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The environmental collapse occurring can be compared to a trillion-alarm fire with everyone looking the other way. We need to respond to it with the urgency of being in a world war, marshaling all available national and world resources and not with the complacency of a boy-scout litter pick-up campaign.

“Love’s Wake-Up Call” goes back and forth between the horrors that are possible and this unique situation with the potential so strong to bring humans to raise themselves up and be led by their better angels more than any other time.

As the author, in jumping into these waters, I expected to be emotionally beat up. Instead I came to many understandings and saw the positions of many who are not helping right now somewhat through their eyes and found compassion, not blame.

In this book, I use narrative and spiritual fantasy together with the hard facts of our present reality to help us get a handle on what we are facing. I also begin the process of unveiling the psychological roots of our dilemma.

Being a depth psychotherapist as well as a student of culture across all time periods informed my conclusions, shaped them, and took me to visions of possible futures that I did not expect. For all we have done it seems we have called down upon ourselves to be tested and to be found either worthy or else deserving of the grave we are digging.

However, the ending lifted me up in a way that I haven’t felt in a long time on this matter. Currently we are looking like the stupidest beings ever to dream the dream of thingness and duality. But facing dire challenges — and this being the most dire of all — brings out the best in humans.

What it will mean could be exciting and triumphant beyond belief as humans come out of their puerile adolescent phase and become united and shaped for millennia by this great struggle. We could also die trying our mightiest, which has a nobility to it.

It will be scary and interesting, and you will be helped if you have a strong faith. Beyond that, it will be the biggest adventure that the entire globe ever faced together, and the outcome could be just about anything.

If you care about your children, you’ll “man up,” “woman up,” “cowboy up,” whatever … anything but cover up … and face the horror, become the noble humans we are capable of being, and join with others to pull off the most heroic actions of all time.

Or else we’ll be deemed throughout the Universe as “suicidal ape,” and our portrait will be no different from Mars.

I finished this book feeling so much love and unity with all humans and living things. For I knew that at no other time in the history of the world was the truth of the saying “we’re all in this together” more patently true.

The better angels of our beings urge us to pay attention to what is being said….


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Love’s Wake-Up Call

Return to Grace, Volume 3


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To all those who have dedicated and sacrificed their lives to save the life on this planet.


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 Thanatos Walking and the Only Question

Apocalypse – No!


About the Author







I wish to acknowledge the invaluable love and support of my wife, Mary Lynn Adzema. Truly we have shared our thoughts and feelings in the creation and inspiration of everything I write. Who but the most stalwart and worthy, or mad, would journey with this mind of mine?

I want to mention the inspiration I have received from my goddaughter, Elizabeth, and my nephew, Tim. Their innocence, laughter, and love were constant reminders to me of what we are fighting for, as I was writing this book. If I work too hard, as some people are wont to say, well … thinking of the children and the world we are leaving them … I know I have damn good reason to.




A Trillion-Alarm Fire — You Don’t Stop at the Grocery on Your Way Home!

I compare what is happening right now to cause planetary death in the relatively near future to a trillion-alarm fire with everyone looking the other way. I say you need to respond to this with the urgency of being in a world war, marshaling all available national and world resources to bear on it, and not with the complacency of a boy-scout litter pick-up campaign.

When you get a call at work that your house is on fire, you rush home worrying about whether your family is alive or dead, what, if anything, remains of your precious keepsakes, and so on. And you don’t, this time, stop on the way to have a short visit with your mother at the nursing home, grab a few things at the grocery store, or even fill up your tank at the gas station! You go straight home and try to save your family and home!

What follows, from May of 2010, is an example of the attitude of dealing with global apocalyptic events as if, like in this case, they are of similar importance to a plane going down. My point, of course, is that we should be dealing with them with all the urgency of a “trillion-alarm fire” happening. For each of these are disasters contributing to an ongoing catastrophic ecocidal process, the tip of which, only, we see in the Fukushima reactor blowups and the Gulf Oil Spill:

Matthews: “four-alarm fire” in Gulf! Landrieu smirks. Matthews: There are ways to suck up oil … it is a US emergency not just a BP business problem

May 25, 2010. Today, Chris Matthews likened the Gulf Oil Spill to a four-alarm fire. While Senator Mary Landrieu smirked, Matthews said, “I don’t know what the legality of this is, but the President of the United States has got this challenge, not just BP. BP has got a business challenge; we have a national challenge. North America that we inherited and would like to pass on to our future generations is in big trouble.”

Earlier, in answer to a question by Matthews as to whether there’s “anybody in the world that can come and collect petroleum … that’s out there in the Gulf right now … anybody that can collect it?” Landrieu responded saying, “Well, first of all, Chris, just let me say this: If Delta Airlines … plane goes down, I don’t think we necessarily call all the airlines to come in and help in this very specific way. Now, I will tell you, that all the oil companies have been helping since day one, informally….”

Are you as concerned as I am hearing that kind of cavalier attitude about human life?

Oil Spills and Reactor Blowups

“Where Is the Fierce Urgency of Now?!!!”

I can’t believe the nonchalance around the huge environmental catastrophes that have gone on in just the last few years alone — specifically, the Gulf Oil Spill and the Fukushima Japan nuclear disaster. When the BP disaster was ongoing and gushing devastating amounts of oil into the Gulf, Donna Brazille, frustrated with the Obama Administration’s response to the Spill, fumed aloud, “Where is the fierce urgency of Now?!!!”

But these hugely unprecedented environmental catastrophes, daily spreading the damage to our planet, are just two canaries in a coal mine.

We are just beginning to understand the immensity of the damage to our planet the Fukushima disaster did. We will probably not be told the degree of radiation exposure from it we are receiving until long after people have been dying in droves from it.

The BP oil spill of 2010 is, similarly, presenting ongoing planetary damage, which, like the Japan nuclear disaster, is, as I speak, not being reported. Dolphin and whale carcasses in the hundreds have been washing up on Gulf beaches, birds have been dying and some are simply dropping dead out of the sky. We know for sure of at least one dead zone caused by the BP oil spill — a dead zone being an area in the ocean where nothing can live for lack of oxygen — which is a hundred miles long and twelve miles wide. I have heard reports of other dead zones cropping up in the Gulf, and it has been said they are growing in size with time. Beyond these we have to wonder how many more there are, yet unknown, and how great is the ongoing damage.

But none of these dire events are being mentioned much in the media. We hear the reports, but then the media directs our attention to something else. When Fukushima was being actively monitored by the media in 2011, I heard CNN report some very apocalyptic developments occurring there. Immediately afterward, CNN directed our attention to some in-depth reporting on a snake that had gotten loose in New York City. Now that snake made me sooo scared, I don’t know why!? *sarcasm*

So we cover our eyes to what is going on. *sigh*

We dismiss these events assuming that someone higher up than us is surely attending to the problem (dream on!). Though we would never admit it, we take comfort in thinking that people more in the know and influential — people with more status, degrees, power — are on the front line and will certainly make better decisions than we ever could. So doing, we blind ourselves to the fact that these people in charge are blinded and made stupid by their greed and self-interest. They see dimly, if at all, through that screen at the dire prospects they are juggling with. With such tunnel vision, they are hardly capable of seeing the interests of humanity, let alone acting on them. Furthermore, they console themselves with the thought that someone else higher up — or not, often just someone other than them — is “certainly” taking care of “the big things.”

Ultimately, people are passing the buck ALL the way up … to God. Seriously, this theological cul-de-sac is the ultimate, most reliable, place of retreat for the theistic as well as most of the non-theistic, if people were to be honest about their thoughts. But this is the most comforting of cop-outs and the greatest excuse to carry on acting recklessly out of all-too-trivial motivations of unhinged greed and blind self-interest.

What is worse is these things are only the tiny beginnings of much more that is bound to happen. If we do not listen up, and wake up, we’ll be just as unprepared and helpless when the even more dire and apocalyptic events unfold. This is not a time to curl up under the covers.

Die-Off of 250 Million Species in Under Fifty Years … And You Really Think We’ll Be Here?

OR, Have You Heard the New Version of the 12 Days of Christmas? It Ends With “7 Billion Nero’s Fiddling.” But No One Lives Long Enough to Finish It … Ever.

Scientists are saying we will see a fifty percent die-off rate, extinction, of species within the next twenty to fifty years. That is to say, within that time half the species we see now — well actually about five years ago — will be gone forever.1

To think that we will be around after that, even to watch video games of the wildlife that once was, is the same as a doctor saying to someone: “Sorry, within twenty to fifty years, half of the organs in your body will be gone. They’ll die and ‘fall’ away, and you’ll be DISABLED.”

Would such a person just be disabled!? Do you get my point?

You see, you tell me how we’re going to be alive to even see what happens after that kind of extinction?! Does no one realize how much death that means? Does no one see any interconnections between us and planetmates? The world will come to an end if bankers don’t get money, they told Americans in 2008. And if they did away with roads, or trucks … it’s Mad Max time, right? Well, how about when the bees didn’t show up? One species out of a scientifically estimated five-hundred million species and our economy was going ape shit! What happens with two-hundred-fifty MILLION species gone forever?!


Global, Universal Death/Extinction Isn’t Just Death, Suicide; It Is MURDER, Of a Kind So Evil, Nazis Look Like Mother Theresas by Comparison

Concerning extinction of species — ourselves and other species — which is going on, an idea was put forth to me that we are assuming death is evil. This person intended, considering the context, for this to be taken spiritually, philosophically.

Re: The Psychology of Extinction: Murder of untold billions through greed, laziness, egotism….Well, I say, EVIL!

My reply was: You make the point that needs to be considered as it sits deep down in the hidden center of this particular wordpool. It’s a mind-bender and mind-stretcher when you stray down your road for sure. But after having been down it a fair number of times, both on my own as well as with companions, I find one tangible, unshakable thing, only, to still and focus my vision and guide my stance, actions, and position with surety. It is this:

I, for one, am not assuming death is an evil. I do not believe death is evil at all, quite the contrary. Death has always been a part of life, and all the religions have it as a sublime culmination of a life well lived. But that is a spiritual perspective. And that is a perspective about death in its essence.

It is a vision from a spiritual stance — rooted in science, philosophy, and Eastern mysticism — as well as from a traditional religious view, where it is held that one’s life in the body is only a try-out for a better, “real” life in “heaven.”2

However, you are mistaking, as analogy, the beautiful precise utility of a finely honed and balanced knife — metaphorically speaking — with what is really important and what is so hard to look at or fathom or even let into one’s thoughts: That is

… the horrific, ghastly, unbelievably bloody and messy, grotesque, garish … infinitely hellacious and mind-drippingly insane … scene that is right in front of all of us: that of the angelic young girl and her vulnerable, innocent, and kind-hearted mother, their bodies slashed, cut up, stabbed, gouged, even chopped and minced, and strewn widely and randomly in this ungodly lake of blood framed within this just recently homey, comforting surround of simple comfortable living room furniture and accouterments, which now, however, are awash and stained and forever nightmarish as they record in blood, guts, and other of that ilk, but of which we do not want even to know, the violence, wild aggression, horrible pain, fear, terror, and trauma of the event — the murder …  the murder that was so precisely perfect in its nightmarishness as it was aided in its perfect horror …

by such a beautifully crafted, finely honed, exquisitely and marvelously sharp, perfectly balanced and joyous to feel, hold, and use knife.

What I am saying is, OK death is beautiful, in essence. And going back to God is, my belief, the highest accomplishment and culmination of a life lived well. But we are not talking about my death or your death. We are talking about you and I deciding, by refusing to fight back the apocalypse — which could be taken up merely by changing some of our greedy, wasteful, egoistic ways — the death of untold trillions of other living conscious beings, indeed, of conscious things that we are not evolved enough to even be aware of. We are deciding that THEIR death, because of our actions … well, that’s not so evil, eh?

Well, that’s easy for us to say. But how about them? Don’t you think they might be a tad upset that we would be deciding this FOR THEM … (Jonestown-style)?

So, you bring up the point that needs to be addressed before we can really commit ourselves to the fight and the struggle to change that is being required of us. But I offer that I have never found anyone able to shake or even threaten the principle I have found to stand on: God’s creation, which includes death, in Her (His) time and in the way He (She) would have for each of us, is beauteous perfection. But, MURDER … that is, MY deciding … or ANYONE (but God) deciding for another that death is good, well …  well …  Is not that what Hitler did? What the Nazis did?

Death — not evil — may be beautiful.

Murder of untold multi-billion-trillions through greed, laziness, egotism, hubris, and extreme lack of empathy and feeling for the feelings/consciousness of those others … well, I say,


Evil beyond all imagining. Evil beyond anything ever conceived or acted ever before in the billions of years of existence of this planet.

EVIL! Even the killing of the planet — its systems so perfectly balanced, so far beyond our understanding — of a Nature that is beyond our comprehension, which, for all we know, is akin to a higher consciousness, a deva, a god, goddess.

Yes, EVIL to murder. Incredibly evil to bring to an end such things so far above and beyond our understanding that we cannot even comprehend the magnitude of that evil.

Now, that is my conclusion. I deem that murder on a scale so huge as to be inconceivable, of numbers of beings so great we have no way of knowing the hideous magnitude of the crime, not to mention seven billion alone of our own species, and laying to waste the dreams, efforts, and results of multibijillions of past lives on this planet of all species IS EVIL!

That is something I do not want to ever think I helped to happen…. Indeed it is EVIL so huge that I think I would not feel right, ever again, in the consciousness forever after this life and after my death, if I did not expend every ounce of my energy while I still can/could to try to prevent, to try to stop, to work against, to struggle to keep it from happening.

I think that consciousness cannot be destroyed — so death is not “evil.” But as we stand on the precipice of this planet murder and hugest crime of all time as far as we know before us and with us, as a species, being the cause of it…. Well, I can only say the worst thing that I can imagine is having an eternity of consciousness knowing that I could have been part of the solution, but I trivialized it. I used a convenient spiritual belief/ teaching/ awareness to rationalize it so that I could continue asleep and unaware of the horror I participated in as I chose, through being afraid to look at the immense suffering involved, to blind myself with distractions — the perfect knife, the death that is not evil. And so instead of an eternity of peace knowing that I stood against the greatest evil ever known and fought as hard as I could, although we failed … instead it could be an eternity of regret and loathing not being able to be unaware that I was a part of the horror, the monster, participated in the killing, and helped others to also, by participating in the feel-good cover-up, the blinding of eyes, the zombification of brains. As the deepest darkness ever known gradually but unmistakably arose on the horizon and came toward us, increasing in speed, becoming more fiercesome, detailed, clear, unmistakable, unavoidable, and ever harder to be blind to, ever clearer in its brutality and the suffering, and unimaginable pain in its aftermath. And so I would spend an eternity knowing, not being able to not know, that I WAS it, that I became it, helped it … that I was, er, “part of the problem” …  and I didn’t have to be.

And for everyone else I would ask: Care to choose what you’d like to have sitting around in that imperishable unending forever consciousness we’re “blessed” with?

The End of the World

A correspondent of mine emailed me to recommend a book by John Leslie titled, The End of the World.

More People Living Now Than the Grand Total of Humans Who Have Ever Lived!

She said the book makes a disturbingly solid case for our extinction, saying that we are among the last generations of humans. Part of this reasoning involves a complex mathematical determination of our trajectory, which includes the interesting calculation that there are twice as many humans alive, right now, THAN THE GRAND TOTAL OF HUMANS THAT HAVE EVER LIVED. That last is a provocative finding, to say the least.

Now, I haven’t read the book, but just his premise got me to thinking. Of course, what I know confirms his conclusions in spades, but I couldn’t help feeling irked by his all-too-familiar perspective. For, to me, it is not just about our species. It is not just about our extinction. It is not just suicide, but murder. My correspondent, “Open Intelligence,” has used the term, “ecocide,” to make this kind of point.

Ok We’re Committing Species-Suicide;
But How DARE We Become Species-Suicide-Bombers Killing All OTHER Life With Us

Recently, I checked on the actual number of species that currently are on our planet, and the number was estimated at five-hundred million SPECIES. I think the whole problem IS that we only see “life” in terms of “our” life — our species. Indeed, some people think in terms of life being only for those of their religion, nation, social group, tribe, family, or even just oneself — all of which aid the murder of those who are “not life.”

So, Leslie is apparently thinking along the lines of many others who are not seeing the tragedy we are perpetrating to those other than our species, which is a milder form of the bigotry and prejudice we hold for one human against another type of human. I think that is a shame.3

But then we cannot seem to even wake people up to saving themselves or their children, so how can we get them to empathize with the trillions upon trillions of other lives and the multi-hundred-millions of other life forms we share this planet with?

I guess that is my problem with his approach: It comes from my feeling that — Ok, we are committing suicide, but maybe we fucking deserve it. But how DARE we “blow up” — like a species suicide bomber — without a second thought for their pain or their lives — which we are only too dumb, and ego- species-centric, bigoted to see, let alone empathize with — as simple “collateral damage,” innumerable multi-bijilliion-trillions of innocent souls/ life forms and hundreds of millions of other entire species of them with us. That is murder of the highest degree, and an evil that this planet has never imagined before this time.

But, again, I see the point of talking to people where they are coming from as a starting point, as Leslie is doing. But shouldn’t we try to raise as much awareness as possible of, to me, the much greater evil that we are committing, for those who can hear it? I say, if we want to kill ourselves off, fine. But how dare we sink to becoming the biggest mass murderers of all time, by a multi-multi-trillionfold? We are currently making the Nazis look like Mother Theresas by comparison. If there will be a history of our species by an alien race after we are gone, I do not doubt that the words “Fukushima” and “Oil Spill dead zones,” will have the same kind of black potency that “Auschwitz” and “Dachau” currently have for us.

Suicidal Apes and Our Future as Mars

If you care about your children, you’ll “man up,” “woman up,” “cowboy up,” whatever … anything but cover up … and face the horror, become the noble humans we are capable of being, and join with others to pull off the most heroic actions of all time.…

Or else we’ll be deemed throughout the Universe as “suicidal ape,” and our portrait will be no different from Mars.

The better angels of our beings urge us to pay attention to what is being said in the writing below.

Consider the Topic and then that By the Ending I Was Feeling Euphoric,
Having Just Stared Deeply Into the Most Horrible Likely Future Conceivable.


Either you really should be checking this out…
Or I Should Be Getting Checked Out… but seriously, folks…

Now you’d THINK this would be a morose piece. I am the author of “Love’s Wake-Up Call, Apocalypse Emergency” — which is the chapter coming up — and I fully expected this to be a call to awareness that only the brave or the Goths would listen to. But honestly, I confess that the writing that came out of me and that I then expanded upon further in the reading over of it afterward was beautiful and led to a conclusion that inspired me (that’s not supposed to happen!) and left me feeling calmer than I have been for a long time.

What’s in It?

Ok, Ok, so you want to know what’s in this wake-up call? I’m tempted to say “grab bag” and split, figuring to let Higher Power decide who gets to read this. Sure this is in me; but there is more here than I, well at least thought, was in me.

No, I’ll give you the poop: It’s about a frightening global predicament that everyone seems to be aware of, but which few people are giving the attention and seriousness it deserves. I liken it to a thousand-alarm fire going off right now, with everyone looking away. I talk about why people would do that, why the media would be inclined to shy away. Basically it’s understandable because we simply have no way of comprehending the magnitude of what is happening and how fast, since no living thing on this planet in its multibillion year history has had to face what we are.4

I Found Compassion, Not Blame.

I use spiritual fantasy and real world analogies to help us get a handle on what we’re facing. In jumping into these waters, I expected to be emotionally beat up. Instead I came to many understandings and found I saw the positions of many who aren’t helping right now somewhat through their eyes, and found compassion, not blame.

Now that I think of it, I am having the realization that the reason for my serene, compassionate, and loving feelings while doing this parallels why I felt there was hope in the end.

I realize that facing dire challenges — and this being the most dire of all — brings out the best in humans. It always has. Though this has been put off so long we might not do anything substantive till it’s too late, I realize that a political change away from the George W. Bush debacle in Washington may be having unknown but positive ripple effects around the world. In essence, it is only since then that either Americans or those around the world can feel they can apply themselves to tackling this biggest of all challenges. For the Bush administration was disheartening and disillusioning to people of the globe who cared about the environmental crisis and of course to us in America as well. We could not help but feel that any efforts we could make would be quickly outswamped by the Republicans’ massive anti-environmental policies … sneakily disguised in environmentally positive sounding labels, though they were.

Not that everything has changed in America since Bush left office or that corporations are back on their heels in their attempts at thwarting our wills to life. No, it is a continual uphill slog. Still, when Bush was US president, it was utterly hopeless. It is very disheartening when your own government seems to consider your life completely expendable when it comes to short term gains for the Bushies — the corporate and “filthy rich” FOB’s.

The Ending Lifted Me.

While the ending of this piece lifted me up in a way that I haven’t felt in a long time on this matter, I must admit that my long term study of humans — as a depth psychotherapist and as a student of other cultures across all time periods, that is, anthropology — informed my conclusions, shaped them, and took me to visions of possible futures that I did not expect. They would seem, if not as likely, then at least as worthy of the human spirit as we deserve.

We’ll Be Tested and Found Worthy … Or Deserving of Our Grave.

For all we’ve done it seems we have called down upon ourselves to be tested and to be found either worthy, or deserving of the grave we’re digging.

The chapter coming up, “Love’s Wake-Up Call,” goes back and forth between these horrors that are possible and, well, let us say, this unique situation with the potential so strong to bring humans to raise themselves up and be led by their better angels more than any other time. What it will mean could be exciting and triumphant beyond belief as humans come out of their puerile adolescent phase and become united and shaped for millennia by this great struggle. We could also die trying our mightiest, which has a nobility to it.

Currently we are looking like the stupidest beings ever to dream the dream of thingness and duality.

It’ll be scary and interesting, and you’ll be helped if you have a strong faith in a Higher Power.

Beyond that, it will be the biggest adventure that the entire globe ever faced together, and the outcome could be just about anything.

Reversing Babel

But don’t get the popcorn, you won’t be sitting for this one; no one will. Indeed, if we succeed, we will look back at such terms as “couch potato” and wonder at the lost, unfulfilled lives they describe, which will seem a strange thing in a future that will require all of us to come together in a way that we haven’t seen since before — metaphorically speaking of course — The Tower of Babel.

So while the odds will be against us and even certain segments of humanity will try to monkey wrench our positive efforts, success could be wondrous beyond all belief.

I’ve said too much. The piece is complete in itself, and if you dare, you may find yourself strangely invigorated. At least I hope you get some, if not a lot, of the benefits and positive attitude adjustment that I received.

“We’re All in This Together.”

I left the piece feeling so much love and unity with all humans and living things, for I knew that at no other time in the history of the world was the truth of the saying “we’re all in this together” more patently true.




There are topics you will rarely if ever hear in the mainstream media. It is not that they are not true; it is that these true things are … well … is there such a thing as too true? Truth that the vast majority of people will either not hear, or will distort, will deny, will conveniently find hard to understand — that is, they will retreat into confusion — and so many other things? Obviously, by the title, you already know the kinds of truths I’m referring to.

Your Child Will Die, How Can You Turn Away?

Our species has never been confronted with such truths — facts about the inevitable demise of our entire species in short order, unless something on a massive scale is done. And it seems our systems have no capacity for it. For indeed such an event has never occurred on our planet in its entire multibillion year history.

So the fact you are even reading this, fully aware of the title, proves you are one of the few who are opting to know the truth — however disturbing — rather than turn your head, as an unbelievable number of people are currently doing, to the likelihood of apocalypse…. Sorry, that’s not something people want to know. But ecocide, planet death, apocalypse will be a certainty unless people get the courage to do something, which necessarily of course starts with LOOKING at the problem!

