do this because, I just, well, really love. I’ve got
an 11 year old god-daughter; she reminds me what being straight and
honest is. She also reminds me what love is, and how tender is the
simple appreciation of one being for another. In my mind, she is
beautiful inside and out and talented and sensitive. She is God’s work
of art. I don’t think there is a parent alive who doesn’t know those
kind of feelings.

So, I don’t know about other people, but
with her in mind, among many others that I love, I find it hard to
simply ignore the things that the scientists are saying are happening
on this planet. Perhaps the most horrible for me to comprehend is the
predicted massive extinction that is underway and is expected to reach
a 50% dieoff (forever, folks) within a few decades. You thought the
bees disappearing was news! Only if you can understand it as the canary
in the coal mine. A 50% extinction of life forms on this planet within
a few decades, many of which have been around for millions of years.
And,are you thinking, hell, we got way too many species anyway? (For
those who think that an asinine question that nobody would ask,
consider yourself fortunate to not have had to hear some of these
heartless responses like I have; yes, that’s what I’ve heard on more
than one occasion – and not in jest or foolin’. That one I just used as
an example was in response to a presentation I was making at a
conference and it was said in all seriousness in front of everyone; and
many of them seemed to think she had a point!)

Well, the
planet is an ecosystem; it is like one giant life form. And it was once
really healthy, perfect balance, like I said, a wonderful creation of
God, reminding us that God is well, really, I mean, really, really,
good! (Nope, not being facetious; just making my point in response to
the general idea out there about God, this insane notion that God is
Infinite Goodness and Mercy beyond all human understanding, yet this
Good God would create a hell where all but a lucky few would live,
without being able to die, in hideous unbearable agony forever. Christ!
I just heard myself realize that and if I were a kid I would’ve pooped
my pants!
Ok, finishing up here. If you care about what’s
going on and think we should wake up. Naturally you’re discouraged at
how little consciousness there is about an environmental collapse that
has already begun. But there is hope at least in certain things.
Consider the timing: Bush just left office not too long ago. Obama just
took over the Presidency not too long ago. I’ve just started speaking
out on this and establishing websites for purposes of education and
support (Apocalypse Know, Apocalypse-NO, Apocalypse Emergency,
SillyMickel’s Calling the Noble in Spirit: Wake Up Sounds) and
expressing these ideas in blogs (SillyMickel’s Blog of the Obvious Unspoken Things at sillymickel’s apocalyptic wakeup call, The Great Reveal by SillyMickel & the PlanetMates at Angels In Nature,
SillyMickel’s Blog: Things That Want to Be Said……Why the Matrix? , and
Sillymickel’s Journal – The Things Nobody Seems Willing to Say…Why the
Matrix). But I’ve been writing about these things on SillyMickel MySpace Blog and
Facebook; and on my oldest website Primal Spirit, I’ve begun trying to raise awareness. Soon the websites Primal Return, and Natural Self
will contain the resources that we have in mind for them as well. You
think I’m overdoing it? Consider that I believe what I’m saying: A
trillion alarm emergency, the lives of my loved ones at stake. Now, if
you knew what I knew, would you do less?

But this isn’t about me,
it’s about the fact that I felt finally like I could speak out in this
country only when Obama was sworn in as President. The hopeful question
is: Who knows how many efforts like this one – meaning all kinds of
things people might be doing to stave off this Unthinkable Nightmare —
are going on now. Now, not with Bush in power, when finally we have the
world and its efforts, however difficult they still will be, at least
not being actively undermined by a Bush administration. We have a time
where any efforts will succeed based upon the good will of the
participants, without worrying that the mighty U.S. will at some point
either secretly or overtly throw the grandest of all monkey wrenches in
to shatter the work of the good people of the world.

As to
where this effort will lead…. And by that I mean, who knows how many
others are also feeling like we don’t have a second to lose, and it
might already be too late. Who knows what kind of actions might be
needed to be done, and what kind of word might need to get out, or
whatever. So, if you care, we might as well start making that network
now. And I know there are others. But there can never be too many
connections bringing together all of us who care. Don’t forget we’re
going up against a bunch who DON’T care, but who are, as they termed
them, not me! "Filthy Rich." And you know how many and how cheaply
souls are going for these days.

But we have, if we choose it,
the power of solidarity, truth, and, if we can awaken enough people,
the power of great, great, grand numbers on a scale that also has never
been possible before. So, I urge everyone to remember that they are in
the midst of a trillion alarm fire. The emergency is upon us;
unfortunately it is not being broadcast, but some of that is because it
is too dire for the media to want to touch.

So it’s up to us.
We must remember that it has always been the common people of the world
uniting in great numbers that have accomplished the things of greatest
value to the world. If we must once again, and without the support even
of the media, rise to the biggest challenge of all, then why would we
not be the better ones to face it; for the elite have already shown
that they care little for anything but their profits.

it is the common people of the world, taking their pleasure in their
pride of work, and especially their families, who have put themselves
always on the line. We need only to remember that it is not for us, or
even for all the innocent creatures of the world – though that would be
huge motivation for many – but if only so that our children and
grandchildren will not suffer, will get to live, and hopefully will be
awarded at least the chance that other generations got for a full life,
we must give our all.

I can’t believe that the masses of
people in the world, were they ever to come to understand the true
consequences – the life and death ones – for their immediate family –
would not do everything including risking one’s own life, for something
so precious – the continuation of family…the laughter of children, the
innocence of a babe, and above and beyond everything, the continuation of Love, sweet, sweet, ever
growing and expanding Love, under the blessings and grace of The All
that Is, whose substance is just that — Love.

Future Earth Rebirth – the Primal Landscape

Listen in on SillyMickel’s own impassioned rendition of this blog, called "Apocalypse Emergency"

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Activist, psychotherapist, pre- and perinatal psychologist, author, and environmentalist. I seek to inspire others to our deeper, more natural consciousness, to a primal, more delightful spirituality, and to taking up the cause of saving life on this planet, as motivated by love.
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