OK, I’ll try again, this isn’t easy for me either….

The cumulative scientific evidence relating to the fate of this planet has been accelerating in the direction of there being little to no hope that there will be much, if any, life on this planet, at some point only twenty to fifty years from now. So as I was trying to say above, many people are currently turning their head to the likelihood that we will all be dead in what will probably seem the fastest decades ever.

What makes this likelihood so disturbing is that many people know this and yet don’t care. Some even get a charged up thrill, or sense of power at the prospect. And many others just can’t wait! Sadly they have certain misguided religious beliefs — for example, “the rapture” — that have rationalized and made desirable this most abominable thing — wiping out the efforts and strivings and occurrences of billions of years and almost seven billion human souls alone in current time, and negating the passionate struggles of billions of humans prior to us who wanted more than anything else to leave the world a better place. But take a cynical — maddened — generation or two, and they may as well never have lived.

Why am I saying this? If you have children, or grandchildren, even if you might not see it, what kinds of parents exist now that blithely turn away from the trillion-alarm fire that is already waging, which will consume their beloveds in ways too horrible to contemplate? I do not understand it; for in any other situation where they would be threatened, wouldn’t many even risk their own lives?

I need to say this because, despite the madness surrounding us in the minds of people stressed with problems of all kinds that are now at unprecedented levels, I have faith in God and in the nobility of humans at their base. I believe that more and more will not only face this horrible darker-than-night cloud looming and rushing us from the horizon, but will deem it to be the one worthy thing left to do, whichever way it goes. I am using my God-given skills of communication and intellect, along with a lifetime of study into the human mind and its healing, to try to reverse our current plunge.1

I know there are others like myself right now attempting to wake up the noble spirited, the heroic among us, who, once convinced, will add whatever unique qualities God has blessed them to this once in a multibillions chance to be good, kind, brave, hard-working, sympathetic, heartful, strong, God-loving, life embracing, laughter-, song-, and children-loving humans again.

To be humans again, not greedy beasts of prey with green in their eyes and their blood, who have been taking over this planet for several decades now, for idiotically selfish ends. So maddened are they, we have already seen the first incredible detonation of their unconcern for this planet — all God’s creatures on it, and even their own offspring — in this collapse of an entire global economic system in what seemed practically to be overnight in 2007. So insane they, we have seen the consequences of their greedy craving in the increasing radiation of the planet, through accidents like Fukushima, and the dying of the oceans — our oxygen source — with the Gulf Oil Spill.

So when I think the media is soft peddling this dire and vital truth of the approaching death of all as if providing the opium of pleasant reverie to a sick person, instead of providing the truth and giving the person the less pleasant and more strenuous options of fighting for one’s health … when I think of them as deciding for us, as if we are dying children, who they think they are being compassionate to when saying what amounts to “you’re going to be just fine,” and such, even as we, the children, take our last breath, I think of that syrupy mealy-mouthedness, that “comforting,” as enabling us in an addiction and even covering up the suffering that might get us well. Taking a look at the media in this light, I am offended and feel disrespected. For I am not one who appreciates being pampered and protected from upset when it means that it will guarantee my death, do you?

For if a great many people do not quickly and radically reverse their lives — and no I’m not talking boy scout recycling efforts. I am talking about the gearing up and urgency that would need to be far greater than that of the last world war — how can it not be seen that the Nazi holocaust will seem a tea party alongside what’s coming?

Unity Is Our Food Our Destination Our Bliss Our Home …

But it is not warriors we need. That is part of the problem. We do need people as disciplined and caring, but not just of their buddies rather for all life, human and nonhuman, of all creation that God in His/Her great love for us and all life masterfully crafted, slowly, carefully, meticulously, over a near eternity this incredible planet, as finely balanced and perfect and precise, and wondrous and beautiful in infinite ways, precisely moving in perfect harmonious exquisite synchronicity of infinite living elements through the seasons, over the years, languorous and slow and allowing for a plenitude of experience, of possibilities for joyous play, exuberant and bountiful youthful sense of power, pride, belonging — for ALL creatures, and an infinite number of them — each of them single individuals sharing with us this possibility of joy, wonder, happiness, laughter, pain, grief, wisdom…. this divine adventure taken by so many humans even, each doing their best between the poles of the monstrous and the angelic, creating in the end, whatever the outcome, lives as different, as unique, as incomparable as any snowflake to another.

And all the while, surrounded from birth, breathing the divine. God always so close you can’t see. But in every little thing pushing you to the exquisite slow, painful then wonderful unfolding into greater and greater wisdom, goodness, love, truthfulness and loving of truth — no matter how long it takes, or even lifetimes — slowly, slowly, turning, turning, expanding, flowing ever outward in wider and wider encompassing surrounds of wisdom and love — no matter how long it takes.

And on the way the dawnings of blissful openings of being, leaving the darkness of pain and ignorance more and more at our roots. Just as the lotus grows out of the muck of the dirty swamp, feeding on that muck for sustenance. Just as our hardships, mistakes, even our cruelties lead us in time that much more beautifully and committedly loving of love, of life, of goodness, of God. And our eyes ever more aware of the beauty always there but more and more radiant as the darkness slowly dissipates, and the lotus reaches its tender shoot higher and higher into the murky water. It too in time becoming increasingly aware of light that is above and that the darkness is more and more in behind it.

Until, just as we, there is that moment of arriving on the water surface and feeling and breathing, being free and so joyous, blissful, and understanding of the marvelous divine perfection of the experience, even when it seemed hopeless, just as we. And in gratitude and glory it unfolds its perfect, delicate pleasure in the expressions of joy that are the splendid beauteous aromatic creations that we call its many petals, but for the lotus is its song of gratitude. As much as our unfolding may open our hearts so deliciously loving and alive that we must sing to God, to Love, to the Consciousness that is the only Existing thing and equally coursing its wondrous way throughout all creation — lotus, human, in the loving ministrations of all God’s creatures toward each other as we feel the attraction of like to like, of divine to divine….

And would this wonderful incredibly sweet sound of God’s Life in us and around us, harmonizing over billions of years and to the ends of the Universe, the chorus of the divine, the harmony of the spheres, this grand, often dramatic and percussive symphony, the only reality, the only one really desired, the home of all whose sound is even telling you it is Om, where one belongs, where one loves and is loved and dualism-nondualism are irrelevant for equally delightful are the movements of this endless ever changing symphony, which must be separate and forgetful and also awake and one for the sheer beauty of it, for the sheer pleasure of remembering again the most wonderful truth of oneself, and then maybe again.

Of such possibilities and perceptions are the expanses outside, outside one’s skin. As one’s identity is not merely that within the gushing palpitation below the skin but expands to include spouse, family, children, others, all creatures, all beings known and unknown, with malice toward no one. As such unity is our food our destination our bliss our home….

Oh so sad and yet tender and beautiful and juicy we take our prodigal souls ever home. And more and more recognizing our brothers and sisters on the way, delighting in the exquisite separation that we will continue to enjoy until ready to release, to let go. Like a swimmer letting go of the side of the pool to sink deep into the crystal water, where it is then all the Universe that one experiences and then one becomes aware that one is just as much of it as in it.

And slowly delightfully then just not conceiving of any boundaries and the swimmer disappears to those still holding on to the delightful game of pretending that there is any such thing as a thing, as boundaries, as nations, as bodies…. Fun, that game of thingness … for a while….

For it is just a game, a made up concocted set of parameters, boundaries, and rules. That we sit down on a pleasant Sunday afternoon to play, to enjoy the amazingly creative plays, humorous remarks, and outright belly-whomping creative utterances that our playmates entertain with and we enjoy also performing as things we do and say come so perfectly from, well … it’s just there.

We just are, we can’t help be, and whether irritated or laughing uproariously or snickering secretively as we plan our next play … in sweet anticipation of the reactions, surprise! befuddlement! or knowing smiles from another … it is all unknown and to be discovered.

So who would spoil such fun by ever letting on, even, or especially, to oneself that it is all known, there is no separation. Why we even might enjoy it more if we allow ourselves to suppose that the stakes are real — at which point we know we have taken the wondrous forgetfulness game of humanness. One only does that to enjoy the sweetest waking of all, that from the soundest and most undisturbed of all possible dreamings.

However you conceive it, though. You needn’t buy my reverie. In fact how could you? Though you and I could be mirrors to each other it is the absolute knowing that we cannot be the same snowflake. No. You have your world, and your unique way of enjoying sweet existence.

Who Would Want Such an Ending to the Human Story? I’d Rather See People Becoming the Best Humans That Have Ever Lived on This Planet ….

But is it God’s, yours, mine, anyone’s plan that this multi-billion year sweet symphony of consciousness expressing itself as beauteous Nature is suddenly, in eternal time, within the last second or two, to be stomped, crackled, and crashed by the Caterpillar boots of newbie humans? The skin-bound ones. I mean, reaaalyy skin bound.

As for me such horrible catastrophic cacophony of destruction is about as creative and delight inducing as a slow wonderfully silent drive through a countryside in late spring. Fragrant, aromatic … feelings of gratitude to the All That Is. And hearts overflowing in appreciation of the company of such remarkable, loving, and brilliant of friends. So slowly meandering in fragrant meadows and moisty tart forests, one just regrets that the vehicle will have to stop to be charged in a little bit.

That’s pleasant to me, maybe it is or isn’t to you. But who among us would wish for the ride, the symphony, the song, the journey, the adventure, the whatever’s finale to be a split second of angry irritation and then an all too easy wander off of the freeway home? Such that before one is even aware, oneself and one’s friends and God’s delightful chorus is composed … the ending, sixty miles per hour, six friends, the unmovable concrete of an overpass’s supports kissing all six’s bloody bags of water, water-balloon style erased on the slab.

And the percussive sounding to mark the end, over before you even realize it’s begun. But when you in your awestruck wonder slow it to single frames, that sound … that sound so hideous, containing so many others within its one-second elapse. But you hear there are billions. You hear, trillions, more, infinite. Crashing, metal, but within it mixed … why, that is that hell that some speak about. All those voices crying out in loss, in anger:

“How have you the right?” “Why have you robbed…?” And all creatures that have ever lived here crying out in pain at the same time.

Such things well … not fun … not, well …  anything.

It seems we were even given the warning so that we could come up with a much better drama, more fun for all for every place in consciousness throughout the Universe. For the Universe has already experienced such a bummer of a symphony, which is now just a red planet….

It was much more fun, filled with life, creative divine noises, and manic whacky Chaplinesque movements, sounds, color, laughter, laughter, laughter. Not fun that one.2

Why not a hero’s tale; no solitary hero, but billions and billions of heroes. Showing the Universe the story of the impossibly death-defying grasping at life, even as being thrown over the cliff. The solidarity in flesh, as united as in divine state, grasping single-handedly a bit of root protruding from the very edge above the abyss. And with mighty, united, happy, joyous, then singing, mighty and strong, pulling up, scraping knees, chins, shins, no matter, such incredible unity of peoples around the Globe as hasn’t been seen since the time before that Tower, that time called Babel. That was a time when flesh decided to really stray from remembering and to really become solitary and alone, creating the darkness, which the light is so much sweeter by. Creating the horrible endless times of struggling, of violence, of ego over ego, with no one hearing, no one listening. But every one simply babbeling out THEIR world, their sounds, “The song must be like this!” “It is my song.” “I am divine, who the hell are you to sing while I’m composing my next chorus!?”

And so it began, with the blissful knowledge of Unity with All That Is turning psychotically into

I AM the Unity, I am all that is. I am hardly experiencing the flows of consciousness that you are. For I AM the only consciousness. How could you be? You don’t look like me; yet I am conscious and I am the Decider. So since I look like this and I act, and you look different, as different as I look compared to a pile of rubble, so you must not feel. You must be props for me to use.

And yet you jabber on, even as I am thinking, ever more, always thinking. I can’t stop this thinking; I don’t remember the world too well. That must be the price of being the only real living feeling existing thing here.

So it went. I don’t know why. But then there is that thing about it all being about greater wisdom.

And perhaps, I think this a better story than a one-second sounding of the Universe in Pain…. For nowhere in that Universe would there be a being saying,

Now that was one great species! Really so godlike. Incredible. They lasted for one nanosecond and then simply slammed their entire species — even taking with them every other of the millions of different kinds of beings that Consciousness was tripping around with, in checking out.

No. I don’t see our ending that way as being any more entertaining or enlightening than the shortest of all short stories about a man who walked across a busy freeway. Cleverly he avoided every car. He got increasingly adept and nimble. In his happiness he jumped to safety and stabbed himself to death with a knife. I told you, pretty dumb story.

I’d rather see people becoming the best humans that have ever lived on this planet at one time. And working together, not knowing even if they would make it, but knowing that the laughter of children depended on it. That laughter of children would be never again. And, in fact, who can say that it ever existed really?

There’s Hope in That Never Before Has There Been Such a Worldwide Jonesing for Authenticity

Why Not Create a Story Together That Would Thrill God Herself?

So, if you feel like I do. If you would rather write, together with seven billion others, a story that will thrill God Herself, won’t we be thrilled and never forget: How we took the best they had. They misinformed, spent untold huge amounts on those whose souls could be bought. And many there were, to deny, to repress, even when the rest of the world was waking up and looking to us for leadership.

America … Earth Criminal

And America did not merely back off and, inexplicably, turn to throw back at the world a big ol’ middle finger salute, grimacing, then turn and walk away. America, the wealthiest country in the world at that time…. Well at least its rich elite made it so, for its standard of living was getting lower by the year since the institution of the new slogan of democracy which was redefined in the early 1980s as, “of the people, by the people, to benefit the rich.” America left the rest of the world to suffer and meet and discuss.

And all the time the world knew that they were like employees having a meeting without the boss showing up…. Nope, more like they were like the citizens who lived in a beautiful lake area, which had once been a pristine lake. But now the lake was dead, there were no fish living, lots of gooey seaweed though.

And sure they all contributed something to polluting that lake they did. But what was going to be done having meetings that had no representatives of the lumber milling company that sat on a good stretch of lakeside frontage and mindlessly had been spewing the most god-awful chemicals in the lake? It was going to be sickening the citizens soon. But this lumber operation also confused any deliberations that might have been fruitful by its habit of tossing around such huge gobs of money at selected groups of citizens.

So that’s us, the fat bastards.

Apocalypse Is Real

I put whatever energy I can towards educating people about the dangers leading to apocalypse.

I am trying to help folks to understand they are not really believing apocalypse because it is too huge to comprehend. I try to get people to see that though they do not want to entertain the thought of apocalypse, it is real. Apocalypse is as real as your child suddenly lurching out of your hand to rush into the street just as a car is speeding there and getting killed.

Join with me or not as you will. I mention my efforts only to indicate the efforts of one person who has been awakened to this horrifying vision. Keep in mind there are others doing far more than me, for a longer time, and at greater risk.

Volunteers working with Greenpeace, Earth First, and similar organizations place their bodies directly in front of the attackers in a manner just like those prodemocracy activists living under dictatorial and totalitarian regimes who, Ghandi-style, stand in front of tanks and place their bodies before onslaughts of anti-aircraft weaponry (as happened not long ago in Libya).

There are others whose work also deserves more attention than mine, and in other places they are and will continue to be mentioned. But for purposes here, you get the point: No one can know how great are the forces of light arrayed against those of darkness on this issue, for the moneyed interests do not find it at all helpful to their side to allow the media to broadcast or highlight these efforts.

Rather, the media will exaggerate the activities and viewpoint of the opposition to these efforts, those that support the continued march toward Doomsday on whose road they collect heavy tolls from people to make up the obscenely exorbitant and evil profits they receive. They blow up the activities, viewpoints, and (mis)information in the exact same manner as in recent years they have, for example, amplified attention of, even promoted, Tea Party rallies attended by, mostly paid, hundreds while ignoring true grass roots action, as in Wisconsin, where a rally of two hundred thousand barely was mentioned. This is perhaps the meaning of the saying, “The revolution will not be televised.”

In this obscurity of our efforts and its results lies our hope. For we simply will not know until later, maybe not even until an “afterward,” assuming there is one, just how great are the efforts of the unheralded numbers involved in this undertaking.

Worldwide Craving for Authenticity

So, no, I am hardly the only one saying this. Quite to the contrary, there are lots of people now, more than ever before, who are fed up with being coddled from the truth and manipulated by lies and misinformation. Having been water boarded so many gallons of lies over Bush’s eight years, they are showing the starvation they’ve been feeling for truth. Folks are painfully jonesing for something authentic in a number of ways.

Most spectacularly, Americans showed their craving for authenticity in the overwhelming 2008 turnout for Obama. At the time, Obama, over everyone else, was someone radiating realism, accountability, and authenticity.

Tea Party Ducklings

More recently we see this desperation pushing people to the Tea Party. Though sadly lacking in facts, fed misinformation by moneyed groups, manipulated, and directed to action by forces arrayed against their interests, Tea Party folks are newly birthed into politics following a burning knowing that something is terribly wrong and that they are being lied to. Like newly hatched ducklings, they are bonded to their corporate Mommies, who they follow blindly, fighting against those who would help them. On the other side, we see this eruption of truth-valuing in that, despite Tea Party’s misguided actions, the polls show that Republicans, the party of organized deception in allegiance to interests of a global clique of “filthy rich,” are seen to be more like fools than as credible opponents.3

What Would the Planetmates Say … and Would You Respond You Are NOT “Stupid Ape”?

Still, facing the facts of the likely End of All Time, Doomsday, or Apocalypse — however you choose to phrase it — is not in anyone’s hardwired capacities to handle. We are like ants suddenly confronted by a huge lumberjack’s boot about to come smashing down on their meticulously created universe of AntHill. I doubt they, let alone we, have ever been programmed for such contingencies.

But humans are supposed to have the capacity to reason, to go beyond pure instinct, and to be able to prepare for the totally unprecedented. So far, our much-vaunted rationality is seeming like a pretty convenient rationalization to enable us to kill without conscience, for any reason we choose, the other species on this planet. How would our planetmates see it? Perhaps something like:

Humans Adopt Superiority Over All, Basing It On Their Inability to Keep Their Psychotic Minds from ever Stopping the Onslaught of Mental Verbiage. [Planetmate Views. Nowtime. Everyplace, Earth.]

Humans have created a bizarre separate and solitary view, which keeps them from seeing Reality, let alone God, who is directly before them. But they are committed to this psychosis of generating such a mental screen of words, which they mistake for actual reality.

Living in their self-imposed tortuous hell of verbal-mental realities, having nothing to do with reality, they neither see God, nor us planetmates, nor do they really hear each other. For humans pretend to listen but are really thinking of what they are going to say when it is their turn. So humans come away from conversations having only heard themselves. And now, their delusion is having them kill themselves all off; and they are not even all that concerned.

Unfortunately, they are taking ALL the rest of us, planetmates, indeed everything alive on this planet, down with them. Many of our fellow planetmates, in light of this, are questioning our compassion for their sorry half-born asses and our tolerance over the past twenty-five millennia.

You don’t believe our planetmates? Natch. Didn’t expect you to — sprung on you like that. But if what the planetmates say just for a moment pisses you off enough to say “NO, We are not stupid ape! We are rational!” Then you cannot be consistent without using some of that, ahem, ahem, so-called “reason.” For before you can say NO to Apocalypse you have to let yourself KNOW Apocalypse. Now, how many of you have the cajonies or ovaries for that?!

David Bowie sang, “We could be heroes … just for one day.” Wow, that just occurred to me. It also occurred to me that being heroes just for one day never made any sense to me until just about, oh, like two seconds ago.

Well, I’m no hero. I just fucking care. Sorry if caring offends people so much they have to put down feeling people by saying “kumbaya moment.” Sorry if caring offends so much they have to put down people who have hearts by saying “bleeding hearts.” Or even when we have a President who sheds a tear and says in all sincerity, “I feel your pain,” the cynical have to rake him over the coals for it and put it down in the history books as a calculated, planned, political move.

I’m sorry for people like that who have no felt connection with others. Such kitty-drowners and butterfly-mashers have no hearts and so do not understand those of us who do.

Before I took my personal journey inward and opened up to my feelings and eventually to the love that lie deep inside, I was more of a mental machine than a man.

Now, I am happy to be flesh and blood and feeling and organic — I cry, fart, burp, laugh uproariously sometimes, actually, rolling on the floor. I see, hear, and notice people and think they are just fascinating. I can’t imagine life back in the world of the machine-minded, bragging how they can multi-task, so they can fuck up more things at the same time. But never can such automatons focus on one thing at a time and completely take it in, in all its complexities.

But this isn’t about the ones who will never hear me. It is about those who are just as much flesh and blood as I. You are the ones who will understand that I do this because, I just, well, really love.

I’ve got a young goddaughter; she reminds me what being straight and honest is. She also reminds me what love is, and how tender is the simple appreciation of one being for another. In my mind, my goddaughter is beautiful inside and out and talented and sensitive. She is God’s work of art. I don’t think there is a parent alive who doesn’t know those kinds of feelings.

So, I don’t know about other people, but with her in mind, among many others that I love, I find it hard to simply ignore the things that the scientists are saying are happening on this planet. Perhaps the most horrible for me to comprehend is the predicted massive extinction that is underway and is expected to reach a fifty percent die-off (forever, folks) of species on this planet in twenty to fifty years. You thought the bees disappearing was news!? Only if you can understand it as the canary in the coal mine.

If We Must, Without the Support of the Media, Rise to the Biggest Challenge of All, Would We Not Be Better to Face It?

We Got Too Many Species Anyway … And Other Stupid Denial Tricks Against Ecocide

A fifty percent extinction of life-forms on this planet within a few decades, many of which have been around for millions, even billions of years. And, are you thinking, hell, we got way too many species anyway? I know, dumb! But someone actually said that to me during the Q & A after a presentation I gave on this. And many in the audience seemed to think she had a point!!4

Well, the planet is an ecosystem; it is like one giant life form. And it was once really healthy, perfectly balanced, like I said, a wonderful creation of God. It was an exquisite creation, reminding us that God is well, really, I mean, really, really, good!

Nope, not being facetious; just making my point in response to the general idea out there about God. That is, this insane prevailing notion that God is Infinite Goodness and Mercy beyond all human understanding, yet this Good God would create a hell where all but a lucky few would live, without being able to die, in hideous unbearable agony forever. Christ! I just heard myself realize that and if I were a kid I would’ve pooped my pants!

Ok, finishing up here. If you care about what’s going on and think we should wake up, naturally you’re discouraged at how little consciousness there is about an environmental collapse that has already begun. But there is hope at least in certain things. I’ve mentioned the craving for the real and the true. This powerful urge has toppled Bush, birthed an awkward tea-party movement, and shown the light on right-wing idiocy in America.

Around the world this explosive force manifests along with its correlates, the needs to express and share this truth in free speech and to have human rights to not be punished for that, as well as to have power for one’s truth to effect one’s life and circumstances, so there is the need for democracy. So it has fueled freedom and independence movements in nearly every country on Earth. In the last year alone, we have seen massive outpourings for human rights and justice in Turkey, Brazil, Romania, and Egypt — where only months ago the largest demonstrations in history were going on. In the Mideast and North Africa we see dictators being confronted and overthrown, and in China and similar totalitarian systems we see people risking and sacrificing their lives rather than be living beneath a cover of lies, behind a matrix of the contrived. Perhaps the most powerful way of all, this force is flowering worldwide as an Occupy movement, encouraging everyone to Occupy Earth, among many other things.

As to where this effort will lead…. Well, the hopeful question is: Who knows how many others are also feeling like we don’t have a second to lose, and it might already be too late? Who knows what kind of actions might be needed to be done, and what kind of word might need to get out, or whatever?

If You Knew What I Knew, Would You Do Less?

Finally, looking over my efforts alone, one might even be thinking I am overdoing it. But consider that I believe what I’m saying: A trillion-alarm emergency, the lives of my loved ones at stake. Now, if you knew what I knew, would you do less?

But this isn’t about me, I am only mentioning my work alongside the fact that I felt finally like I could speak out in this country only when Obama was sworn in as President. Who knows how many efforts are going on, how many kinds of things people are doing to stave off this Unthinkable Nightmare? Now, with Bush no longer in power, when finally we have the world and its efforts, however difficult they still will be, at least not being actively undermined by a Republican administration, we have a time where we have more hope that our efforts will succeed based upon the good will of the participants, without worrying excessively that the mighty U.S. will at some point either secretly or overtly throw the grandest of all monkey wrenches in to shatter the work of the good people of the world working heartily on the side of Life.

So, if you care, we might as well start making that network now. And I know there are others. But there can never be too many connections bringing together all of us who care.

Don’t forget we’re going up against a bunch who DON’T care, but who are, as they termed them, not me! “Filthy Rich.” And great power they have indeed for you know how many there are who are for sale and how cheaply souls are going for these days. But we have, if we choose it, the power of solidarity, truth, and — if we can awaken enough people — the power of great, great, grand numbers on a scale that also has never been possible before.

So, I urge everyone to remember that they are in the midst of a trillion-alarm fire. The emergency is upon us; unfortunately it is not being broadcast. But some of that is because it is too dire for the media to want to touch. So it is up to us.

We must remember that it has always been the common people of the world uniting in great numbers that have accomplished the things of greatest value to the world. If we must once again, and without the support even of the media, rise to the biggest challenge of all, then why would we not be the better ones to face it? For the elite have already shown that they care little for anything but their profits.

Whereas it is the common people of the world, taking their pleasure in their pride of work, and especially their families, who have put themselves always on the line. We need only remember that it is not for us, or even for all the innocent creatures of the world — though that would be huge motivation for many — but if only so that our children and grandchildren will not suffer, will get to live, and hopefully will be awarded at least the chance that other generations got for a full life, we must give our all.

I cannot believe that the masses of people in the world, were they ever to come to understand the true consequences — the life and death ones — for their immediate family — would not do everything including risking one’s own life, for something so precious — the continuation of family … the laughter of children, the innocence of a babe, and above and beyond everything, the continuation of Love, sweet, sweet, ever growing and expanding Love, under the blessings and grace of The All that Is, whose substance is just that — Love.





Facing Apocalypse, People Are Becoming Zombies

People are becoming zombies in the face of their death, their own upcoming suffering, not to mention the death of all life on this planet. Do an internet search on apocalypse and note how little, if anything, is posted about the urgency or emergency of our current situation.

It comes across as a big party on a South Pacific Island in a hotel that everyone there knows will not survive the incoming tsunami or killer hurricane. But in the meantime they’re drinking themselves silly, drugging … gonna party their way to the end. That is not a rational response to the end of all life.

Other responses on the apocalypse have machismo aspects to them. In fact, most sites about apocalypse have a macho message in common.

Macho, Macho Man

You are not going to believe it, but check it out: The theme … now look deeply, if you’re not used to picking up on people’s motives off hand … the theme goes something like this:

Well, folks, we’re all gonna die. But big deal. I’m so fucking macho, I laugh at death! Here, let me prove it to you. Come here, death, right up to my face!

See, everybody. How I look directly into this face, this face of death! Now watch. Watch as I spit, spit directly into this face. Ptoo! (spits) See that? So who cares!? Not convinced? Then watch and I’ll show you. See the face of death that I’m holding and facing? Watch as I laugh in its face, laugh directly in its face. HA! Hahahahahaha! See? Told you.

Doing it, Tron style

Well, that is the way it comes across: “Apocalypse? Let me show you how tough I am.” Not, “What can we do about it, to stop it?”

So, dear listeners, are you able to make out the distress beneath such pronouncements? Granted, this bravado is worthless as to either reversing apocalypse or even showing some sort of inspired vision in which it can be made acceptable or noble if not avoidable. For those who do not see it yet, in this chapter I try a little fantasy dialogue to bring out what I think is going on, much of the time, and keeping us from acting rationally about this imminent emergency of all dire emergencies possible.

Witness me as I trip over in cyber-land to something I call Amalgamated Macho-Apocalypto-dot-com. I’m about to go over to the webmaster of that site, in imagination and, well, just run a question or two past him. Tune in and catch what ensues. It should be revealing. Hang on one second, while I fly myself over. See you there!

Spitter Dude

Ok, I’m here. And there he is with his death skull T-shirt on. I’m going to go over to him, just watch.

“Hey, yo dude! Deathface spitter and laugher!”

“You …  You know me … ?”

“Hell yeah. You’re in Google, you know. I understand you’re surprised because, believe me, tagged with apocalypse, like you, well, let’s just say I don’t have to lock the doors either. But there’s probably more interest in you than what I do.”

“Really, more interest in me? I like that! What do you do then?”

“On my site I tell the truth: you know, tell them that it’s very very bad and looks impossible unless people wake up on a massive scale and decide unequivocally to live. Stuff like that.”

“Ha. Hahahahaaha.”

“Ok, but just no spittin. I’ve seen your routine.”

“No, no. Nothing of the sort. No, really, I thought that kind of stuff died in the Sixties with all the ‘kumbaya’ and ‘we shall overcome’ baloney.”

 Why’s Everybody Hatin’ on Kumbaya?

“Well, not that it’ll make a difference on you, but yeah, I’m that old and have had many high moments of unity in among the angels of humans coming forth to reunite — what you refer to as kumbaya. And by the way, I like the song, I like the Lord, what’s everybody pissed at? As for the other, we overcame. I’ve really dug being me because I’ve had the pleasure of being part of the things that made the world better; and I can’t imagine a better high or feeling of fulfillment.

“But I’m not here to dispute with you. I’m an old fart who got to live in rich times and participate in them. You’re a young, well, younger-than-me person, who was apparently born at around the time all the things my kind were working for were deemed a threat to the status quo. And so the powers-that-be created the misinformation, scapegoating, and slander of my generation. Then they delivered to generations following mine the machismo cynicism with its connotation that it was better to have that than feeling life. They seeded you with the idea that those who experienced life … as opposed to those who accepted their prepackaged attitudes of cynicism and mean-spiritedness … well, we were wusses, saps, effeminate, feminate, and all that.

 “So, sorry, that my generation’s threat to the moneyed powers was so scary to them that they reacted with the all-out effort to create a generation that would be the opposite of us, and so you were brainwashed and misinformed and lied to. So, so very sorry. I wish I could say, “my bad,” but well it was “our good” that resulted in “their bad,” and I don’t want to be like them and continue to uphold their matrix of misinformation. So, anyway, sorry.”

 “Well, I shoulda set that to record for later. That was waaaay too much and too many twist and turns for me to follow. But you called yourself an old fart. That part I got. So since you’ve placed yourself below me, I guess I’m at ease with your being here, whatever it is.”

Who Ya Talkin to, Dude?

“Well, your Dudeness, your Fearlessness Most Strong and Mighty, I have a few humble questions to ask of you,” I say.

“Ok, old fart, go ahead.”

“I see clearly that you’re showing the world you don’t fear death. But how is that going to help the world any. I mean if everyone felt like you … let’s say that was your aim … well then we’d all go down, patting each other on the back on how it doesn’t matter, but never to be heard of again!”

 “Your point?” he says, irritated.

“Are you saying my site isn’t offering anything to the world? So who the hell says a site has to be doing anything for anybody or anything? Let alone this world.…

“This is me! I’m expressing me! What else is there to do?”

“Ok, thank you. That explains a lot. But something comes to me. May I?”

“Sure,” says he.

“You say that, ‘this is me.’ Number one. Right?”

“Right.” Annoyed again.

“Ok. Now, you know there are not a lot of people watching. But your intention is not to influence any people. Number two, right?”

“Yep, that’s right.”

“But you wouldn’t be putting up a website if you didn’t want somebody to know who you are. I mean, you could say it in the mirror, or in your bedroom. You wouldn’t be making it available unless there’s somebody, persons, that you hope would hear you. Would that not be number three, right?”

“Well, you old farts really are big on this self-analytical crap, aren’t you? Well, I ain’t no pussy, but I am man enough to say that I couldn’t escape the logic that … yeah, I am, inside, wanting to share, and share myself to some, to some … well, I guess, I just wouldn’t mind if, uh, really by accident of course, some people, who never got to know me this way, might see me and understand … well, uh.…”

Let’s Play a Mind Game.

“Oh, understand. Nothing wrong with that. But, uh, how ’bout you indulge an old fart and just try out something that I think will be a real gas for you, er, perhaps I should say, phat, er, uh … . Look, you can trust me to take the time to play a little, let’s say, mind-game. It’s lots of fun.”

“Haha. Suure, ok. You crack me up, ya old fart. Gonna be a real gas. Ya can bet your damn asscrack that you’d lost me for sure until you’d made real quick to explain that one, heh heh.”

So, I say, “Yep, that’s a little mind-game prank that was played on me. Well, anyway, uh … . Well, uh, I just want you to allow yourself to open your mind to the greater intentions — intentions you have for doing this, the greater visions. Now, don’t think just yet, you’ll only try to make things up. This is easier than that.”


“Ok, now. You say that … being honest and only rational after all … that of course you wouldn’t be doing this expression of yourself on the internet if you didn’t have some desire to share or show this part of you with somebody or somebodies in the world … right? So far?”

“Yeah, get on with it, I’ve already said that.”

“Ok, fine. Now, here’s the fun part. I want you to have that desire … to have it clearer … the clearer you can make it, y’know, the more likely it will happen. So let me help you a little here. Now just clooose your eyes. No, no, don’t look that way at me, nothing fishy going on…. You just ain’t going to be able to see your desires with all the distractions that the sights around us present. Give it a chance. Believe me, I’m not trying to lay any trip on you….”

“Ok, that’s better.

Who’s Your Real Audience?

“Now. On the internet, we never see our audience. But we all imagine and wonder who they might be and what kind of people they are. Don’t you, too?”

“Yeah, sure.”

 “Well, we’re gonna try do something like that. Instead of an internet with no audience, well, imagine you’re in an auditorium. It can still be an internet to you … and you’re making the same points … and you’re really getting into it, like: I SPIT (ptoo!) in the face of death … and I LAUGH uproariously in the face of death.

“How’s it goin?”

“Yeah, I’m doing it, really into it … like it!”

“Ok. How does it make you feel?”

“Strong, fucking strong, damn fucking strong.”

“Greeeat. You’re feeling strong, real fucking strong. Feel as fucking strong as you can!”

“Great, yeah, all right, I’m so fucking strong, ain’t no mother-fucking dudes as strong as me … I spit, I laugh….”

“Very, very wonderful. Enjoy, enjoy that!… Now …  add one more thing…. One more thing, make it even better…. Remember, you’re in an auditorium, and here you can see your audience. Stay with that ‘spittin at death’ strength. You’re strong!… Now, containing all that strength … all that bigger than death power … cast your eyes down below you to the people in the audience … you’re at your peak! … the people that you really wanted to show. You’re strong, you’re powerful, more powerful than death, right?”

“Fucking right, I am.”

“Ok, now. Show them, and tell me who they are … one by one … look around … slowly … who do you really … really want to show who you really are … who couldn’t see this before in you … but now, they wouldn’t be able to miss it? Take your time….”

“No need to take time! Ha! I’m fucking really strong now. And there’s my bitch ex-girlfriend. Ha! Now, she doesn’t seem so high and mighty. She looks scared now. Ha! She left me. Took off with some guy who did some kind of daredevil or motorcycle stunts. Sorta like saying to me, that, I wouldn’t be there for her…. Well, she didn’t get it then, but she’s gettin’ it now … how much braver it is to stare down death than to face some motorcycle risks. Ha! Yeah, I’m gettin’ it. This is fun. You’re an old fart, but you got some tricks … good tricks….”

“Ok, now,” I say. “Look around, who else?”

“Well, there’s several other girlfriends. Wow! How great to see the look on their faces now.” (chuckling) “And there’s my two older brothers. I really wanted to be like them, and … hang out with them. But they made it like I wasn’t big or tough enough. Boy, am I showing them now. How fucking glorious. Even they are scared; they are tooo chickenshit to do what I’m doing. Ha! I’m showing them … heh heh heh…..”

Those Damn ‘Ghostly’ Others

“Keep looking,” I say.

“Ok, well, there’s … there…. No. No … what the fuck, what the fuck’s he here for?”

“Who’s that?” I say.

“Why my dad … and my mother too. My dad always made me feel like I was weak just ’cause I was a kid. Why wouldn’t I be weaker than a grown man!? That bastard never gave me credit for having the strength I’ve got. Yet how strong is he? Just because he can put down my mom and … who would never fight back….”

I say, “Look into his face. Did you show him? Does he finally see?”

“Not sure…. He’s, he’s kinda lookin’ down….”

“Look more closely. Zoom in.”

“OK…. Oh my god, that mother-fucking bastard, that prick!”

“What’s going on?”

“Well, he’s even angrier now. He’s thinkin’: ‘What kinda pussy son he’s got who’s play-actin’ all over the internet about how tough he is … but that’s not bein’ tough,’ he’s thinkin’…. Why that fuck! He never did understand anything I did, he put down everything I did. I tried, but no matter. I could never be man enough … in his eyes….”

I say, “That’s rough, dude, rough. That’d be hard for anyone to live through….”

“Yeah.” Beginning to choke up. “Yeah…” he says … he’s sobbing now.

“That mother…. All those years I had to live with that fuck! … hope and try and not getting anything back … my God! … except …  scorn! Gaaa! Scorn! Scorn and Hate! It’s you who’s face I spit in, you‘re the fuckin’ death, I hate you!… I’m bigger than you. I survive you. I laugh! Ooooh.…”

And Spitter Dude broke off crying.

You’re never gonna win, pal, give it up already.

Well. I did what I could for him…and stayed with him and hung out with him for a while…. Really not a bad guy at all. He seemed to really get it, too, that he didn’t need to do things to prove to his dad anymore, because he could clearly see there was no extreme he could ever go to or ever go through that would make a dent in his father’s attitude of despising him.

I explained that while it is hard to accept that his father really did despise him, that he will find it easier than most, because he at least knew it … and didn’t try to pretend it wasn’t true. But that he just hadn’t gotten it out of his craw that even in some imaginary way he could get something that he just wasn’t meant to get in this life. And I explained that, that is the way with all of us. There’s always something that’s not part of the perfect family portrait, or there’s some elephant in the room.

I explained that, while he didn’t have to prove anything anymore to his father that, while he was doing it, it led him to learn a lot about the internet and such, and he could apply that to something new.

So when I was leaving, he said something. It gave me a happy thought. He said:

“You know. Now I don’t need to show anybody anything. What a waste of time that was.”

What to Do, When You Don’t Have to Do

And he continued, “It occurs to me, then … ’What the hell to do’? Then it occurs to me, ‘Well, if you got nothing to prove, and you really don’t want the world to end, actually.’ In fact, it is pretty scary.

“And I’m thinkin’ of all the innocents … like my mom … being put down by big scary men whose only strength lies in putting down little kids, and their wives … so they can feel strong. Hmm….

“So I think, ‘No, there’s no changing my dad.’

“But the next thing I have is … ‘While my mother isn’t here anymore, there’s lots of helpless innocents out there, like her, who aren’t being helped … about what’s coming down.’ They’re even being prevented from knowing, by other chickenshit men like my dad, who are only out for themselves and it doesn’t matter who they hurt … s’long as they get their profits.

How DARE They?

“So, I’m thinkin’ this, and I’m real surprised because I feel myself breathing deeper. And I feel some anger coming, like, ‘How DARE they?!’

“And then some strong feelings of manliness … my heart crying out … like to my mother. Even choking up a little, thinkin’ like, ‘I’ll take care of you, young mother, little sister, little brother, little baby child. I’m bigger, I’m stronger. I’ll protect you from harm’ … like no one protected me. And now I know how horrible that was. And, how I could do nothing to … and how I would do anything to stop that from happening to others. I really would. And I got all psyched! Y’know?

 Guaranteed to Bring Out the Best in You

“I’m sorry for putting you down about wanting to help the world. Cause I see that’s the best place to put your strength and to be a real man…. Y’know? To have a just cause … put all your strength into it … whether you win or not. Just to be on the right side! And in the meantime to stand between any hardship and those innocents … and to comfort their sorry hearts. It seems like there’s no other worthy thing to do.”

Well, I expressed how that was really wonderful. And I said … to confirm for him … I said how this is the biggest struggle this planet has ever faced.

And, he’s right: It is the worthiest effort that one can imagine. And guaranteed to bring out the best in us … and to make us better … as well as the worst in us … which we can at least know and struggle with to keep those things from undermining the good in us.

Freed From a Prison

Well, after that we talked about how we individually and together could do things in the future, and … . It gladdened my heart to see him freed from the prison of striving forever for a love that would never be and … to be learning, already, that true love is in giving.

That true love is in giving.

Finding love, in giving love

No doubt, if he continues like this, he’ll soon learn that in giving love, he finds more love than his heart can contain, coming his way, without his expecting, asking, or even seeing it coming. I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes over to my site to contribute, share, and even join in solidarity.

Could Be Real Men, Instead of Performers for Phantom Puppeteers

Well, that’s one take on why people are not reacting to the seriousness of the end of all life on this planet. I think it’s a rather pervasive one. And I’m sure there are others. And I just wish it would be that easy to turn these people around to see how they could be real men, how they could be real heroes, how they could be really strong. Instead of performing for some “ghostly” others … who aren’t there, and … who aren’t going to be impressed anyway.

Take my word for it or not. That’s the way I see it.

Other Takes on This

Other irrational responses and reactions to the end of all time are discussed in the next two chapters, “Death Wish — Zombie Apocalypse and Sympathy for the Bedeviled,” and “Thanatos Walking and the Only Question.”



Zombie Apocalypse

People put up fronts of false bravado to defend against their apocalyptic fears, but they also deaden themselves to the facts. We have climate deniers now, who are going around saying we have no problem with global warming. No, they say, that is all a story by some bad folks who just want to control us. To which I think, seriously, how convenient. Is it not obvious they are engaging in desperate wish fulfillment?

Also, look around you in the cities or on the internet. The people you see have no concern, let alone awareness, of their dire predicament … no urgency or apocalypse emergency. It is the veritable zombie apocalypse before us. It is no wonder that folks are enamored of this revolting image of walking dead people everywhere, which we see on the silver screen and pervades our current cultural consciousness.

Indeed, what we see surrounding us in the numbed and deadened responses to our apocalypse emergency is the most disturbing of any evidence I have seen supporting what Sigmund Freud called Thanatos, that is to say, the Will to Die.1

EnRaptured Reaction

But false bravado and zombification are the most insane responses to our situation with one glaring exception: That is, what we hear as being a euphoric longing for the end of it all in evangelical groups who think of it as the Rapture — a kind of being freed from what is seen as an onerous Earth existence and the reward of the true life one thinks one deserves of ease, love, and happiness in heaven.

Now, is that not the most extreme form of reaction formation you have ever heard? These folks have developed an elaborate, comforting fantasy to escape the facts of their lives.

These “enraptured” people are the same ones who admit /claim they were the good little God- (parent-) fearing children who slavishly fawned upon the unreal wishes of their authoritarian parents — parents who themselves were real religious nutjob psychotics whose lived world was an imaginary one of hellishness and a stern bearded father god who makes you say, even think, that he is loving — despite being the most horrendously mean and more-than-murderous mythical figure ever concocted.2

Gotta Love ‘im, He’s the … Monster!

For this father “god” will not just punish by ending one’s life but will punish you in what has to be the most extreme kind of punishment ever to be imagined — being forced to live forever but every moment of it being in extreme pain and suffering.

And these folks have to somehow twist their brains into thinking this “god,” this monster, is actually loving rather than the obvious.

The parents bought that horrific view of the ultimate reality of it all; then their kids slavishly followed them in this insanity. Is it any wonder then that their wish is to be dead!?3

Reaction Formation … Leave It to Humans!

So the reaction formation is that of creating the kind of life where, unlike their own childhood, they would be loved, cherished, seen, made to feel special, and so on. Most of all to be freed from the fear of punishment of the most extreme form imaginable. Leave it to humans to be so cut off from the reality of a loving God as to wish to be dead instead. For they have managed, with their imagination running loose and totally without even one lifeline to anything loving or nice — either in their own life’s experiences or in the mythology of reality they have been forced to accept — to come up with the most unimaginably horrible view of their lives, and its prospects.

But they’ll give you “breathing holes”!

One last reversal of reality, what Freud called reaction formation, is that — getting “breathing holes” this way, “thinking they are happy” — they call themselves “saved” and think it is their duty to go out and “save” everyone else in the world.4

For, in the view of enraptured folks, others are suffering and miserable. Interestingly, this is similar to the way they view the “animal” world — our planetmates —  and the World of Nature in general.5

Also, others needing to be “saved” like them insinuates that their happiness — the state of being of the “enraptured” — is eminently superior to the experienced lives of all others. 

The media enables these psychotics.

Now, isn’t it about time we stopped giving in to their pestering and stopped adding media credibility to their huge denial systems? For our sakes, yes, but for them as well. For this media credibility just aids them in their sickness, and their continued misery.

At any rate, we have here reaction formation and then reinforcement of it by the media.6

En-Raptured Proselytists’ Apocalyptic Death Wish

So these sad proselytists know deep inside how miserable they are. But they find a way to stave off the realization of that reality and of its horrible roots in their suffering in childhood, through denying their unhappiness. They take up arms against their misery and engage in an endless battle trying desperately to believe … and unfortunately for us, assert … that the opposite is true: That is, that their experience is happy.

Sad Proselytists

This sad insanity they impose on all and everyone. Of the actual pathetic nature of their lives they know intuitively but without letting themselves think it. That is not unlike the way they handle any of the other uncomfortable truths and “inconvenient” facts of their lives, by the way.

Desperate Affirmations

They also know in their muscles that saying the lie out, and loudly, can help in reinforcing their precious untruths. For these dear fabrications, when heard coming from the outside — even if it is simply one’s own voice that one is hearing echoed back — have greater weight and credibility to them. When experienced existing in the outside world, they can be felt to be more real than when heard just in one’s own private thoughts alone.7

This is another reason they need to enlist other people, and have the media echo it: It adds to the reality of these lies … the Big Lie repeated becomes more true … and boosts their defense against, and attacks on, the truth of their reality which asserts itself over and over — ”truth will out” — during their life and increasingly more as they get older. This also explains their behavior’s increasing rigidity with time, and its downright obdurate nature when these folks become curmudgeons, so typical of the elderly.

If YOU accept that I’m better off than you, then I must be!

But simply proclaiming their blessed savedness out loud is not enough to be truly convincing over against the unhappiness that they actually feel every moment. So the big guns are brought out: Not only must they proclaim their happiness; they can PROVE it. This leads to their fantasy of engaging with the rest of the world in convincing all others that they are indeed less happy than they think they are and that that they need and want the “saving” the “enraptured” ones are offering.

The underlying rationale goes like this: If you could convince others in the world that you were happier than they are to the point where those others would all want to give up their lives and have your life instead, well, then that PROVES you are happy, or at least that what you have is the happiest existence possible. You are the “winner” in life, essentially.

For if your reality wasn’t the better one, no one would choose it over their own … no one would decide to try to be like you rather than to be like themselves. Conversely, other people choosing to try to become like you, to accept your beliefs … to be “saved” … proves that your reality is the superior one (One Way!!). To such lengths do people go to deny their sad, unfortunate lives.

 Inner lepers

If one could not see the tragedy of it for a moment, one would have quite a belly laugh, at their sake: Just this vision of inner lepers, convincing themselves that they are divinely gifted healers instead, going out to convince as many healthy people as possible that it is they who have leprosy and that they (the actual inner lepers proclaiming themselves spiritual healers) can cure them (of this disease that they don’t have) by the laying on of hands … or magical words repeated endlessly (endlessly … endlessly … endlessly…. ) and as loudly as possible.

Sympathy for the Bedeviled

However, you simply have to take a look at the lives described above and imagine those multitudes and the incredible pain, utter lovelessness, utterly miserable and confused minds they carry as adults.

Then think beyond them to the many-fold more of the masses who have similar but lesser versions of lives and experiences as the “enraptured.”

Add to that the incredible power of fear … not only fear; but fear that has, well, demonically, been projected into the biggest expanse existing in the universe — that of the imagination and that of the knowledge of the Unknown, combined.

A Mind That’s Squirming Like a Toad

If you can get a sense of that fear, even a small part, you will realize the utter terror that awakens them, that is there in the middle of the night as they approach consciousness, and which, like a squirming frog, inhabits, nay, becomes the daytime brain and thoughts of these people, and motivates them to do ANYTHING, anything at all, that might promise a snippet of relief from what is the reality they condemn others to.

You will see that they believe in hell because they in fact live lives that are the closest things in existence to actual hells. This is made that much worse, indeed, multiplied many times over, by the idea implanted with it, which is that to acknowledge that truth will actually result in the imagined hell becoming reality … and that the only way they can save themselves from that hell is to, somehow, not be aware of their own reality as it is. So they must struggle mightily to not know what they indeed do know.

Now, try that burden on for size. And just be glad that you are not them. They exist within that nightmare reality; they see it portrayed before them. They have not even the respite, like watching a horror movie, of ever walking out of the theater and thinking, “Well, I’m glad that was only a movie.”

But the rest of us must confront their horrible realities as well. Sorry, you are not spared them. And you dare not take comfort in looking away from them either. For to deny that this is what they are doing is the same as denying the events of history that have resulted from these kinds of horrible existences: all the wars, killings, tortures, holocausts, purges, genocides, pogroms.

It is no coincidence that these sorry sorts are attracted to fantasies of denial, such as denying climate change, denying the Holocaust, denying the atrocities committed by religions or their own governments. In striving to be shiny, happy people they create inner hells and outer monsters. Not only hell do they create, but all the hellacious things on earth are the offspring of these lives. This includes the creation now of the ultimate evil that can be committed while in flesh — the killing of the planet and of all life on it.

Thanatos Walking Your Way

For a final take on insane or irrational reactions to the end of time and of all life on this planet, another example of the Will to Die, continue to the next chapter, “Thanatos Walking and the Only Question.”



Apocalypse is How an Over-Achieving Species Like Ours Does Its Will to Death

Freud showed we had a will to die … so — Will we survive? Will we wake up from global apathy to save our planet? Will we resist cowardly denial or die out like the dinosaurs?

Will We Survive?

This chapter discusses an age-old question which has currently become of immense, literally vital, importance: Will our species survive or die out like the dinosaurs? is the most crucial issue of our time. It is related to the fundamental fact of our existence for it is about the struggle between the forces of Life and those of Death. The consequences as to the winner of that inner struggle have to do with no less than the continued survival of life on this planet or total planetary collapse.

Eros Versus Thanatos

In the struggle between the current powers of life and death, it is helpful to remember Freud’s paradigm-shifting observations about the human psyche on Eros and Thanatos. Freud showed how all human lives are drawn out against the background of each person’s inner struggle between the opposing forces of life and death … Eros and Thanatos. Specifically, for our purposes here, Freud advanced an understanding that made his insights paradigm-shifting, specifically, that each of us carry within us a Will to Die, which he referred to as Thanatos.

“Sometimes the Lights Are Shining on Me.”

Freud established that we act out a will to live and to be in the sun and to have fun and to love and to like goodness and health and truth.

“Other Times I Can Barely See.”

Freud also saw that we have at other times an opposite feeling that causes us to want to live in the dark; to not be around people; to shy away from life and the light and being seen and recognized and even to wanting to be lonely. This feeling causes us to not care about fun, to hate and be angry, indeed to hate everyone and even to want to lash out at them for no reason other than what might be self-labeled as spite. It makes us jealous of those who find happiness or pleasure in their lives and impels us to lash out at them and make them suffer the way we, on the inside, know that we do. Because of this self-defeating tendency we irrationally beat up on our own bodies as well and abuse them with all kinds of substances and behaviors.

 Thanatos is why there are always Republicans or something like them — Pharisees, Inquisitors …

And times in which they hold sway — stifling, life- and creativity-averse, stagnant and little changing times: the Middle Ages, for example.…

This downward pull makes us want to hate goodness, calling things “kumbaya moments.” This part of our nature causes us to be jealous of others who are more giving and to hate them for that, to call people “goody two-shoes” or say something is “schmaltzy,” or to be saying that all that good stuff is just “drama.” It has us putting out terms like “bleeding heart” liberals. It causes us to not care about the truth, but rather to say things instead to hurt, get revenge, to get back at. Or it has us say untruths to get advantage, to disable our competitors, to hide from the evils we commit which enslave us further in the hiding of them, and so much more.

Struggle Will Out

But Freud took it beyond our inner struggles and talked about how the events of the world, the actions and movements of history, and the dramas of all the ages are in fact the products of this inner struggle.

At this very moment, our lesser selves are taking us on a path that leads inevitably, one way or another, to total species extinction. But not just that, being the “overachieving” species we are, we are bringing total life extinction to this planet and possibly even planetary annihilation — the death of virtually all life on this Earth.

Well, Ain’t We Special?

Freud pointed out we have a Will to Live, too — nothing earth-shattering there. In fact, so far he is stating nothing more than the common-sensical beliefs of the masses. Indeed, it is the universally held mainstream near-definition of humans … one of those “obvious truths” about us we like to bless ourselves with. Freud’s first point, taken by itself, encapsulates the clichéd view of What We Are — that what distinguishes our species above all others revolves around a superior Will to Life.

While common-sensical that our Will to Life is part of a species superiority of ours, it is wrong … going too far. For would anyone say that other species don’t also have an incredible Will To Live?

Not So Much

But this hyperbole or over-reaching in stating humans are unique in the degree of their Will to Life reinforces my point about Freud’s ideas being zeitgeist-shattering. For in this common, frequent, pervasive even universal, and nauseatingly repeated promulgation of supposedly the obvious, by any and all who speak before an audience — large or small, from a principal speaking in front of a gathering of high schoolers or a preacher before his gathering of church-goers to the TV media pundit before a world-wide audience, and even to a US President’s audience of even greater global reach — it is shown that our special Will to Life is not as true as is assumed. For if we had such a superior drive in us, would it need to be constantly reinforced and upheld, as if against some attack, or attacker? And if so, what is the feared attack or attacker?

And here we get a clue into Freud’s discovery and its utter undermining of all that which is normally said regarding our humanness. For regarding our being special in our Will to Live, this kind of “protesting too much” and its flip side of repeating it ad nauseum, as Shakespeare obviously saw points to a hidden agenda. Truths do not have to be repeated endlessly, mantram-like, even ritualistically. For they are self-evident and need as much propping up as the belief that the sky appears to be the color blue to us — and you don’t hear much about that, do you?

My Dogma Barks Out My Specialness

But the pervasive repetition of the supposed Truth of our species Will to Life — especially the blown-up version that has it being the thing that makes us human, different from other species, “superior” to other species (there’s a clue), and even “special” (clue. Getting it?) — points to its being, not so much truth as dogma. And dogma does need to be endlessly repeated in that such things are exactly about things that are not obvious truths.

In fact, this repetition of an obvious truth points to its being not true. In the previous chapter I described how our “sad proselytists” have to say their untruths and unrealities out loud in order to buck up or reinforce their believability. So also human societies need to endlessly repeat, in order to reinforce against onslaughts of insight, their precious untruths.

But the reasons behind the promulgation of this supposed “obvious truth” go even beyond, since we are not dealing here with any conscious or acknowledged, let alone written and standardized, set of things not obvious. For indeed, in this sad repetition of our superior life-valuing, it is put out as being something not needing institutional backing, being simply true in its obviousness.

So what then? Well, this repetitive characterization of Us, as Humans, has all the indications of something that has an intention, however unconscious, that has a calculation, however desperate our desire to not see it, about it to achieve an effect on the audience — in this case — the masses of all humans.

Humans’ Uniqueness Among Species? We Suck Up

What is that pathetically overlooked intention? Well, let us take a look at what that effect might be.

Anytime you place our species above all others (true or not), you are making as much as anything else a play to butter up your audience of fellow humans and appeal to their vanity … and thus, making them feel good, hoping that they will feel good, or, like you in return. In commonspeak, that’s called “people-pleasing.” In the vernacular, it’s called “sucking up.”

OK, so we’ve established that people in front of audiences nearly universally want to say things that will make their audience feel good towards them. No, not so fast. For that overlooks the fact that somehow … and get this; for if the spoken thing were of the obvious truth category, then why would this follow … that somehow all these people speaking out to others about the unique will to life they have know — somewhere inside them — that saying such a thing will, in fact, give people a good feeling. That’s another clue.

More Socratic Dialoguing

And again, continuing this Socratic dialogue, well, wouldn’t humans just, of course, feel good hearing about their being superior? Doesn’t everyone feel good when told they are better and such? Well, now we’re getting to where Freud took us. For he knew, as we all do if we simply think about it. The answer is “no, not necessarily or even usually.”

Think about it. If the Beatles were to be told they were a good band, would that give them a good feeling? No. certainly not. For that was so true as to be overwhelming and almost scary in its near-universal belief. And we can suppose that to them having that kind of power and influence because of their talent — especially when you come out of nowhere, from humble, unassuming backgrounds — may have been distressing to think about and hardly something wanted from others. How could they not wonder about this power, its source, where it would lead, and all that? I don’t think it happenchance that this success sent all of them into drug-taking — to both block it out as well as come to terms with it — into soul-searching of the spiritual and, especially John, of the therapeutic sort. Sometimes one does not want to be reminded of how “good” (and therefore powerful … therefore responsible) one is; there’s such a thing as feeling one is scary good.

Or take the obviously accomplished anybody, Pavarotti, say. Wanna tell Pavarotti he sings good? Don’t think he’d feel a thing.

But, you say, that’s because they hear that all the time.

Ok, granted that. But think about when it would have felt good to them. Look to your own experience and you realize that you feel good when people tell you things about yourself — especially when they state them as self-evident and obvious to all — about which you are not certain, about which you often or at least sometimes have doubts, and about which you are insecure! Look to your own life. Can anyone be flattered about the things they know to be without question? Can you be flattered about the color of your skin or hair, or about…. Well, not stated as a fact, you wouldn’t. A person would be flattered only if they had some bad feeling, insecurity in that area, first; and second, if that quality of them is not usually noted though it be assumed by everyone to be a good, positive, or “superior” thing.

This pervasive, mutual stroking we do has a result which is of dire consequence currently: We scapegoat our planetmates because of this pathetically low self-esteem of ours and those who play on it. For we tell ourselves that we humans value life, that is, we have a stronger will to live, than any other living being on this planet. We call our lives “sacred.”

While life may indeed be sacred, the idea usually put forth is that it is only our lives that are sacred. We are able to rationalize any atrocity or death inflicted on any other being as being justified if it adds to or enhances our lives even an iota.

What is part of that rationalization is that humans are special and superior in Nature in the degree of our Will to Life. We add to that spurious self-massage a narrative of Life making its way out of primeval ooze, rising up, lumbering across expanses of difficulty and effort, looming up larger and larger, until it makes its happy way to the haven of our elevated state of being. We say we are the pinnacle of evolution and the crown of creation. We stroke our egos with the balm of us being Life Itself, even, the reason for all those lesser experiments in animation. Out of a world of Nature which we deem characterized by casual and meaningless death, we lay claim to being the product of a transcendent Will to Life.

But rarely does the Siren call of ego line up with the song of Truth … in any instance. So we might question how deserving we are of the honors we heap upon ourselves in Earth’s kingdom.

Sycophantic Ape

Skipping to the point here. People can be made to feel good about things of themselves they are not sure of.

How to Make Someone Love You: Tell Them Something Wonderful About Themselves They Normally Doubt Is True

They will feel good, because the thing they would want to believe, the thing that would make them see themselves positively, the thing that would feed their slanted bias toward themselves … . Ok, I’ll finally use the word: The thing that would prop up and feed a person’s “ego” or the belief in one’s goodness, superiority, and so on, in a world of so many others, well that makes one feel good, whether it is true or not.

So, we see that the intention of this pathetic public pronouncing of a superior human will to live is to salve the egos of the masses. Why does it feel good? Because it is universally true that the ego is in constant assault from something which makes it feel not good.

What is that thing that makes people feel not good about themselves, so that being told something that counters that would make them feel good? Well, the answers, by psychologists since Freud, have many terms attached to them. And by the way, before the psychologists there were the theologians attempting to answer this. But Freud’s analysis not only answered it, but put it in the largest context possible — one into which both psychologists and theologians would find an inroad.

We can say, to backtrack a bit, that this pandering by those in front of audiences makes people feel good because it supports the defense system that all humans have erected against the real truth — that zeitgeist-shattering one that Freud was first to fully explicate. It feels good because it supports the denial that all humans have against the real truth that they feel about themselves, one of the things that human societies universally consign to that black hole of the Unapproved and Hidden.1

“Quit Hitting Yourself!”

So this repetitive obvious truth about humans having a strong Will to Live is repeated to please audiences and make them feel good — ”people-pleasing” — because it is a salve to the egos of the masses, which in reality are not merely bruised. No, this goes directly toward propping up a particular defense, a particular denial that we all carry. And that denial is that, IN TRUTH, humans don’t at all feel like they have a tremendous Will to Live. How can I say that? Well, how many things do you know you do which are “not good for you”? How many things do you not do which you know would aid the cause of our supposed universal desire to Live and to Live as long as possible?

The point is that humans, along with a Will to Life that is undeniable, also have a Will to Death.

How many times have you woken up, thought about all the pressures and obligations, or complexities, responsibilities … . thought about all the seemingly insurmountable obstacles or challenges that you are facing …  thought about all the things that just have to get done, yet you feel that you could not possibly have the time to do all of them…. How many times have you woken up and felt overwhelmed with what life has become and not wished to just curl up, go back to sleep, and never wake up again? How many times have you taken to drugs or intoxicants in full knowledge of their negative and even dire concomitants and simply thought to yourself, “Aw, what the hell. If I were to die, so what? What’s so great about life anyway?” Or, with less clarity, simply said, “Well nobody lives forever!”

Do they sound like the pronouncements of a species that has a tremendous will to live? No, in fact, alongside our Will to Live, we have not only a Will to Die, but even a will to self-destruction.

Right about now, it might be occurring to you how this makes sense of so much, seemingly insane, human behavior we’ve seen of late. This Will to Die explains why we continue nonchalantly our march to armageddon. It shines light on how we can suck up air in cities that gives us raging allergies, clogs our lungs as bad as chronic smoking would, and will kill off the children we raise there long before their times. It reveals how we could drink poisoned water, blithely go about our business as the globe fills up with nuclear radiation and makes its way into our food supplies and as our government refuses even to test for it, and turn our backs as the oceans die, and killer tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis chalk up thousands in the kill column. It explains why people allow themselves to be enslaved and controlled by others — allowing fascism in established democracies — unconcernedly voting for rabid folk who would take away their rights and security and bring down their freedoms, health, and even lives, while watching those living under totalitarian systems risk their lives for such freedom and rights and democracy. So much more.

But anyway….

Suicidal Ape

Now, the intention here is not to repeat all that Freud and psychologists have said in showing how this works. Besides, just look at the evidence around you of addiction, chronic accidentalism, unhealthy behavior habits without number, and of course the ultimate evidence: suicide.

And by the way, if we have such a strong Will to Live, superior to all other species, then explain why it is so that we are the only species that has suicide? And we’re supposed to be the conscious ones?

What Freud pointed out has tremendous explanatory power, especially now in our current worldwide financial upheaval, depression/recession, expanding global fascism, nuclear meltdowns, oil spills, near environmental collapse, wars and terrorism, nuclear armaments of planetary annihilation, and tendency to pollute body as well as environment, and even to do it thoughtlessly, in full knowledge of the consequences.

The Only Important Question and About That Inner Monster of Yours

I repeat: Freud established that we act out a will to live and to be in the sun and to have fun and to love and to like goodness and health and truth.

I repeat: Freud also saw we have at other times an opposite feeling which causes us to want to live in the dark — to not be around people, to shy away from life and the light and being seen and recognized and even to wanting to be lonely — that causes us to not care about fun, to hate and be angry, indeed to hate everyone and even to want to lash out at them for no reason other than what might be self-labeled as spite; that causes us to hate goodness, calling things “kumbaya moments,” that causes us to be jealous of others who are more giving and to hate them for that, call people “goody two-shoes” or saying something is “schmaltzy”; or saying that all that good stuff is just “drama”; and putting out terms like “bleeding heart” liberals; that causes us to beat up on our bodies and abuse them with all kinds of substances and behaviors; and that causes us to not care about the truth, but rather to say things instead to hurt, get revenge, to get back at; or to say untruths to get advantage, to disable our competitors, to hide from the evils we commit which enslave us further in the hiding of them, and so much more.

Pandavas Versus Kauravas

Epic Struggle, Good Versus Evil, Depicted in Bhagavad Gita

Freud said we struggled between these two opposite feelings throughout our lives. It is because of this contradiction we carry inside that we can never be truly sure of who we are and even that we can question our motives and intentions (those more self-analytical of us). It is because of this contradiction that we can always feel we could have done better, that people don’t know everything about us, even when they say they do, and that sometimes we fear, especially when we are younger, that if people knew what we had inside they would shy away, not like us, think us to be bad, even monstrous.

By the Way, About That Inner Monster of Yours.…

It is because of this contradiction that people are so terrified of revealing themselves, lest some of that not socially appropriate, not socially sanctioned, not socially approved part of themselves slip out. And the fear there is that then we will be seen to have been found out; and that then we will be confirmed in our worst fears that indeed that “other” part of ourselves is — the horror that cannot even be spoken in one’s mind — that dark part of ourselves is the real us … which carries with it the view that any of the “good” in us is just a cover up so that other people will not know.

Mask on a Monster, Lipstick on a Pig

But Freud took it beyond our inner struggles and talked about how the events of the world, the actions and movements of history, the dramas of all the ages, are in fact the products of this inner struggle. Desperate between these poles, we join together with others of the same feeling — whether of lightness or of negativity — in multiple relations and groups on both sides of that struggle. More than that, while driven unwittingly from sources on one side, we expend ourselves in complex ways, in concert with these other, to represent these groups as well as ourselves as acting out from sources on the other side; we mask ourselves as the other.

Babel’s Inner Blueprint

Ultimately, these groups magnify our powers. And the cumulative acts of many individuals, along with the actions of groups and their leaders, all within complex and contradictory motives at all levels and in every matter, create the complex events of all times. All these happenings are at base the story of inner conflicts — complex outer conflicts notwithstanding. In a cumulative manner and over time, things are ever more convoluted and twisted and complicated through the actions of the myriad characters — all of whom conflicted inside, act inconsistently, and out of their own unique struggles which have all of us perceiving and interpreting things in ways totally unique to ourselves.

Again, The Question

These huge world events, then, Freud laid at the feet of the individual struggle. Basically the world becomes an arena of the acting of the Will to Life against the Will to Death, of Eros versus Thanatos.

That is why I say what we are discussing is an age-old question. Although to our detriment … or fortune? … it is now more than any other time crucially relevant, and it is of the most immense importance and consequence as to the winner of that inner struggle.

For while we watched with paralyzed hand on one side, on the other our lesser selves are presently taking us on a path that leads inevitably, one way or another, to total species extinction. And not just that alone, but in fact total life extinction on this planet, and possibly even to planetary annihilation — the destruction of this planet itself.

That is why in the book that follows this one in the Return to Grace series I focus on this question of dire importance. In Apocalypse NO, Apocalypse or Earth Rebirth and the Emerging Perinatal Unconscious, I talk more about this Will to Death manifesting currently as planetary suicide. But unlike Freud I do not address this Will to Death in a general sense. I deal specifically with its existence as an element of the current struggle between those of us who would live and those opposing that.

I deal with the question of the sway of the “dark side” as over against the Power of Truth, Love, Higher Power; God … if you will; Sathya Sai, that is, Truth Love … if you will; the Universe; or simply the Better Angels of Our Nature manifesting in increasing numbers of lives….

The questions we need to ask are about which side will win in the end. For certainly it will be decided one way or the other, and soon, of that we can be sure. And that is what makes this time and this question different from any other time. Because this question is not an academic one, now. It is one whose answer will become known far sooner than we would ever wish.

So, we will continue to live, and we will become good citizens of this planet and our species will continue on?

True? False?

This discussion is only now beginning.




These are the strangest of days. We live in a time in which ending our species in our lifetime, even eliminating all life on this planet, are very real possibilities. The awareness of this acceleration toward an “end of days” — while so horrifying that we are in denial of it and hardly speak it — hangs over us and affects us in ways singular and fantastic.

The book that follows this one in the Return to Grace series, Volume 4 — Apocalypse NO, Apocalypse or Earth Rebirth and the Emerging Perinatal Unconscious — awakens us to the unique character of our times. There are powerful factors and unconscious influences erupting into our world now which are changing the Earth and us in radical ways … for good and ill. This unprecedented era in history is rife with the perinatal, that is, with repressed memories locked into us arising from our experiences of birth. We see that our impending apocalypse has to do with birth feelings, birth trauma — an emerging perinatal unconscious.1

Herein is revealed the underbelly of our modern world and life and the impetus behind our self-destruction. We see primal forces arising and exposed. We begin to understand how and why this is happening now. Knowing this gives us the power to do something about our dire situation. Finally, we can direct our attention to the roots of our drive to apocalypse and reverse it.

More than that, this awakening provides a way of transformation for ourselves. For we see that in the heart of this darkness we are bringing down upon us lies the most incredible opportunity for taking a leap beyond what we think of as human nature. This time calls for a new hero’s cycle — one that leaves behind the thuggishness of the old one. We are lifted beyond ourselves in a higher calling and a transcendent yet deeply rooted spirituality.

We realize that the necessary answer to the dilemma of apocalypse or Earth rebirth lies, not only in the resurrection of a new Earth, but in the dawning of a new self as well.

We will either heroically, somehow, save our species and our planet, which will require a change of our human nature unlike anything that has been asked of our species ever before; or we will be witnesses to the elimination of life on this planet in some way that we cannot imagine but can only be horrific in the extreme. This book is about facing, not denying, the uniquely dire character of our times and finding out what it says about us and requires of us.

There is much here to see, and so much of it the mainstream would never touch for fear of creating a panic. Still, to survive our species must face our problems, not look away. And there is a nobility in doing that, which is unlike any kind of nobility or heroism required of us previously.

However, this time brings with it an advantage and opportunity also unprecedented: At no other time has a higher calling or a path of true nobility of soul been more visible. To align oneself with this cause lifts one out of oneself and one’s petty concerns into a heady and invigorating life purpose. There is great likelihood that we will be unable to reverse our dire trajectory; that is true. Still, those who face and take up this challenge will not suffer the agony of regretting that one could have done something but did not.

Though we will need many noble souls to reverse our current downslide into oblivion, it is possible that simply a significant fraction of the world’s population — like the “leaven in the dough” — can make all the difference in the world, literally, by tipping our course one way as opposed to another. This is especially true if such people — because of their healing and their awareness of the crisis — are motivated to place themselves in positions of influence and education, or to put their efforts toward healing, on individual and collective levels, in larger numbers than the average populace would. We can be heroes, standing in the right place and with the lever big enough, who move the world.


Chapter One

  1. While the severity/seriousness of our predicament is considerably watered-down and glossed over for the sake of consumption in the following report, it is instructive nevertheless. It shows the extent to which our precarious situation is known — and even communicated among the educated — albeit in a manner as to not threaten or scare the audience (into action to stop it!):

Has Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction Already Arrived?

ScienceDaily (Mar. 5, 2011) — With the steep decline in populations of many animal species, from frogs and fish to tigers, some scientists have warned that Earth is on the brink of a mass extinction like those that occurred only five times before during the past 540 million years.

Each of these ‘Big Five’ saw three-quarters or more of all animal species go extinct.

  1. In March of 2011, I was sitting in a doctor’s waiting room and watching CNN reporting on the Fukushima reactor developments. I heard the following “religious” viewpoint from a stranger who was also watching. We agreed on the magnitude and severity of this Fukushima event and that of the Gulf Spill, among others. We agreed even on the cause of such events and the way we are being misinformed on them — partly as patronizing misdirection, partly as cover-up. But where we disagreed was on whether it was important or not to do anything about them. As he put it, in his superior but cynical tone, “What can you do? We can’t do anything about it, besides it doesn’t matter anyway, it’s not THIS that is important … but only after death,” pointing heavenward at that. (*sigh*)
  2. On the subject of not being able to handle such a huge concept as mass extinction, my correspondent phrased it this way:

The psychology of tragedy — Extinction? I’m afraid haven’t got time for it.

Mar 20, 2010 2:18pm by Open Intelligence. “The economy works by making people selfish. Mass extinction is merely collateral damage.”

The link shared — to an article by Simon Barnes writing for The Sunday Times, of London, on March 20, 2010 — reads:

Species are going extinct because humans can’t see it happening, and therefore we can’t believe it is happening. It is as simple as that.

Believing that the elephant will no longer be around is like believing that one day the sun will rise in the west and the stars will fall as rain.

We can only really get a handle on the short-term. A generation at most. Long-term planning means the next year or two. Our minds can’t cope with anything longer. That’s why we choose to govern ourselves by means of a comfortable timescale. Four years, five years: that’s Politician’s Time.

Extinction is a happening thing, as I have pointed out more than once before. But it is happening in slow motion: you don’t see a monkey turn into a man, and you don’t see an animal go extinct. It’s just that one day you notice that they haven’t been about for a few years. The current rate of extinction is one species an hour….

  1. The idea that there was no other time where any human lived knowing of the very real possibility of ending our species in its lifetime was criticized as follows:

No other time has been like this, but there have been plenty of times in the history of the human species where we have been met with the ability to and possibility of our ending — from when we were a few dozen leaving the mythological savanna of Eden to the discovery of the forging of Bronze to the hypothetical Event that led to the Dark Ages, the Apocalypse has been Nigh. It ain’t happened yet.

I responded: I have no idea of what time in our evolution that, other than modern times, our species even knew that it was a limited species on a limited globe and had any idea that its actions could wipe out what it thought of as itself as a species, since we did not conceive of ourselves as a limited species in any of those time you speak of. We, with our science and technology are able to know of those times in the past and ourselves. But hell, only in the last five hundred years did we find out we lived on a globe or lived in a solar system! Before that how could anyone in any culture know where either their ability to roam ended or their species no longer existed!

So you miss the point, which is, “no other time” did humans live “KNOWING” that THEY could bring, not only themselves, their families, or their cultures to an end but also THEIR ENTIRE “SPECIES,” to an end “in” … their “lifetime” (not to mention the other estimated 500 million species).

Chapter Two

  1. I am not new to this issue, nor have I been lax in trying to do something about it. I have engaged in considerable activism on a number of issues related to peace, justice, and the environment, particularly the problem of nuclear power. Working as a political activist with Oregon Fair Share in the early Eighties — out of their Springfield, Oregon office — I was one of the score or so involved in the actions that led to ending nuclear plant construction in the entire United States.

I wrote a considerable amount on this subject of the environmental crisis in the Nineties, including at least one online book directly taking up the topic titled Apocalypse, Or New Age? Another book, available online, Primal Renaissance: The Emerging Millennial Return is extremely important to this topic, and Falls From Grace, which is a published thesis as well as online book, is also relevant. I began my first website in 1997 to help with our environmental problems; it is titled Primal Spirit. It is no coincidence that at that time, the Nineties, we had a Democrat in the White House.

But since Obama has come into office I have once again been avid in applying my efforts to this all-important issue. I put up a number of websites and blogs to help raise awareness on this and related topics. Among the more important of these are Apocalypse- No ; Culture War, Class War; and The Great Reveal by the Planetmates. I’ve been expressing these ideas in blogs. Obvious Unspoken Things,  Things That Want to Be Said, and Becoming Authentic are among the most developed of those.

I have been quite active, over the last five years, tweeting and posting about this and related topics on Facebook and Twitter. As an aside, on Facebook, if you are concerned as well, I encourage you to join my group, Planetmate Views there.

These, in addition to youtube videos and audio clips and other productions and projects are indications I have been walking my talk.

Finally, and most importantly, another book of mine is coming out at this time, and it can serve as a companion book or, better, a book that follows from this one. It is titled Apocalypse NO, Apocalypse or Earth Rebirth and the Emerging Perinatal Unconscious. These two — Apocalypse Emergency and Apocalypse NO — are among the ten so far that are in the Return to Grace series of books, which will all be published in the next year or so. All of them, together, represent my efforts to channel my concern for the planet and my love of the many beings on it into constructive action to help protect them and us all. They are the way I am trying to be part of the solution, rather than the problem, in the face of this most dire threat of all time.

  1. To glimpse the unimaginable future past the time that we kill off ourselves and all life on this planet and become like Mars, I offer this fantasy around a musical scrap, which is shared on-line:

It is a Requiem for Earth, a metaphysical view, an eerie emotional raw sound. It is sung by two of the last survivors of Earth — from all appearances it would have been the composer SM Adzema and his beloved wife, Mary Lynn Adzema — obviously not professional singers — but heartfelt nonetheless, giving us a glimpse into the profound sadness that must have hung over those last survivors after it became clear that Earth’s ecological balance so shattered, there would be no life at all to survive the strange behaviors of what Earthologists have begun calling “the suicidal ape” — referring to the species that alone brought down the entire planet.

Indeed this song, as an electronic scrap mixed in with an island of Earth debris discovered by spacepreuners hurtling swiftly through the Verse not far from the star system’s outer reach — the one that had once contained the fabled Earth — is one of the few very rare looks into the hearts and minds of those people as they watched, helplessly, as their planet’s delicate life sheath imploded with a gathering rapidity. Some who have heard this musical scrap claim that it supports the more radical theory of this event of a planet murder-suicide — the theory that the suicidal ape was divided on this global murder-suicide, with a goodly number of this species working furiously to save the planet even as stronger, more powerful forces, for reasons still not understood, continued their secretive sabotage of the other side’s efforts, ensuring the downfall of all, including the saboteurs themselves.

At first hearing, this song seems to be expressing an awareness of the sadness that would accompany such a horrific event, at odds with the stories of “suicide ape’s” gleeful festive behavior in the midst of the massive killing and suicide.

  1. An example of this came out in the wake of the Fukushima reactor blow-ups. Republicans said a number of stupid and insensitive things, which were widely shared and roundly ridiculed. Among those tidbits of foolery was Ann Coulter’s public statement that “Radiation is good for you.” Ann Coulter: “Radiation Is Good For You” at http://front.moveon.org/ann-coulter-radiation-is-good-for-you/?rc=fb.fan
  2. I have presented much of the information in this book and its companion book, Apocalypse NO, at conferences, beginning in the mid-Nineties. Some of the material has been published in printed professional journals. And earlier versions of this piece have been posted on these sites, Apocalypse Emergency, Primal Spirit, Apocalypse – No!, and Things That Want to Be Said — of those sites which are still in existence. The unrevised version of this book’s companion book, Apocalypse NO, titled Apocalypse, or New Age? was published in 1999 online and is still at http://www.primalspirit.com/emerging_perinatal_book.htm as of this writing.

Chapter Four

  1. See the next chapter — “Chapter Five: Thanatos Walking and the Only Question” — on Freud’s view of The Will to Die or Thanatos, as he also called it.
  2. See the relevant part of the movie, Zietgeist, also.
  3. See the online article, “Good … God! Hell … No! Recalling the Riotous, Exciting First Days,” and the youtube video and online audio, “Breaking News: Hell Doesn’t Exist” and the larger audiocast from which “Breaking News” is clipped, “The Great Reveal: Recalling the Riotous, Exciting First Days.” I wrote these pieces, and I perform them along with my wife, Mary Lynn Adzema.
  4. Getting “breathing holes” and “thinking they are happy” are references to the song, “Sad,” by Nirvana. That is a rare song by Kurt Cobain and Nirvana titled, also, “Verse Chorus Verse” … also known as “Sappy.” These are the lyrics:

And if you say your prayers
You will make God happy
And if you do what’s true\told
You will make me happy
I’ll keep you in a jar
And you will seem happy
I’ll give you breathing holes
You will think you’re happy, now

You’re really in a laundry room
You’re really in a laundry room
You’re really in a laundry room

And if you save yourself
You will make Him happy
He’ll bring you fine rewards
Then you will feel happy
I’ll keep you in my room
I’m sure you’ll be happy
And if you save your soul
You will think you’re happy, now

You’re really in a laundry room
You’re really in a laundry room
You’re really in a laundry room
You’re really in a laundry room

And if you kill yourself,
You will make him happy
And if you save yourself
Then you will make him happy

He’ll keep you in a jar
And you’ll think you’re happy
He’ll give you breathing holes
Then you’ll think you’re happy

He’ll cover you with grass
And you’ll think you’re happy

You’re really in a laundry room,
You’re really in a laundry room
The clues that came to you, oh … .

And if you cut yourself
You will think you’re happy
He’ll keep you in a jar
Then you’ll make him happy

He’ll give you breathing holes
Then you’ll think you’re happy
He’ll cover you with grass
Then you’ll think you’re happy

You’re really in a laundry room,
You’re really in a laundry room
Conclusion came to you, oh … .. (x2)

And if you fool yourself
You will make him happy
He’ll keep you in a jar
And you’ll think you’re happy

He’ll give you breathing holes
Then you will seem happy
You’ll wallow in your shit
Then you’ll think you’re happy

You’re really in a laundry room (x3)
Conclusion came to you, oh …  …

  1. I just realized that I cannot call our planetmates “animals” anymore. It strikes me as being very much like using the N-word for African-Americans or the Q-word for Gays. For we all know that the word, animal, has connotations that are not positive, in fact they are derogatory and demeaning. The word is used as an insult. It does not connote the noble, esteemed but simply different, interesting nature of these conscious souls in relation to us, in truth.

Is it not time we all started referring to our differently embodied brothers and sisters, not as “animals,” but as planetmates — the ones who we are sharing this planet with, nothing more … nothing less?

  1. See also, in this regard, Fromm’s The Sane Society, Marx on religion as being the “opiate of the masses,” and Sigmund Freud’s writings on the role of religion in society as a defense mechanism, especially his The Future of an Illusion and Civilization and Its Discontents.
  2. It is significant that in The Lord of the Rings trilogy the power of the Ring, which is a symbol for an all-encompassing untrue belief system that provides comfort, esteem, and well-being — thus an aspect of ego — that the power of the Ring is magnified when it is used. This is equivalent to the assertion, saying out loud of one’s untruths, unrealities … the struggle to find external justification and reinforcement for one’s chosen psychotic reality and thus the active enslaving or imprisoning of oneself, in other words, becoming a Gollum.

See also my article on the Primal Spirit site, “The Lord of the Rings, Ego, and Addiction.”

Chapter Five

  1. The “Unapproved and Hidden” is discussed in the chapter, “The First Prasad,” in my book, The Great Reveal by the Planetmates. The planetmates describe the origins of this tendency of ours to need to speak out our supposed specialness, tying it to our creation of the Unapproved and Hidden in societies.


  1. For those who wish to continue along on this topic, the book which follows this in the series, Return to Grace, picks up from here, going deeper into the topic … exploring and elaborating and revealing solutions. That book is Apocalypse NO, Apocalypse or Earth Rebirth and the Emerging Perinatal Unconscious … available from all major outlets and in electronic or print format.

For those who wish to look into the political and societal aspects of this issue, the book that precedes this one in the Return to Grace series, Culture War, Class War: Occupy Generations and the Rise and Fall of “Obvious Truths” is relevant. It, also, is available in print and electronic format.


My name is Michael Adzema. I am an environmental activist, writer, primal therapist, breathwork facilitator, and independent scholar.

I have engaged in considerable activism on a number of issues related to peace, justice, and the environment, particularly the problem of nuclear power. Working as an activist with Oregon Fair Share in the early Eighties, I was one of the score or so involved in the actions that led to ending nuclear plant construction in the entire United States. Working out of the Springfield, Oregon office, my part was to go door-to-door canvassing every night for a few years in Springfield and in towns up and down the Willamette Valley educating people about the dangers of nuclear power, and weaponry, and the financial scandal of the WPPPS plants being built in Washington state. My reasons for doing this were the apocalyptic danger of nuclear power — which has now been shown to be prophetic with the Fukushima disaster, occurring thirty years after we were warning about such a thing happening in our conversations in people’s homes — and the threat to all life on this planet from the existence and proliferation of nuclear weapons.

I worked as canvasser and eventually crew leader and observed how our efforts at education led to folks getting involved, signing petitions, and even the folks of Springfield demonstrating in the streets about these WPPPS plants. Eventually, the organization I worked for, Oregon Fair Share, discovered Springfield law that stipulated that its citizens could not be indebted/taxed over a certain percent without a vote of the people. There had been no vote. The cost overruns of WPPS would have led to indebtedness of approximately $8,000 per household throughout the Northwest — just to “mothball” the plants.

With this in mind, enough grass-roots pressure was brought to bear, which led to a lawsuit, which was taken on, pro bono, by Bob Ackerman, a local attorney. Current US Congressman, Representative Peter DeFazio became involved and helped in the lawsuit. We won, creating the largest bond default in United States history. Other municipalities followed suit. Nuclear power was shown to be the financial gravy train for investors and the financial rip-off for consumers that it is. No application to build a nuclear plant in the entire United States was filed after that.

Surpassing my activist work, however, is my expertise in the fields of prenatal and perinatal psychology, primal psychology, psychohistory, psychological anthropology, and humanistic psychology. I was the first person to teach prenatal and perinatal psychology at the university level, which I did at Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park, California, in the early Nineties. For years I gave sessions in primal therapy, rebirthing, and breathwork, and I conducted two-to-three-day workshops, with my wife, Mary Lynn Adzema, in primal breathwork out of our facility as well as at professional conferences. My book, Falls from Grace, is listed as a reference in the field of prenatal and perinatal psychology on Wikipedia. I served as editor and publisher of the professional journal Primal Renaissance: The Journal of Primal Psychology, which was at one time put out by the International Primal Association.

I have done considerable work in these fields as well: economics, anthropology, history, and environmental studies. As an undergraduate in the early Seventies, my studies focused on humanistic psychology at Franklin and Marshall College. I received a degree in humanistic psychology from the University of Colorado at Denver in 1979. I did doctoral work in psychological anthropology at the University of California, San Diego. I received an interdisciplinary M.A. — psychology, anthropology, philosophy, history — from Sonoma State University in Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology in 1994.

Most of my life I have spent in writing, teaching, facilitating, and research.

Things I take pride in: all of my writings; any way I have helped clients in therapy; any way I have helped students when I taught at the universities; my websites and blogs, the fact that I was a hippie and a young radical and antiwar activist in the Sixties; the fact that I lived during the incredible Sixties and got to experience and get bitten by the idealism and global visionary bug, which I hold fast, to this day; and the fact that I was the perfect age to understand and experience it — in my late teens and early twenties; the fact that I had the sense and courage to do thorough primal therapy in Denver during the years 1975–1980; my wife, Mary Lynn, and my family.

My main mission in life: Searching for truth in a world of Lies, Liars; wanting to help as we kill the planet, all of us, all our children, grandchildren, and all the planetmates, all the beings, of which God made millions of species, who have lived and had a home on this planet until only lately, the planet-killing half-borns, the species, Homo sapiens, evolved, to the extreme detriment of the millions of other planetmates.

Damn good example of why you should get references, always, before allowing anyone to move in.


Click for a free downloadable copy of this book, Apocalypse Emergency: Love’s Wake-Up Call by Michael Adzema, with my compliments.


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PRENATAL EARTH: Our “Prenatal” Air; Life in Gaia’s Womb; Gaia’s Weeping, Toxic Womb ~ Toxic Earth.  Which is chapters 19 through 21 of *Psychology of Apocalypse

PRENATAL EARTH: Our “Prenatal” Air; Life in Gaia’s Womb; Gaia’s Weeping, Toxic Womb ~ Toxic Earth.   

Which is chapters 19 through 21 of *Psychology of Apocalypse: Ecopsychology, Activism, and the Prenatal Roots of Humanicide* by Michael Adzema. To be published at Amazon in the third week of April, 2018.






Our “Prenatal” Air:

Prenatal “Pollution” Become Toxic Environment, Worldwide Oxygen Insufficiencies … People Are Dying from Oxygen Deprivation


“…there are reasons, deeply rooted in our psyche, that would make us the penultimate Prometheans on Earth.”

 “…the prenatal situation is analogous to our current environmental one. In both of them there is an increase in carbon dioxide — called the greenhouse effect when referring to the atmosphere.”



Having looked at the most obvious prenatal and perinatal propensities of the postmodern person in the chapters just completed, at this point let us go deeper.

The Human Nature That Is Not

We look, now, at how imprints from our early life in the womb affect us in many of the currently dire activities we are engaged in: for example, environmental destruction, war, capitalism, and imperialism. We discover that there are prenatal imprints for all these activities, which we normally ascribe to being rooted in our human nature — depicted as one of insatiable acquisition, violence and competitiveness, and desire to control and dominate.

The fact that we find that these traits are in fact not part of our nature but are instead products of some personality-forming experiences — however early those experiential events may be — is auspicious in the extreme. In looking at the prenatal blueprints for our self-destructive “human nature,” we learn why we do the things we do and we realize we are not doomed to continue to do them.

Dangling Above a Prenatal Abyss

Beyond the entertainment media, as brought out in earlier chapters, it seems prenatal and perinatal themes and elements are showing up everywhere else in our surrounding environment and culture. The scenery of our everyday reality consists of pollution of our air, water, and food; threat of death “at any moment,” caused by the knowledge of the power of nuclear weapons; fantasies of apocalypse of all kinds, magnified, perhaps, by the passing of one millennium and the end of the Mayan calendar … including fundamentalist Christian imaginings of a climax of human civilization in an apocalyptic “rapture”; New Age fantasies of ecological, spiritual, and social utopias; and so on.

First, let us consider a few of the most blatantly birth-related of the events around us.

Our Prenatal Atmosphere

The connections between the environmental and physical conditions we live in and the cultural symbols we are manifesting currently, as discussed in previous chapters, and the prenatal-perinatal unconscious should be obvious and may have already to some extent been spelled out. But let me finish connecting the dots, so to speak:

As Stanislav Grof put it, “We have exteriorized in the modern world many of the essential themes of the perinatal processes that a person involved in deep personal transformation has to face and come to terms with internally. The same elements that we would encounter in the process of psychological death and rebirth in our visionary experiences make today our evening news. This is particularly true in regard to the phenomena that characterize what I call BPM III.

“We certainly see the enormous unleashing of the aggressive impulse in the many wars and revolutionary upheavals in the world, in the rising criminality, terrorism, and racial riots. Sexual experiences and behaviors are taking unprecedented forms, as manifested in sexual freedom of youngsters, promiscuity, open marriages, overtly sexual books, plays, and movies, gay liberation, sadomasochistic experimentation, and many others. The demonic element is also becoming increasingly manifest in the modern world.

“A renaissance of satanic cults and witchcraft, the popularity of books and horror movies with occult themes, and crimes with satanic motivations attest to that fact. The scatological dimension is evident in the progressive industrial pollution, accumulation of waste products on a global scale, and rapidly deteriorating hygienic conditions in large cities.”1

Grof is saying, then, that we have manifested an external modern world that mirrors and re-creates some of the hellacious circumstances surrounding our traumatic human births. And that includes global warming and climate change and the increasing radiation of the planet, and more, which we will get into.

PME 1 and No-Exit Car Jams, People Clusters

In addition to the myriad of ways that Grof has detailed … and there are many more he could have mentioned … I would like to add a few obvious commonplace ways we manifest our birth and prebirth traumas. And I think you will see how we do this in quite a bit of our human activity.

For one thing, we re-create on a daily basis in major cities the no-exit frustration-depression-rage prior to birth in the traffic jams and gridlock of commuter traffic.

Another one: the population explosion. Simple overpopulation of the globe sets up scenarios exactly analogous to the negative conditions that existed toward the end of pregnancy when we grew/expanded too much to be any longer comfortable in the womb. The way this global overpopulation impacts us: the overpopulation, stress, and frenzy of a big city, manifesting the situation of a crushing womb.

PME 2 and Air Pollution

One overlooked, but hugely pervasive perinatal element of our humanicidal times is connected to the increasing carbon-dioxide concentration in our atmosphere called the greenhouse effect, which occurs alongside the curiously overlooked yet necessarily corresponding decreases in oxygen levels. There is increasingly less oxygen as we use it up burning carbon-based fossil fuels and making carbon dioxide.

This obvious though insistently overlooked fact has scientific support, of course. From “Atmospheric Oxygen Levels Fall as Carbon Dioxide Rises,” I quote: “According to a study conducted by scientists from the Scripps Institute there is less oxygen in the atmosphere today than there used to be. The ongoing study, which accumulated and interpreted data from NOAA monitoring stations all over the world, has been running from 1989 to the present. It monitored both the rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the decline in oxygen. The conclusion of that twenty-year study is that, as carbon dioxide (produced primarily by burning fossil fuels) accumulates in the atmosphere, available oxygen is decreasing.

“Carbon dioxide seems to be almost the total focus of attention in the climate change model as it exists today. After reviewing the results of this study and talking with Dr. Ralph Keeling (one of the lead scientists on the study), it seemed to me that the consequences of atmospheric oxygen depletion should be included in any discussion of atmospheric change….”

“We are losing nearly three O2 molecules for each CO2 molecule that accumulates in the air….2

Having less oxygen in our atmosphere has huge implications, little explored. I will tease out a few of these other, ignored repercussions of the greenhouse effect as we go.

Increased carbon dioxide, but also decreased oxygen.

We have more carbon dioxide for the reason of the burning of fossil fuels, but also because we are stupidly destroying the Earth’s mechanisms for turning that carbon dioxide back into oxygen … forests and ocean plankton, for example. While this greenhouse effect has been looked at from the perspective of it creating global warming and climate change, there are even stronger corporate (profit-motivated) as well as personal psychological reasons why we do not look at its most immediate effect on humans — the amount of oxygen we get from the air we breathe.

For the increased carbon dioxide and reduced oxygen of the globe is analogous to the situation of fetal malnutrition, described by Briend (1979) and deMause, that occurs prior to birth, and which is the basis for deMause’s explanation of poisonous placenta symbolism. Keep in mind in particular that we experience this reduction in oxygen and increase in carbon dioxide in the form of air pollution, which is most pronounced in larger cities.

Worldwide Oxygen Insufficiencies

Let me now focus on one important characteristic of those prenatal dynamics. I will deal more closely with how we re-create our early pain in one specific area that has dire significance today, for it concerns what we are doing to our atmosphere. We are driven to want to suffocate ourselves, and we will see how this is rooted in our particular human beginnings, making us the one and only species on the entire planet that is so enamored of making fire. For from the earliest campfires to the nuclear power plants of today, humans are seen to like to burn things. What we discover is there are reasons, deeply rooted in our psyche, that would make us the penultimate Prometheans on Earth.

Mimics Prenatal Oxygen Insufficiencies

We bring this prenatal oxygen struggle, this fetal malnutrition manifesting as hypoxia, into our adult attitudes toward and interactions with our planetary atmosphere and global environment. Remember, what the fetus experiences in the late stages of development in the womb is a state of reduced oxygen, which causes subtle but simmering uncomfortable feelings of suffocation and a feeling of latent oxygen panic. Many more of us than overtly have asthma have a prenatal foundation conducive to being asthmatic; even more feel this imprint in the form of panic attacks. Keep in mind also that this lessening of oxygen intake correlates necessarily with an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the prenate’s blood supply.

These changes from the optimal might seem minuscule to us as adults, yet we need to consider that the unborn child is living 24/7 in this environment. Its experience might be thought of as comparable to being stuck in a cramped room in which the air has become stuffy and gets increasingly so … and one is not even able to open a window occasionally for some relief. Think about that situation and especially how it keeps getting worse, and you may already sense the beginnings of a panic. That is what I am talking about. And remember that you as a prenate had no way of knowing that you were not, in fact, dying. You could not either, as you can now, console yourself with the thought that you can go out and get yourself more air at any point if it gets too uncomfortable.

So, the prenatal situation is analogous to our current environmental one. In both, there is an increase in carbon dioxide — which is the greenhouse effect when referring to the atmosphere. Perhaps these correlations between the prenatal and the planetary are not made often enough because in each case there is a tendency to focus on different halves of the equation: In terms of the prenatal situation, it is more common to think about the oxygen reduction, the hypoxia. Whereas when discussing the planetary situation, it is almost always talked about as an increase in the carbon dioxide.

In each case this seeing with blinders on seems unconsciously calculated to avoid another and perhaps harder to face unpleasantness involved. In the prenatal situation, this would be the increased carbon dioxide, which is analogous to the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere and air pollution in the cities. This I dealt with under the category of “bad blood,” PME 3. In the planetary context, this overlooked aspect is the reduced oxygen involved. I have never heard it mentioned in any of the scientific or environmental circles within which I circulate. This is the part that is directly analogous to the fetal malnutrition as it is normally thought of, that is, as just a deficiency of oxygen (PME 2).

At any rate, by this atmospheric rearrangement I mean that, while we reputedly have, and need, an oxygen concentration of twenty percent in our atmosphere, concentrations of oxygen these days, especially in heavily industrial areas, have been measured at much lower levels, much lower even than what is required for life, which indeed would cause death if one were trapped in it. Measurements as low as five percent — which was in Gary, Indiana, at a particular time — have been monitored. Furthermore, lowered oxygen levels are connected to the increasing incidences of many diseases we see currently going on. This is an easier and commoner connection to make. It is not just the increased toxicity of the air, with its heavy metal poisoning, in severely polluted areas like the Los Angeles basin that is responsible for the higher cancer and other disease rates. It is also the lowered oxygen that folks are getting. For oxygen is our natural antibiotic.

Results in Diseases and Epidemics

In the winter of 2017-2018 in America we are witnessing a flu epidemic, the worst in a long time. Fit and active adults and normally healthy children, full of life, have had their lives taken from them in a matter of days. Everyone, as the media portrays it, is at a loss as to why this is happening. Yet the media barely mentioned global warming when faced in America in 2017 with hurricane after hurricane and one “four-hundred-year flood” after another; firestorms caused by droughts, attributable to climate change; and mudslides resulting from the fires caused by the changing climate. With the medical and scientific establishments in bed with corporations and their focus on profits, not health, it is no wonder the link between the greenhouse effect resulting in lowered oxygen and the increase in disease is not mentioned at all.

Yet, the fact is that oxygen is our first order of defense against toxicity and diseases of all kinds — including bacterial, viral, fungal, and cancerous — for oxygen kills them all. It is the oxygen from the air getting mixed into running streams, as they surge over boulders and rocks, that makes the water so pure. Oxygen acts similarly in our bloodstream and cells.

And minute changes in oxygen/carbon-dioxide ratios have immense effects. These effects show up substantially, of course, in relation to the total number of people in any large population. A miniscule effect of only one-thousandth of a percent of the population — in America alone with its three-hundred and fifty million people — would have  an effect on three-thousand-five-hundred people. That amount of diseases over the normal number in a season would certainly result in alarm, be splashed across our newscasts. One hundredth of one percent of an effect would add to the normally ill amount thirty-five thousand people! So this is significant. Let’s face it; when it comes to things that we don’t want to know, scientists and medical professionals are as averse to doing the numbers as any of the rest of us timid humans.

Is Manifest Globally, as Well as Locally

Regardless the blatant examples of oxygen insufficiency — related to particularly adverse environments as in Gary, Indiana; in Los Angeles, California; in Beijing; in Bangalore and Delhi, India — and their effects on the bodily health of humans; there is an overall global decrease in oxygen, which, while not as extreme, is so pervasive and inescapable that it has profound consequences for all life on this planet.

To get an idea of the distinction I am making, let us compare this atmospheric oxygen distribution with what we know of what is happening in the planet’s water supply, its oceans. The first instance of inordinate oxygen deficiency in particular locales on Earth might be likened to the “dead zones” we know to exist in the seas — over four hundred of them, and still climbing. In these huge areas, some of them over a hundred miles in length, no life exists for there is no oxygen in the water. The second instance of overall global oxygen insufficiency might be likened to the overall reduction of oxygen in oceans with the destruction of the oxygen-producing plankton and the other environmental factors involved in lowering the oxygen levels of the oceans worldwide. So there are wide variances of oxygen concentration in our oceans inside of a lowering of its oxygen level overall.

Similarly, there has to be wide variance in oxygen levels in air. Simply think of the differences we are aware of from indoors to outdoors, from one room — say, one with an oxygen-consuming fire blazing in the hearth and sealed to contain heat — to another, say, with its windows wide open. So while there are wide variances in oxygen levels from location to location — some so deficient as to sicken, cause unconscious­ness, and in extreme situations kill people — there is also the reduced oxygen levels, on average, throughout the globe, which is caused by our uniquely human compulsion to burn carbon-based fossil fuels. These reduced oxygen levels, though minute, are increasing but even more importantly they have subtler but more pervasive and so more dire implications.

Is Measurable, as Well as Deadly

The results of one study were released by the Scripps Institute. The Scripps study monitored the oxygen in our atmosphere on the whole over a twenty-year period. It found a one-tenth of a percent decrease in global oxygen by 2005 since the beginning of the industrial revolution in the late Nineteenth Century.3

So let us deal with each of these points in turn: that people are dying because of our insistence on burning stuff; that the overall global decrease though minute is serious and is having noticeable worldwide effects even as I write; and that this compulsion to burn stuff is uniquely human and what are the implications of that.

People Are Dying from Oxygen Deprivation

In the previous section I discussed the worldwide increases of carbon dioxide and the consequent decreases in global oxygen levels, and I pointed out how they mirror the fetus’s environment in the womb in late gestation, known as fetal malnutrition. At the end, I made note of the facts that, first, people are actually dying as a result of dips in the oxygen content of their immediate environment, resulting from the intentional burning of fuels. It is not only second-hand smoke that is deadly.

Second, I said that even the minute changes in our global atmosphere on the whole are having pervasive and dire consequences. Third, I queried why we of all species are the only ones to engage in burning things outside our bodies so as to increase carbon dioxide and reduce oxygen in our environments. Let us look more closely at each of these statements in turn:

First, people do die for lack of oxygen and conversely carbon-monoxide, carbon-dioxide buildup in their cars, homes, and in cities … sometimes intentionally, most often not. If it is not the sole cause of death, it is a contributing factor, as in the widespread and mounting deaths from restricted oxygen intake caused in cities worldwide — especially noticeable on severely air-polluted days. We do not generally consider these deaths to be directly related to air pollution or reduced oxygen, for they are listed as caused by increased heart attacks and other fatal concomitants of bad air.

We also avoid the harsh truth by not wanting to look into how dips in air-quality/oxygen-concentration affect our overall health in terms of greater rates of emphysema, allergies, and stresses to the heart — among effects too numerous to mention — which have effects on our longevity. Translation: Bad air kills folks sooner than they would die otherwise. So, people are dying, yes.

Now let us consider how important this tendency of ours is for us. How greatly does this reduction in oxygen affect us when the levels of overall effect are small enough to be usually considered insignificant?

First, remember that when we consider the other half of this equation, the carbon-dioxide levels, minute changes of their levels are having major changes on our planet. Tenths of a percent increase in carbon dioxide are causing unprecedented extremes of weather — hurricanes, droughts, firestorms, tornadoes, mudslides, floods, and so on. The reason is that we exist in a delicate ecosystem, finely tuned to operate perfectly but only within very narrow parameters. You go outside those delicate lines and you have major complications and developments, with minor changes here having major consequences there.

As an example, specifically as regards the oxygen–carbon-dioxide ratios, remember that we are composed of cells … cells that take in oxygen and give back carbon dioxide. Bacteria also are cells. Many of them do better with increases of carbon dioxide and die when there is more oxygen. These bacterial organisms suck up carbon dioxide and spit out oxygen. So we find that if we create a Petri dish colony of bacterial cells and carefully monitor its oxygen/carbon-dioxide ratios, minute increases in carbon dioxide have major effects on the colony: It will explode in growth and quite soon overgrow its Petri dish environment. Meanwhile if the reverse situation is created and the oxygen level is raised, the millions of bacterial cells will die off in short order, as if infected with the plague to end all plagues.

Now, remember that we are a collection of many cells as well. What do you suppose is happening with minute changes in the overall level of oxygen we get; or conversely the increased carbon dioxide?

Well, we are seeing increases in cancer, as well as viral, bacterial, and fungal infections — all of which do better in high carbon dioxide/ lowered oxygen environments. This year’s flu epidemic in America is so unusually strong partly because the sickness is not blocked by the flu vaccines in use, with an efficiency ratio of approximately seventeen percent. With the virus’s effects, including unusual deaths in otherwise hale and hearty individuals, we must conclude that not only are more varieties of flu virus proliferating and extant, but also that they are profusely multiplying, therefore are strong and more dire in the winter of 2017-2018. The slight changes in the oxygen/carbon-dioxide ratios would explain that. But don’t expect to hear that other than here. Even with the previous year’s historically severe hurricanes, firestorms, and mudslides — reluctant as they are to make the connection even of them to global warming — “experts” fail to see the connection of the flu severity to the increasing carbon-dioxide.

I have also noticed, in my city of Eugene, Oregon, that foods are unusually more likely to develop mold, even with all the preservatives in them. That is not a scientific observation, but it is clear and observable and shows itself as quite a bit stronger than only a few years ago. I attribute it to the fact that I moved into the center of two, where it is undoubtedly more polluted, at that time. I do not believe it is a stretch to expect there to be higher carbon-dioxide levels in the city centers than on the outskirts or in the country. Else, what is meant be going out to the country and forest to “breathe some fresh air”?

Similarly, like fungal, viral, and bacterial proliferation we are noticing booming algae growth in areas of our oceans and are expecting flourishing vegetative growth on our lands because of the increases in carbon dioxide in each of them. Why would we not be experiencing effects on the other side of the equation — the loss of oxygen. Keep in mind, as the Scripps Institute study mentioned, for every increase of one molecule of CO2, we are getting a loss of almost three molecules of O2.

But don’t just take my word on this. From the same report on the Scripps study, above, I quote: “Since the beginning of the industrial revolution we have removed .095% of the oxygen in our atmosphere. True, that is only a tenth of one percent of the total supply, but oxygen makes up only twenty percent of the atmosphere. I looked up safety rules regarding oxygen concentrations and according to OSHA rules on atmospheres in closed environments, ‘if the oxygen level in such an environment falls below 19.5% it is oxygen deficient, putting occupants of the confined space at risk of losing consciousness and death.’ What happens if the world’s atmospheric levels of oxygen fall to 19.5% or lower? Are we all going to have to carry little blue oxygen tanks with us to survive? Not a pleasant possibility….

“Plants and certain bacteria take in carbon dioxide, combine it with water to form glucose and produce oxygen as a byproduct in the photosynthesis reaction. The current increase in carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere indicates that this cycle is no longer in balance. It shows that we have reached the point where the biosphere of the planet can no longer process all of the carbon dioxide that we are producing….

“We currently make estimates of how many years we have left before excess carbon dioxide becomes a bigger problem than it already is but we aren’t really sure of their accuracy. However, to the best of my knowledge, we don’t have estimates of how long it might be, if oxygen continues to be depleted at its current rate, until it might become a problem. After all, while most of us may be willing to wait out the effects of excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for a time just to see if we really do get warmer weather and more abundant crops out of the deal; how many of us want to wait and see how little oxygen we can survive on”4

Manifests as Mental Illness

However, my forte is not biology, it is psychology. And the connection I wish to make here is of this reduced availability of O2 to psychological states and mental screens of perception. I am informed as well by an understanding of intake of toxins as they relate to mental and psychological states.5










Prenatal Earth, Life in Gaia’s Womb:

Pollution as a Psychedelic? Will We Be Born? Can You Look Your Belly in the Face?


“We continually re-create the discomforts we have not faced. There is no escape from the things we have ‘put out of our mind.’ That is the closest thing to hell that exists, though there is redemption in it.”

“…we want oxygen, but we keep removing oxygen from our environment to put us back in that state in the womb when we needed air (oxygen) but did not get enough leaving us asking, ‘Please, mother, might I have some more’?”

 “…increased carbon dioxide and decreased oxygen naturally stimulate perinatal feelings. Lucky us, as we continue to turn the entire atmosphere of the Earth into such a ‘therapeutic’ carbon-dioxide chamber.”



As a psychotherapist, I am adding the psychological effects of this oxygen loss to the already considerable statistically verifiable harm being registered to us physically.

Minute Changes in Atmosphere Have Psychological Impact

What decrease in oxygen stimulates prenatal memories of oxygen near-panic? Well, consider that a reduction of oxygen of only one half a percent is enough to cause unconsciousness and sometimes even kill a person — from twenty percent, which is optimal, down to 19.5% which is dire.1 So how much of a reduction is merely noticeable and uncomfortable? How much of a change means we will experience “stuffiness” … assuming we have a point of comparison, i.e., when there exists “outside” air that is different? It can’t be all that much, right? Not if a half percent reduction would darken our lights. But there is more to it.

Now ask yourself how you consciously know you are experiencing stuffiness or suffocation when there is no basis of comparison. If you experience reduced oxygen every instant of your life, do you consciously know it? I think not.

So “stuffiness” that is our ordinary situation does not register to us as being stuffy. It cannot. But that does not mean our bodies are not registering a change and that we are not unconsciously being stimulated into psychological states, like I have been mentioning. And would these psychological states then also — with no basis of comparison now either because of it being an ongoing situation — not themselves be thought of as normal? Although they would be somewhat altered from the way humans may have felt on our planet in earlier centuries?

So, environmentally — with oxygen starvation and air pollution — I submit we act out our unconscious memories of PME 2 fetal suffocation by burning up fossil fuels, further reducing oxygen in the environment, destroying forests which release oxygen, moving to cities that have little in the way of trees or Nature, and allowing cities to bulldoze all Nature away and create suffocating sterility. We continually re-create the discomforts we have not faced. There is no escape from the things we have “put out of our mind.” That is the closest thing to hell that exists, though there is redemption in it.

Sure, we want oxygen, but we keep removing oxygen from our environment to stimulate us back in that state in the womb when we needed air (oxygen) but did not get enough leaving us asking, “Please, mother, might I have some more”?

Why Humans Are Enamored of Fire

Humans did not always do things to adversely affect the air they breathe, however. We were not always fire burners or food cookers. It is common knowledge that at a certain point in our evolution we began harnessing fire for warmth, for cooking, and for other purposes, including entertainment. Consider that fact for a second … why are we the only species to do this? (And we are.) Now consider the aspect of our uniquely human fetal malnutrition as neonates and prenates we have been looking into. No other species needs to burn carbon-based fuels for survival; we only need a tiny amount of air to stoke our “inner fires” when converting food to energy. Yet we have added that incredible weight of setting things ablaze and burning fuels to our burden on the planetary resources and the environment ever since we began using fire.

Consider if the prenatal-malnutrition/oxygen-starvation we created for ourselves as unborns by standing upright might be manifesting itself as the need to burn stuff and thereby decrease the oxygen in our immediate environment, and increase the toxins there. Is it possible that fetal malnutrition, which is the result of bipedalism, contributed later to our use of fire? For, as I continually point out, we are triggered into our unfaced early pain, at the same time as we seek to run from it, while we unconsciously act to bring it about, so we might at some point face it and heal ourselves (though we rarely do).

You think it a strange idea that we might be unconsciously wanting to re-create the “stuffiness” in the womb by burning stuff and creating air around us that mimics that state? Really?  Do you think it normal for someone to create tiny “fire sticks” and “suck” the bad air they produce? Do you not wonder why we are the only ones to burn tobacco and other vegetation so we might inhale the exhaust from it, the smoke from the fire we create? If we came across a culture where they built fires and stood around sticking their faces in the smoke to inhale it, how would we view that? How is cigarette smoking different? Yes, we are the only species that has that invention of cigarettes (cigars, pipes, hookahs … and so many more). And you think my hypothesis odd?

Is it any wonder we portray hell as one of eternal fire? Not only does it coincide with the prenatal feelings of burning on the surface of the skin, which I explored under PME 4. But in that human beings are the ones being referred to when we speak of the myth of Lucifer, it makes sense that Lucifer’s home after being cast from heaven would be one of fire. Satan is always pictured in a cave of sorts — another womb symbol — with fires all around him. Humans compulsively create environments in which they are surrounded by fire. Just look around you … automobiles, heaters, electrical energy created by combustion…. We also have myths that tell us alternately that use of fire is the great break with Nature that makes us humans, as well as myths saying that our being too reckless and getting too close to fire is what causes our downfall. When you think of it, am I not saying both of those?

Many ethnographies tell of Creation Myths that include a hero that brings fire, therein getting things started for those peoples as a distinct culture.2

Pollution as a Psychedelic

I mentioned how we have an oxygen insufficiency, a hypoxia, in the weeks and months before birth. Along with the reduced intake of nutrients, it is called fetal malnutrition by scientists. It actually shows up as a slowing down of growth of the fetus, just before birth, which is made up for after birth. I pointed out how this is analogous, in our adult world, to our situation of oxygen reduction and carbon-dioxide buildup, which is what constitutes our global warming.

However, there is an interesting sidelight to this. For both Arthur Janov and Stanislav Grof, at one time early on, experimented with a technique of carbon-dioxide ingestion for getting people into primal and perinatal states. In fact, at the time — in the late Sixties, early Seventies — though not on a large scale, a number of professionals were experiment­ing with this procedure and even offering it as a means of “expanding consciousness.”

Global “Therapeutic” Carbon-Dioxide Chamber

To make this absolutely clear, what I am saying is that a tweak of our breathable air towards greater carbon-dioxide, lower oxygen correlates with all of these — greater access to and influx of prenatal and perinatal pain-trauma, increased ability to experience non-ordinary states of consciousness, and heightened spirituality. Whereas some folks might question how greater perinatal turbulence and neuroticism come of it in adult consciousness is connected with spirituality, I respond that the only reason that is confusing is for having confused spirituality with the elimination of negative emotions and the repression of unconscious dynamics.

Whereas true spirituality involves the facing and accepting of repressed memories. As Jung wisely put it, “One does not become enlightened by imaging figures of light but by embracing the darkness.” It follows that those who live in an environment that tips one, no matter how slightly, toward a tendency for non-ordinary states would also, through more regular access, increase the likelihood that some folks would resolve them and would grow spiritually out of these encounters with their usually unfaced underbellies.

Furthermore, we will address that again in future chapters where we talk about how the emerging perinatal unconscious is related to certain personality dynamics arising in our times which have a direct bearing on our prospects for environmental and societal healing.

However, in terms of the immediate effect, the point is that increased carbon dioxide and decreased oxygen naturally stimulate perinatal feelings. Lucky us, as we continue to turn the entire atmosphere of the Earth into such a “therapeutic” carbon-dioxide chamber. For initially, let me be clear, such rising perinatal feelings will manifest as more overt mental illness and neurosis if folks. People will be pressed to integrate this rising repressed memories, yet until they do, things will be turbulent and difficult for them. This manifests, on the scale of society, as more tumultuous and dangerous times for us all.

And if you still do not believe that a perinatal unconscious is emerging at this time in history, I ask you how else to explain how the simple act of being “cut off” in traffic can trigger so much perinatal “no exit” frustration as to enrage an “otherwise normal” person to pull out a gun and blow another’s life away. I also ask you how to account for the every-year increasing incidence of gun violence, mass shootings, killings of schoolchildren and other innocents, in America. The fact that folks are so terrified they need to defend themselves with guns is by itself an indicator or perinatal feelings. Thus these unconscious pressures on us contribute to both increases of gun violence as well as of gun purchases and of rabid support of the Second Amendment and the NRA in the United States in 2018.

Prenatal Earth

The upshot of it all is that somehow or other we have managed to create a world situation that mirrors in a way unlike any other time in history our prenatal imprints. We have manifested our worst nightmare, a prenatal Earth. With that prenatal time being the closest we have experienced to hell, yes, indeed, we are bringing about a hell on Earth. Having turned in horror from our inner pain, we construct it in the world around us, as if the outside is trying to get us to look back inside. If a sufficient number of us do that, we have the potential to turn our “hell on Earth” to a “heaven on Earth.” We can experience the rebirth that likes on the other side of seeming death

Yet in the meantime, like persistent children who want to be attended to, when we are wanting simply some peace, our repressed pain bugs us until we turn to it. So it is that our increasingly prenatal Earth, with its re-creation of our toxic, cramped, nauseated, and irritating womb experience, triggers the emergence of this prenatal and perinatal unconscious and those repressed memories of suffering.

Or, you might reverse that and say that an emerging pre- and re- and perinatal unconscious — brought about by other factors, improved “child-caring” methods perhaps … more about that later — has resulted in our creating a world situation manifesting or acting out those unconscious perinatal elements, which are having increasing influence on our consciousness and on our behavior.

I suspect both of these processes are occurring — each one augmenting the other.



Noticing Our Underbellies

Let me make this latter scenario clearer. What I am saying is that we all have birth trauma and we must distance ourselves from this birth pain so we can function. Yet, if the birth trauma is extreme, or if subsequent child-caring is abusive and neglectful3 — as is the case in any of the “less enlightened” of deMause’s psychogenic modes of child-rearing4 — or both, then complete splitting, repression of the perinatal, and dissociation from the perinatal occurs. Thus a person can project his or her pre- and perinatal unconscious onto the world and be completely unaware that it has anything to do with him- or herself.

Can you look your belly in the face?

However, with more humane child-caring modes — deMause’s latest psychogenic mode, for example — less repression, and less defenses, are necessary and total dissociation does not occur. In this situation, the pre- and perinatal is not completely projected onto the outside world. We have more access to it. Hence we act it out and manifest it in lesser ways, which reflect back to us, for the times when we are able to see them, our prenatal underbellies.

On the one hand, the world is becoming increasingly pre- and perinatal and thus is stimulating more of the perinatal unconscious than previously. On the other hand, we have more access to and are closer to our pre- and perinatal unconscious so that we exhibit it more blatantly in our behavior and cultural creations and thus stimulate, again, in ourselves and others, the underlying pre- and perinatal matrices.

This is a chicken-and-the-egg process. And I suspect, in the same way, that these processes are going on simultaneously and hence augment each other.

Life or Death Matters

In Chapter 1, “Humanicidal Times,” we entertained the notion that the reason things seem so much different nowadays than anytime we can imagine from the past is because they are different. We have looked at how the character and events of our age are remarkably like the feelings and events surrounding our births and prenatal existences. And unfortunately: traumatic wombs, traumatic times! Lastly, we have considered a few reasons … more coming … as to why these times and our Earth might be uniquely imbued with our perinatal events.

Still, the biggest questions lie begging: What does this all mean for us? Is it the “end of the world,” really, like some are claiming? Are we seeing the “dawning of a new age,” an age of harmony and understanding, an Age of Aquarius, as we once thought? Is it hopeless? Or is there at least a vision which can guide us in surviving, perhaps even thriving? Will our “hell on Earth” be akin to a purgatory; and we, like Dante, traversing it realize something more like a heaven and Earth coming together?

These are not unimportant questions. And they have all the implications of life or death, again indicative of the perinatal, about them. Will we live? Will we survive? Or are we doomed? And if it is within our power to decide our fate, well, just what the hell are we going to do about it? What can be done about our situation? What can each of us — you … me — do?

What It Is That’s Happening Here

We will begin addressing these questions now. There are some processes of change in these times — processes of change unlike any that we normally encounter — that will weigh heavily on the outcome of the current emerging prenatal-perinatal unconscious. These include not only the concepts and processes of the healing crisis — as stipulated in the chapter after next,  Chapter 22 — but also that of macrocosmic processes beyond our human scope, some of which we look at next chapter, “Gaia’s Cries.”

Others of these factors at play I take up in subsequent chapters. They include changes in child-caring and personality development that are fortuitously aligned with the crises we are meeting. This I explain in the chapters pertaining to “wounded deer and centaurs,” coming up, beginning with Chapter 30, “Enter the Centaur.” Also, there are planetary factors, like the prenatal-perinatal access come of pollution, which might, completely unintended, redound to our benefit in largely invisible and incalculable ways.

The Necessary Future

Finally, having considered the prenatal and perinatal nature of our times in Part Two on “Prenatal Matrix of Humanicide,” as well as the correspond­ing unique processes at work in these times in Part One, “Apocalypse and Insanity,” we can look at some directions forward for our species that actually have us continuing to live. In Part Three coming, titled, “Healing Crisis and Regression in the Service of Humanity,” we will look deeper. What we will see revealed emerging out of the black morass or our current futility and hopelessness is the vision of our necessary future and the necessary hero.  Finally, in Parts Four and Five, “The New Hero’s Cycle” and “Sanity and Activism,” I will detail the personalities and actions corresponding to such a future and such individuals. These parts tell us what to do and how to go about doing it.










Gaia’s Weeping:

Toxic Womb ~ Toxic Earth. How We Re-Create Human Prenatal Irritation-Burning in a Polluted Planet; Earth Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Prospects


“…we re-create that which we need to experience. We stood upright; and now, unless something radical happens, it will lead to the end of life for ourselves and possibly everything else on this planet in short order.”

“We have done such a good job of creating the ‘toxic womb’ in our planetary environment, you have to marvel at the perfection of its replication.”

 “…one needs to deal with something before one can stop oneself from reminding oneself that one needs to deal with that something.”




The Earth might “die screaming,” as Tom Waits phrased it. Till then, we can hear its weeping; we can feel its wrath.

However, let us take one more look back at from whence we have come. Tracing the trajectory of our species might provide some ideas about where we are heading and our necessary future.

Deepest Roots of Apocalypse — We Stood Up!

Basically, it warmed up pretty good in the interior of Africa millions of years ago, so our forebears headed “to the beach” — to the ocean shores, swamps, and lakes — where it was more bearable. We foraged for food in the shallow waters and found it beneficial to stand upright. For it allowed us to go into deeper waters and gather more, and for longer periods. Naturally, over time, bipedalism traits were the ones that won out through natural selection.

When we became a standing species, though, it added birth trauma and premature birth to our “species set.” For with this rearrangement of our posture, we created a narrower pelvic opening and our prenates no longer hung loosely below us but pressed down upon the arteries below them to create the fetal malnutrition and hypoxia, which I have been discussing in this book. The prematurity of birth was caused by the narrower pelvic opening, as the baby needed to leave the womb earlier than other species in order to make it out. This meant that we would do a great deal of our early life’s learning and development — much more than any other species — outside of the womb and in the context of society, not Nature. This is called secondary altriciality, which is something unique about humans.

With all these developments — prenatal malnutrition and hypoxia, premature birth, and secondary altriciality — we had greater pain and trauma at the beginning of our lives than any other species. We needed to grow a bigger brain — with an additional brain structure, vastly multiplied neural pathways, and a split brain — to deal with this pain in order to survive. The larger skull added further to birth trauma. It was even more difficult to get through the pelvic opening. So it required even more prematurity of birth.

All this development outside the womb and increased brain size resulted in language and culture, with all its complexities. Split off from horrible early pains and discomforts, our minds created substitute reflections of our early memories in our cultural products. We created an artificial consciousness construct — an Ego — as an intermediary between the impulses from our insides, emanating from early discomforts, and the stimulus and information coming to us from our outside reality in the present.

Thus, its egoic product — that is, what we end up thinking is real — would be the distorted amalgamation of the past and the present. Our reality would not be real so much as it would be a construct of our early pain, and the learning built on such early discomforts, woven together with our present-time situational reality, including the twisted cultural products within and without. So what the Ego came up with would not be true, for its purpose would be to allow us to survive, regardless of bothersome early imprints.

We’ve Created Our Own “Monsters”

We called the accumulation of cultural product, come of all this Ego activity acting over the course of millions of years, the “advance of man.” And we patted ourselves on the back for our Promethean achievements, deeming ourselves superior to Nature. To congratulate ourselves, we needed to ignore all the evidence of savagery on a scale not seen in the rest of our world, which we perpetrated on each other and on the world of Nature. This entire process — aquatic ape to patriarchal civilization — I explain in my book, Planetmates: The Great Reveal (2014), and with even more detail in the more recently published, Prodigal Human: The Descents of Man (2016).

In all this abominable acting out, we were manifesting aspects of our early pain about which we were clueless. Completely without awareness of what we were doing, we created a mirror image of our early experience and its horrific pain and trauma in Reality itself. So it is that all our early trauma has led us to unthinkingly plod to the edge of oblivion, as we re-create war, fascism, class war, racism and bigotry, environmental pollution, nuclear radiation, loss of ozone layer, threat of nuclear war, and all the rest of the dire threats I have been discussing as being act-outs of our early prenatal discomforts — crowdedness, deprivation-suffocation, poisoning-disgust, and irritation-burning-revulsion.

We stood upright. And now, unless something radical happens, it will lead to the end of life for ourselves and possibly everything else on this planet in short order.

What can we do about it? Strangely, many of us are determined to just die. But if you are one of those who would prefer not to, well, going up against all the others, don’t think it will be easy.

Nevertheless, if you wish to fight to live, here is the starting point for effective change. For this knowledge of the real roots of our current crisis — like a Pandora’s Jar with hope tucked away at the bottom of it — has a chance, the only chance, to actually save our lives and those of future generations. For the first time, effective ways of healing people and planet can arise, based as they will be on this understanding of the early psychological roots of our otherwise apocalyptic propulsion.

Environmentally, We Act Out Prenatal Toxicity in a Polluted Planet

Recall that the third aspect of prenatal malnutrition is that we cannot get rid of poisons that build up in the womb environment around us … sort of like a prenatal environmental pollution. We cannot eliminate wastes as efficiently, so we exist in a toxic womb, as described by PME 4, prenatal irritation-burning.

Toxic Womb ~ Toxic World

I talked earlier about how we act out the deprivation part of late gestation experience, PME 2, in global suffocation — the greenhouse effect — by focusing on the reductions of oxygen. Yet remember that there are slight increases of carbon dioxide with the reduced blood flow for the prenate: These are a big part of the increase in waste matter, consequent upon a reduced efficiency of eliminating toxins. Obviously this is analogous to the way we have created such an increase in carbon dioxide in our atmosphere called the greenhouse effect. We have done a good job of manifesting this … not easy to do. And we should be congratulated if it were actually a good thing and not another way we have become good at self-destruction.

We re-create the “bad blood” aspects of fetal malnutrition — PME 3, related to toxins we take into ourselves, that we “breathe in” — in our global environment with air pollution. I can tell you from much personal experience in Southern California that indeed it re-creates the sensations of sickness at times — those feelings of poisoning, sickening, nausea, characteristic of PME 3. And this is when it is obvious to me. Here I am asserting that it is stimulating unconscious memories of discomfort even when we are not aware of being sickened, consciously.

Many folks, who live in polluted environments like Southern California, coming home at night after a day at work in the city; they have this really shitty, dirty feeling. They know it. They often go straight for an after-work drink, some booze to take the edge off their discomfort. Most of them would attribute these crappy, grubby feelings to stress, from their job and from interactions with people or on the freeways. Some might be more aware it is connected to the toxic atmosphere they have been forced to take in during the day. I am claiming that much of that feeling is probably due to memories buried deep inside us, however; which are easily triggered and accessible to consciousness in the form of bodily symptoms mimicking that time.

So in those last two examples we have deprivation, the suffocation of PME 2, and bad blood, the poisoning of PME 3, both of which we re-create in our environment. Of course the other aspect of late gestation is crowdedness, PME 1, which I have also dealt with earlier at length. With overpopulation and crowded urban environments we re-create that.

Prenatal Burning

Now, let us just look at some of the ways we re-create, specifically, those irritating, burning sensations in our environment — the fourth aspect of late gestation discomfort, PME 4, and the third of prenatal malnutrition.

I mentioned earlier how we sit out in the sun and endure discomfort — sun bathing — in some odd re-creation of fetal irritation. However, the most obvious environmental correspondence with PME 4, burning-irritation, is the way we have thinned out our protection from the sun, so now we can better be harmed by UV rays. With the huge reductions in our ozone layer, we are ensuring an increased burning of our skin and epidemics of skin cancer — not very comfortable I would imagine. Also, catastrophic. As the ozone layer has allowed life to evolve on this planet. Like a shield, it has protected organisms. And without it, for one thing, the phytoplankton in the ocean would die off, completely. Phytoplankton creates our oxygen, more so even than our forests do. As well, they are at the bottom of the food change. With the ozone layer gone, life cannot continue on Earth. We can look forward to that cheery prospect come of human activity, as well.

Similarly, we have managed to surround ourselves with the prospect of burning up in a fiery inferno at any moment because of nuclear weapons, which we have created out of the suicidal deliriums of some of us. That would be the prenatal burning of PME 4 acted out to the infinite power.

Prenatal Irritation

Some of this is the most obvious of all: Toxic Womb Environment leads to Toxic Environment. Again, good job, humans! If it were some kind of achievement. We have created a worldwide toxic womb, with a fractal equivalent of the situation in the womb — a buildup of poisons that cannot be eliminated anywhere: There is no longer any “away” to remove it to, exactly as what was felt to be the case in the womb.

We have air pollution, water pollution, food pollution, radiation pollution. We are polluting the genetic codes of biological organisms on Earth. We are polluting our land by fracking, so water sent through it will poison us and catch fire. If there is anything else, well, I am sure we are polluting it, too.

Just how long can you not “step in it” a half million years?

We have become the filthiest of species, essentially pooping in our own nests. We have landfills that overflow and encroach on residences. This very evening, the nightly news reported that a mountain of trash in Ethiopia collapsed killing sixty-two people. This was at a massive garbage dump, the Koshe Garbage Landfill, on the outskirts of the capital, Addis Ababa. The mountain gave way, like a scene out of the movie, Idiocracy, and the landslide swamped huts burying people alive. The victims were mostly women and children. The landfill has served as a garbage dump for the capital for over fifty years, and it is the final destination for most of the nearly three-hundred-thousand tons of waste trucked from Addis Ababa, yearly.

This came after a similar garbage dump collapse that occurred in July of 2000, at the Payatas dump near Manila, in the Philippines. In this one, 221 people were buried and burned alive as a mountain of rain-loosened garbage collapsed and covered a shanty town built there, then burst into flames.

Horrible and tragic, for sure. Yet metaphorically astounding! What a ghastly metaphor for what we are doing to ourselves, reflecting also the situation in the womb: We are piling up so much waste around us it is swamping us, threatening to kill us … even catching fire!

Another example: We have created ticking time bombs of nuclear waste matter that have to be guarded for twenty-five-thousand years and are still deadly for five-hundred-thousand years. That’s a long time to have to avoid “stepping in it,” wouldn’t you say? And we are polluting and killing our oceans, creating the closest thing of all to a toxic, poisonous placenta, as from it, ultimately, we suck our necessary O2 and H2O.

Compartmentalizing our doom.

I could go on but you get the point. We have done a great job of re-creating the discomfort of the toxic womb. And, as I said, yes we are sickened, whether we acknowledge it or not. What I have observed is that even the most intelligent of us is trying like crazy to not acknowledge it, using all manner of denials and defensive maneuvers of consciousness. If nothing else, about our discomfort and its causes, we are “compartmental­izing” so we can go on with our lives.

Nature Balances HerSelf

We have done such a good job of creating the “toxic womb” in our planetary environment you have to marvel at the perfection of its replication. And with such perfection, there are reasons.

As I have been saying, we re-create that which we need to experience. So, as we do this, we are creating the exact situation that we need to face in our earliest lives in order to heal it … and in this lies the hope. In fact, looking ahead, I will be telling you that this is the key to a solution for us. As I say, Nature balances HerSelf, and we are part of her. We may or may not make it as a species, but certainly it looks like we are in the process of something that is perfectly set up to wake us into consciousness of what we need to heal, if we heed it.

We Need to Face the Monsters of Our Creation

For we always create around us a reflection of the kinds of issues we need to deal with “on our insides.” Our outsides will always reflect our insides, for good or ill. As a species, we have always done this.

They can be the like the wake-up knock from a master.

Yet we have added stimulus for these feelings today; we have greater prods to our waking up than ever before in our history. These will either be knocks on the head to get us to “pay attention” — as a Zen master might give to one of his students — or they will be the blow that will end our existence. It is up to us.

For as always, we both re-create and resist that which we have unresolved. In terms of oxygen “starvation” prior to birth, we both create and are made uncomfortable by air pollution … toxic air. Much like creating crushing populations in re-creating PME 1 compression pain, we create suffocating global air pollution for us to continually be triggered into uncomfortable unresolved feelings from our early lives, of the manner of PME 2, suffocation; PME 3, poisoning; and PME 4, irritation-burning. So, it is not like we are not being reminded of what we need to do — on both our “insides” as well as our “outsides.” We will never need a to-do list for this.

Gaia calling: Earth to humans — wake the f#$% up!

Many ignore the warning blows, however, no matter how severely they are felt. There is huge denial about climate change, the invisible death upon us from Hanford and Fukushima, and just about all the things I have been bringing up as important to look at, regardless how many deaths from hurricanes, firestorms, mudslides, and the rest. And from some quarters this refusal to see is deep, batshit crazy, and thoroughly intractable.

But now it is at least understandable. And as with everything else, knowing the nature of something gives us an edge.

The Tea Party and anti-abortion type response.

At least, at this point can you see why the “worst” of us — the sickest in terms of being pushed around by such early pain — would not want to do anything about these environmental problems? Can you see why the most afflicted of us are fixated on the abortion issue … here pointing exactly to the source of their discomfort … that is, in their lives as fetuses? We would think theirs to be an honest concern for prenates driven purely by compassion were it not for the fact that these same people have little sympathy — in fact, the opposite! — for the folks already born, around them, who are visibly suffering.

How Can You “Let It Go” if You Won’t Pick It Up?

One must have less of this fetal pain originally or have resolved more of it by facing, feeling, standing and dealing with it — not running away from it — and working through these uncomfortable unresolved feelings which arise inside oneself for one to have any kind of distance from their pushes and pulls, their sway … for one to tackle these problems and not wish to keep bringing them about and keep making oneself suffer. That is, one needs to deal with something before one can stop oneself from reminding oneself that one needs to deal with that something. Why would one think one can “go beyond” something by simply ignoring it, “letting it go,” or imagining, “meditating,” or even praying it away? It just doesn’t work like that.

For that simple but, for so many, strangely incomprehensible concept, let me provide a trite analogy. The other night I woke in the middle of the night, feeling annoyed that I had not gotten a good night’s sleep. I felt irritated, and my mind went on about how this lack of sleep was going to affect my work, was going to stress my heart and contribute to other health complications, and would generally be a drag on my well-being and happiness, as I needed to catch up on some sleep I hadn’t gotten lately.

Eventually, my mind came around to how I felt. I noticed I was perspiring a little: I was warm. That had made me feel uncomfortable. I also realized I was uncomfortable on the bed as I had allowed the bedclothes to get all bunched up beneath me in a way that didn’t feel good. I had unwittingly created some “prenatal discomfort” for myself. And by the way, notice how such bodily discomforts can affect you even unconsciously, as indeed, it woke me up.

While I didn’t feel like I could do anything to get back to sleep, I did attend to removing some layers of blankets, so as to be cooler, and to straightening out my bed so it would be flatter and more comfortable. And you know what? I fell asleep for an additional five hours and caught up on my sleep.

I know, this sounds like a trivial example. But if you understand as I do the roots of our apocalypse and the utter self-destructive stupidity of humans’ behavior and the mind-blowing absurdity of the reality we have constructed in order to keep from seeing our problems, you cannot help but be struck with how simple and obvious and everywhere about is both evidence of the dire state we are in but also the obvious solutions. So, I’ve allowed myself to be facetious, to make this point:

In order to solve a problem, you need to face it.

We will continue creating air pollution and suffering from it until we face our unresolved inner problems. Just as we will have an increasingly toxic Earth until we face it and deal with it in some concrete ways. The idea that we can make problems go away by ignoring them and acting as if they do not exist is nonsensical and an insanity in us. Yet it abounds! It is an irrationality borne of desperation, which we act upon but mostly deny that we do. It is that part of ourselves that continues to bring suffering upon ourselves and others.

This aspect, this thing about what can be done about our situation, is the theme I elaborate on in the final parts of this book. All of it is based upon the simple idea that we need to look at problems we want to solve and the most dire problems are the most important to look at.

That is the most important reason we would want to know all this about the psychology underlying our drive to apocalypse — that is, so we have some power or say in it … so we can do something about it.

Therefore, in the parts of this work that follow now, I deal with this in great detail, and I show where there is hope and where there are positive developments. I also indicate what we are doing wrong so as to continue manifesting that which we do not want. That is, I show where we are self-destructive, basically where we are shooting ourselves in the foot without knowing it … as well as what we can do differently.

Let us leave it at this for now and continue the diagnosis of our condition. For if we do not understand it, how can we do anything about it? I will be pointing out at the end that the biggest part of our continued self-destruction is our brain-dead refusal to understand our actions and face their consequences.



To that end, next we need to consider how in order to save ourselves we need to bring to the surface all the rotten ugliness of pre- and perinatal trauma that for millennia our species has been keeping inside. Let us now look at the evidence for a worldwide “healing crisis,” which is apparently going on right now.



— from PRENATAL EARTH: Our “Prenatal” Air; Life in Gaia’s Womb; Gaia’s Weeping, Toxic Womb ~ Toxic Earth.

Which is chapters 19 through 21 of *Psychology of Apocalypse: Ecopsychology, Activism, and the Prenatal Roots of Humanicide* by Michael Adzema. To be published at Amazon in the third week of April, 2018. 

Click for a free downloadable copy of this excerpt from *Psychology of Apocalypse*, with my compliments.



ABOUT THE AUTHOR, Michael Adzema. Video below … interviewed by Michael Harrell




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The Descents of Man: Descents to “Civilization” — Control … Human Devolution in Light of the Trauma of Birth; Our Separation from Nature Began When We Stood Up


The Descents of Man:

Descents to “Civilization” — Control … Human Devolution in Light of the Trauma of Birth; Our Separation from Nature Began When We Stood Up

— which is Chapter 6 of *Psychology of Apocalypse: Ecopsychology, Activism, and the Prenatal Roots of Humanicideby Michael Adzema, coming to print book and e-book format March-April, 2018.




The Descents of Man:

Descents to “Civilization” — Control … Human Devolution in Light of the Trauma of Birth; Our Separation from Nature Began When We Stood Up


“We remain … one of the few species whose bodies have adaptations suited to water as well as land.”

“…bipedalism is rare in Nature. As bipedal humans, we were beginning a whole new adventure for life on planet Earth.”

“Civilization describes the whole sum of the achievements and the regulations which distinguish our lives from those of our animal ancestors and which serve two purposes — namely to protect men against nature and to adjust their mutual relations.” — Sigmund Freud, Civilization and Its Discontents



Having established how we are different from all other species and have become human, let us now look at contemporary humans’ distinction from the natural world of planetmates. For we find that our fall from grace in Nature began when we were still apes — prehomonids is the usual way of saying it — and still living harmoniously with the rest of the world.1

Descents from Grace, Human Devolution

After that Edenal time there was a step-by-step descent from that state of grace till we arrive at our situation of industrial civilization today. There were developments that increased our split from Nature. It happened over time, gradually, imperceptibly. This supposed evolution, actually a devolution, is related to birth pain … indeed, they are all direct results of birth trauma. For that trauma results in fear and insecurity. And the response to fear and insecurity is a drive to control. That drive to control is another way humans are different from all other species. It is also a way humans in the modern era are different from prototypical humans, from primal humans.

Let me explain.

The First Descent — Bipedalism

A long long time ago … we’re talking millions of years, double digits millions … our ancestors lived in trees in a region of the Earth now called Africa.

Humanity’s First Home Was the Trees

Our primate forbears were arboreal, scurrying along tree limbs and with a small amount of ability to brachiate, that is, to swing below the limbs and branches, like some primates do today. We slept in branches, and we took nourishment from the trees. We were primarily fruitarian, augmenting our diet with insects, caterpillars, and the like. We did not hunt or eat meat. Foraging was the way to go and was eminently sufficient during normal times. Life was good; but as happens, it did not last forever.

A change came upon the Earth. It was a global warming during the Miocene Era. The Miocene Era lasted from 23 to 5.3 million years ago and included periods of both warming and cooling of the Earth’s climate, though overall it was warmer than the preceding Oligocene Era and the following Pliocene. Before sharp drops in temperature at around fourteen million years ago and again at eight million years ago, the Earth had experienced a particularly torrid time. This warming began at around twenty-one million years ago and receded only about fourteen mya. Life was no longer so good. The days were hot and discomforting. Rising temperatures meant tree lines receded, leaving open space in Africa for savannah and desert. Vegetation was harder to come by. Very many, most actually, of our would-be progenitors died off. That would have been the end, and we would not be around today, except for….


Our Second Residence Was Waterfront Property

Luckily for us, some of our ancestors did live near oceans, streams, marshes, rivers, and lakes. And what a relief it was to have water to cool off with on those hot scorching days.

Furthermore, this was the best possible place to forage. Vegetation still grew prodigiously near water sources. Sure, we had to share those waterholes with other planetmates, which included lions and other carnivores; and that was occasionally fatal.

Yet the water was also the best place — and oftentimes, along the seashores, the only place — to escape from predators. So in addition to our former way of seeking refuge in the trees, around water we could make our way out into it as well to escape. Most carnivores looking at us as lunch were averse to water. Their loss, our gain.

Even better, there were other … different and more varied … food sources that came with water. Shorelines, marshlands, and lakesides provided both welcome relief from the increased temperatures as well as served up succulent new foods such as fish, crab, kelp, snails, and items comparable to what we know of as oyster, lobster, and mussels, today. This was in addition to the lush vegetation that grew near water.

Whereas most of our species at that time died off, those who had waterfront property thrived.

Which, strangely enough, is exactly the opposite of what will happen in the near future with climate change and the sea and ocean levels rising today. There’s a cruel karmic justice for ya.

But back then, it was an advantage to be by the sea. We were still planetmates and Earth Citizens, of course, and we belonged in Nature. We retained our planetmate nobility and took our honored spot in the ecosystem of Gaia. We were still in Eden, so to speak.

Then a fateful development ensued.

Our First Split with Nature Began When We Stood Up

You see, in the water there is a huge advantage in foraging to be able to raise oneself up on one’s hind legs. One could go out further in the water, much further. Naturally, those that did increased their success in acquiring food. They survived; they reproduced. They won out in the process of natural selection.

There was an even greater advantage attached to water in terms of safety from predators. Again, wading out as far as possible brought the greatest security.

For both reasons, over time our primate ancestors found it increasingly advantageous to stand up. And not just to stand up, but to stay up! And for long periods of time. Considering the reasons — food acquisition and safety from predators, which both involve survival and with one of them being extra motivating to endure long periods of uprightness so as to avoid a ghastly and brutal end — there was huge incentive to stay out in the water for extensive lengths of time, standing. And to avoid being eaten as well as to get the best things for eating, oftentimes it was the most benefit to be standing as far out in the water as could be, with only one’s head above the surface.

At first we were practicing our new skill of keeping our “chins up” (old chum) only in water. Eventually, for other reasons we found it helpful to be bipedal on land as well. These included keeping one’s hands and arms available for carrying an infant, for with our loss of hair … oh, did I fail to mention that? … yes, we lost our hair like all other mammals who go out to sea … and I assure you, we were not the first. Anyway, with our loss of hair, infants could no longer hold onto fur, as our primate relatives do. Furthermore, with humans being born more helpless than our cousins and staying that way for a longer period of time after birth, our very young ones were not developed enough to cling anyway. We’ll get into that shortly, with prematurity of birth and secondary altriciality.

The Naked and Aquatic Ape

Now, over the course of millions of years, because of our semi-marine lifestyle, our bodies changed in myriad ways. We lost our hair, as I said: It was helpful, when in water and especially when swimming, to not be encumbered with fur. Yet the hair on our heads remained and grew longer. For in water, a toddler could grasp its mother’s hair, while she was foraging, so as to stay in proximity with her and avoid the dangers of being separated and possibly even drowning.

Our fingers became more sensitive and more useful, for that was a great help in finding and acquiring food items beneath the water.

Our eyesight was already pretty good. Having been tree-dwellers, it was hugely important to be able to distinguish shapes and patterns and for our vision to have keen three-dimensionality and binocular perspective to be able to judge limbs and distances well to keep from falling and possibly dying. Well, in the water, super-duper vision was nice to have, too; but we developed it even more. For looking through the water to find food was aided considerably by better eyesight.

What was not that important anymore was the sense of smell. Whereas our primate sisters and many mammalian cousins have a keen ability to make out odors and scents, we began losing ours. In the water, there were nowhere near the complex odors and scents as on verdant land with its intricate, multi-aspected vegetation, infinitely complex dirt and ground cover, and varied beings … all emitting different, intense, and “highly informative” smells.

There, in the forest, it was a huge advantage to have super smell. Not so much in the water, surrounded by bland smelling ocean or sea water, with little complexity or variation to it. Even worse, the chemical substances eliciting smell, so abundant in the woods, would be washed away, while in water. Or they would drift off on the breeze and not linger as long, like they did when there was vegetation and trees all around.

Additionally, while foraging in water, it was an advantage to communicate with others of our own. Smell was a good way for land-dwellers to convey emotion and messages. The scents of the forest and other planetmates, particularly our own kind, were rich and revealing. The water, much less so.

So for informational purposes, we developed two of our abilities exceedingly — the ability to make meaningful sounds to communicate and a refined capability to convey emotion, thought, and intent through facial expression. The first would lead to language, over a very long time. The second grew out of the fact that in water, at times, it was only or primarily our heads that were visible.

It was quite an advantage in acquiring food to be able to communicate with our own, so being able to send and receive signals by way of facial expressions was a huge boon. We could not use our body language as much in water. Being often up to our heads in it, sometimes we could not wave our arms to signal alarm. It was difficult to indicate displeasure or irritation with one’s body posture alone. Signals for happiness, pleasure, and direction were similarly muted. As mentioned, using smell for communication, as many in our extended family did to achieve the same ends, was no longer possible.

Hence, we became ever more adept at portraying messages through our faces, culminating in tiny but finely tuned movements in facial muscles and the ever more refined changes in facial expression that would make possible. On the other side of that, we became skilled readers of each other’s facial expressions. To this day, we might not be very good at reading body language, but if you look at actors and the way they can convey so much information with a slight change of lip, eyebrow, head movement, or such — sometimes movements of muscles in the face practically imperceptible, yet we get the message — you will see how profoundly good we got at understanding each other’s feelings, emotions, and even thoughts that way. We can tell a lot by “the look on his (her) face.”

These are only a few of the many ways our bodies changed, and in these kinds of changes we were not all that unusual in Nature. Other species had been land-dwelling and had actually made a complete change of residence to the sea. Among these are the seals, dolphins, whales, walruses, and dugong, also known as sea cows. They had all once lived on land. The whale was once a land dwelling quadruped, like any other of the furry animals we see around us today. And the manatee evolved from a creature that had similarities to both an elephant and a rabbit. Imagine that.

The changes in their bodies were huge … as were the changes in their sizes, by the way. Limbs that were important on land became rather useless in the water, and flippers and fins and the like were better things to bring to water. In water, removing the limitations of gravity, as it did, meant that size, shape, and weight were not constrained. Sea mammals became big and blubbery. Which is something that we only now, with our corporate control of food pushing nutritionless starchy, sugary, and salty foods to the near elimination of all else, are pulling off with our increased weight and heft.

World-Straddlers … Return to the Interior

However, we never made that complete transition to water like they did. We remain to this day one of the few species whose bodies have adaptations suited to water as well as land. Our cohorts in that regard are pigs and elephants, interestingly enough. Nevertheless, with a status midway between primates and dolphins, this was the first of many instances where humans found themselves on the borders of erstwhile hard and fast categories. Not only would it not be the last, but it is one of the things that ended up defining us. We were world-straddlers, like it not, for good or ill. And oftentimes it was for the worst.

Part of the reason we never became fully aquatic was also due to climate changes. Days were getting cooler again, and those of us who lived along the seas would begin making our way increasingly toward the interior of the continent and begin spending more of our time on land.

Perhaps it was that those who were inland thrived more, but it is also possible that those ancestors of ours with oceanfront property worked their way up the rivers back to Africa central. Or both of those factors contributed. For one thing, now that the Earth was cooling again, it was not as crucial to be in water. It was not as comfortable either. How our desire to go swimming changes on cool and cloudy days, eh?  

There might also have been more disincentives to forage in waters in the interior than there were down by the sea. If it had been the case that our direct ancestors first evolved along the ocean, then when it got cooler, they might actually have wanted to follow the rivers and streams inland for more comfortable, warmer weather. However, along the ocean, there would be relatively few dangers in the water. Sharks were rather uncommon and only occasionally fatal. Other dangers, such as sting rays, could be survived. Whereas, inland there would be more dangers to survival in the water. There were crocodiles and alligators and their like; there were poisonous water snakes in more abundance than by the sea. These, along with the fact that the land surrounding began giving up more in the way of groceries were incentives to stay on the land more and to seek food there more often.

Indeed, while our ancestors came from the interior of Africa and were marsh, swamp, stream, and lake likers, we eventually had less and less need to go into the water; and we found more and more reasons to be on land. Our bipedalism at least made that an interesting change from those we saw around us who were loping about on four legs.

For certainly, bipedalism is rare in Nature. As bipedal humans, we were beginning a whole new adventure for life on planet Earth.

To summarize, we began as apes and as tree-dwellers. However, a change in climate around twenty million years ago caused our forebears to congregate around water supplies — lakes, oceans, streams, and swamps. Water afforded relief from the heat as well as provided abundant food sources which were becoming scarcer in the interior of Africa. Foraging in waters made standing upright to be an advantage in natural selection, for one could go out into deeper waters and expand one’s possibilities for success. Retreating to water was also a way to protect against some kinds of predators who were averse to water. Standing for long periods of time in water made bipedalism increasingly advantageous; it was favored in natural selection.

Second Descent — Birth Trauma

So, along the line of our early evolution, prehumans stood up and became bipedal. However, this resulted in a different structuring of our bones, of course. Most significantly, standing up achieved a different configuration of our pelvic bones. The different alignment made it so the pelvic ring, through which babies needed to be born, became smaller. The prenate’s head was larger, along every dimension, than the widest opening of the pelvic ring, and we only were able to be born by adaptations involving a softer bone in the skull, which could be molded to allow birth, and the evolution of hormones to relax and lubricate the female in areas around the birth canal during delivery. Regardless, humans began being unique in Nature in having the first ever occurrence of routine birth trauma, with difficult and longer deliveries, and excessive pain to both the mother and the neonate. These things are all relative, of course. It is in comparison to the rest of Nature and to what our evolutionary line experienced earlier that we have birth trauma, difficult deliveries, and greater pain for both participants.




The resulting birth pain gave prehumans bigger brains to deal with that trauma and keep it from affecting their ability to survive. As Janov and Holden (1975) have pointed out, the majority of our big brains is employed in keeping pain repressed … keeping out information, not raising our intellect. Thus humans have bigger brains in order to process bigger traumas at our beginnings. Again, this is relative to the rest of Nature, in particular our nearest relatives among planetmates, monkeys and apes.

Third Descent — Prematurity

Now, the big brains required a longer gestation for their development. However, the gestation required of twenty-one months for the level of maturation at birth comparable to our nearest planetmate relatives did not fit with natural selection. Evolutionary pressures, such as those involving a mother’s ability to forage and not be incapacitated with pregnancy, came into play, putting limits on the length of gestation. Our evolutionary response was to be born sooner — prematurity — and to finish the second half of our brain’s maturation after birth. This is called secondary altriciality.



Secondary Altriciality

In very many species the young are born helpless and needing assistance to survive. This characteristic of helplessness at the beginnings of life is termed altricial. We are the only species, however, who have an additional time of helplessness requiring attentive care; we are said to have secondary altriciality. Because we were premature relative to our primate relatives in Nature, we had to have that period of twelve months, which in primates would be in the womb, outside in the world of society. That is to say, with people, basically the parents.

Now, this meant that we were experiencing pain at the beginnings of life through birth trauma, then also through the fact that parents could not possibly take care of the needs of an infant as well as Nature could, as is the case with our primate relatives who experience their comparable brain development in utero.

Fourth Descent — Fetal Malnutrition

Another development that came with bipedalism is that in the late stages of gestation, the prenate would be so large that it would press against the blood vessels in the surrounding environment and inhibit the blood flow to the extent that nutrients and oxygen were not supplied sufficiently. A big part of that reduction of blood flow came out of the fact that standing up magnified that constriction of blood vessels. By contrast, the fetuses of our four-legged primate cousins hang loosely below the mother, not impeding the blood flow.

resized fetal malnutrition , contrast cropped ... this is the one


Because of this reduction in the supply of nutrients to the fetus, the arc of growth, at the end of gestation, flattens out and does not catch up and begin retracing the curve established earlier in gestation until after birth. The prenate’s growth, measured by its weight, as well as body length, slows significantly beginning in the third trimester and especially during the last four weeks of gestation and resumes its spurt only when it is no longer in the womb. By comparison, our ape relatives, not to mention other planetmates, do not have that prenatal arrest of development.


fetal malnutrition graph, length

Thus, we were beginning to have fetal malnutrition, because of our upright gait, which was another source of hellacious pain for us as neonates having vast consequences for human psychology. We stood up, and our soon-to-be-born children got really crowded in the womb. They were suffocating and starving in there, too.

Fifth Descent—Ego

Big brains were one way of dealing with this ever-mounting pain and trauma at our beginnings. However, concomitant to that was the creation of an Ego. In order to keep our early pain repressed as well as to seek the satisfaction of needs — now dependent on society for them — in a haphazard world, with no real certainty those needs would be met, we evolved an adaptation of consciousness that was split from Nature and removed from our experience of life. This Ego, being separate from experience, sought to act as a director or controller of the items of our consciousness as well as of our immediate environment.


fetus in womb, worked

Our egos were modeled upon our parents, of course. So we would have all the shortcomings they had. Or we would have others in response or in reaction to theirs. This is called human personality.

Sixth Descent — Mistrust

Both traumas — birth trauma and fetal malnutrition — contributed to the growth of that Ego and affected our personalities in many and varied ways. Part of this was the way it made imperfect humans even more lacking in caring for their infants. Thus we “acquired” even more pain because of insufficient satisfaction of needs.

Mistrust of Nature Led to Control Compulsion

Altogether we learned, early in our lives, that the world around us could not be relied on. Consequently, we began an ever-increasing mistrust of the world, which manifested, critically, in our relation to Nature and our feelings about how well we could have our needs met in it. Since we mistrusted, we began controlling. Control came in to fill the gap of mistrust that lay between need and satisfaction.

Seventh Descent — Hunting

While in Nature, our needs were taken care of, but with this increasing mistrust and out of the fear that it engendered, we began thinking we needed to augment our vegetarian diet. We began killing planetmates, which we call hunting.

Eighth Descent — Murder

Killing planetmates, who are so much like us, and with the repression of conscience required, or, one might say the insensitivity, that came of that, we were able to kill each other. Cain killed Abel is the way The Bible expresses that, metaphorically.



Ninth Descent — Farming

This increased our anxiety and mistrust and the consequent compulsion to control … out of fear of lack of resources … and the next part of Nature that compulsion was directed to was the plant kingdom. We began growing our food — horticulture — to augment our gathering and hunting. This led to farming, to the agrarian revolution, and to agriculture, in time.

Tenth Descent — Husbandry

Controlling now our food sources through planetmate flesh (meat) and the plant kingdom, the next step was naturally to begin growing those planetmates in place, just as we had their distant sister plants. This is called domestication of animals or animal husbandry.

Eleventh Descent — Sedentary Life and Storage

Now, all this sedentary living, required for farming and husbandry, made it that we could store more things, which we were not wont to do when we were nomadic and would have had to lug it with us. Hence, we were “settled” in place, and we stored things.

Twelfth Descent — Accumulation

The ability to store meant that some people would store more than others. Those who accumulated more would have influence, and eventually control, over those who stored less. Ten thousand years ago, the rich began calling the tune to which all society would need to dance. We have, with this, the beginning of civilization. As I heard it put recently, civilization is “they lock up the food.”

Thirteenth Descent — Hierarchy

Folks who accumulated more — let us call them Large Accumulators, the earliest of what today we call the wealthy — could dominate and control, now, beyond the things of Nature, also their fellow humans. Levels of power arose, with those above dominating those below and those lower on the societal ladder needing to conform and abide by the wishes of those above, for security and sustenance reasons. This is hierarchy, and it comes into play with sedentary living and the rise of centralized living — that is, villages, then cities, then states. All are characterized by a hierarchy of power where those above could call the tune … domination; and the ones below would need to dance to the tune of another, and could no longer pursue ends of their own, which is submission.

Naturally, this inequality of wealth evolved into a hierarchical arrangement of dominance and submission. Each level would control those below while being conforming and sycophantic to all those above. We have an incipient class war and an overt culture war going back to this time. For those at the top would wish to hide the injustice in this setup through social constructions, such as law, mores, and religion, which would divide the classes and keep them pitted against each other, rather than focusing their blame on the ones in control.

Losing our relatively noble status as when we lived in the egalitarian cultures characteristic of gather-hunters, we began living in societies where controlling others or being controlled colored all our social interactions, and an incipient class war festered beneath the surface.

Fourteenth Descent — Misogyny

Since men were being controlled by higher ups outside the family, they began taking that model of authoritarian control into the family, as well. This was first applied to children, but at this point it began being directed at women. Wives were required to submit to their mates in a manner similar to the way men were being required to submit outside the family. This soothed men’s humiliation born of submission to other men by having it balanced in the family with being able to experience domination of women, particularly wives. Again, we have Ego stepping in to keep our pain repressed, regardless who around us it might hurt.

The root of all our problems is our obsession to control and its resulting domination of everything around us. For humans, Ego became the prime motivation in life, towering over everything else and any other impulse. 

Nature did just fine for billions of years before us, but we began the rationalization — continuing right up to today — that it now needed us to manage it … to have dominion over it … for it was essentially just a soulless machine. People lived and loved and enjoyed life for millions of years, but our strong men and patriarchs would concoct the idea that our Small Accumulators, women, and children would be utterly lost without their telling them what to do. For — as men told themselves — these underlings were less “divine” and were closer to that dreaded and scapegoated “animal” state — defined as that which is “out of control” and “wild.”



Fifteenth Descent — Child Use

With all this extra work required to grow food and raise it as planetmates, it was deemed helpful to engage children into the mix by making them assist in the work at younger and younger ages. Thus, we began controlling our children, like everything else, and with that came not just child labor but also child abuse.

Child Abuse and Human Tool Use — Humans Become Abominations in Nature

Separation from the Divine meant separation from all else, all others, even one’s own offspring, along with increasing isolation, and increasing reinforcement of the alien, backwards, consciousness construct, Ego. Humans began secretly to think, “There’s nothing really alive but me.”

Consequently, newborns were seen in exactly the same way as other beings being controlled — as just as worthy an investment, and little more, as raising kidnapped Earth Citizens and just as acceptable for coercion, for forced enlistment, in the survival schemes of the now rootless, directionless sedentary humans

All these controlling tendencies of all-seen-as-not-ego were alike in their estimation and implementation: control of life ways; all Earth Citizens — fauna and flora; other humans; and dependent newborns. They were all seen increasingly as “things” to be manipulated and used for Ego survival. They were all gradually deprived of their status as being conscious, of having consciousness, as being akin to self and one’s consciousness.

Sixteenth Descent — Work

A major development came in with hierarchy and its patterns of dominance and submission which was a monumental change in the experience of life of humans. With dominant folks directing affairs, lesser people were brought into line to work toward the satisfaction of the needs of those above and would have little time left over to attend to their own. We created work when we began buying other’s time, and selling our own, in exchange for survival. This created an onerous existence for humanity which was vastly different from the rich experiences of life that our ancestors, previous to that, had enjoyed.

Seventeenth Descent — Religion

This controlling not being enough, the elite added still more tools to their arsenals of domination. We have the individualistic spirituality of the gatherer-hunters called shamanism — in which everyone could work out their relation to the Divine — being deformed into religion. Religion put other people in as mediators with the Divine — priests — and religion was slanted along the lines of the desires and wishes of the higher ups, the elite. Consequently, obedience to higher power, rather than individualistic and creative relation to the Divine, took over as the ethic.

Gods and Patriarchality

Controlled and increasingly living in fear, people imagined gods, then concocted them, who were amalgamations of the authoritarian figures of the society and culture — the fathers-husbands and the wealthy Controllers. Religion became infused with a morality, a patriarchal one, that was only superficially covered up for what it really was — a mechanism to keep the family members, in particular the wives and children, as well as the masses in line. This increase of control represented a gradual loss of self, or soul, from all these factors; and the process continued, with religion and the elites of society directing the populace of society along ends specifically suited to themselves.

Thought and Emotion Control

After all this controlling of everything and everyone about and now with religion added as a tool, the inner thoughts and emotions of the masses were next to be conquered and wrangled into submission.

Inner life was targeted for control to serve toward two ends: For the masters, it was more effective than external control to keep the masses from noticing their enslavement and, in the throes of righteous injustice, rising up against their oppressors.

For the oppressed masses it served in their attempts to defend … even more defensiveness was required now … against the pain building up in them from all the assaults on their felicity to date. To function in such a deprived and unhappy state, folks needed to put out of their minds and to repress — with all their might and using all the devices at their disposal, including religion — the pains emanating from prenatal malnutrition, birth, guilty consciences from killing, huge workloads to survive, abuse as children, domination by a wealthy elite and/or by males, and finally religion itself.

Sexual and Pleasure Repression

Hugely important amid the thought-and-emotion control was that of sexual behavior. Religion and the Controllers embraced the notion that even sexuality was a source of uninhibited expression of emotion, outside the control of the elite, so sexuality became demonized … at least for the lowly. Sexuality was both a reminder of our erstwhile belongingness in Nature as well as it was a powerful source of potential defiance, thus requiring repression.

The quality of life of the dominated, including love, was more than just not important to the Controllers, which was true. On a level so fundamental it could not even be seen, the personal feelings, motivations, and individual ends of those lower in status got in the way of the ends the Controllers had in mind. Human feeling, intention, and choice were thought to be arenas designated only for them. Those who controlled deemed themselves risen to the heavens, at times thinking they were gods, at times demanding they be thought of that way.

In this scheme, the subdued and the server classes were viewed as no more than props in the dramas the elite would concoct. They were not more important, often even less so, than the planetmates who had earlier been enslaved, similarly to be used at will by humanity. And sexuality for the underlings, like it was for planetmates, was an unpredictable variable, arising from “messy” biology and human feeling, which was inconvenient to the Controllers in the attainment of their ends. It would not at all benefit the Controllers for their underlings to be happy or satisfied. In fact, messy emotion would work against the higher ups’ desire to have those below attend to their needs, not their own. It was an element of life that would be out of their control

So, pleasure in general, sexual pleasure in particular, was increasingly devalued, downplayed, moralized against, even demonized, and therefore suppressed, using religion as the tool, in favor of values that benefited those at the top — values which were centered upon hard-work and obedience. This repression of sexuality, love relationship, and tender human feeling was added to the piles of hurt that humans carried, which needed to be suppressed so that ordinary folks could even function … and most definitely so they could act in the productive manners beneficial to and demanded by their dominators. We were on the road to soul murder.



Repression of Individuality

The extent to which overlords wished to drive all individuality and feeling out of their underlings is exemplified in a sight we see everywhere in all patriarchal societies, and pretty much only in patriarchal cultures. That sight is of the soldier, guard, attendant standing at attention and unmoving, often near at hand to the Controller — the king, royalty, military or political personage, or tyrant. What better way to indicate that person in attendance is not a person or alive but is only a tool to be used at the overlord’s whim.

Notice how no amount of movement is allowed. For any such action arising out of the volition of the underling would indicate an individuality, separate from the Controllers, that was wanted to be beaten out and removed from the personality of the soldier or guard. The message is clear: “Your life is not your own. It is mine. Don’t even think of having an idea of your own, let alone an independent action. No. Your body is mine to direct and manipulate. Keep it in the corner, quiet and unmoving, until I tell you what to do with it.” The thinking  here is no different from that of storing one’s guns in a locker, keeping one’s car in the driveway.

This practice continues right up to modern times where we see, as some kind of goal or achievement, the control and orchestration of individuals and groups and their every tiny movement, every action, to be in “lock step” with others, with absolutely no individuality or non-conformity at all. Clearly we see this in boot camps, where they march in formation, stand at attention, frozen, only moving in a way that is in complete synchrony with the others in the group. In ways like this we are told we are nothing … we are on the level of a tool, or a thing. It has its beginnings even with the marching to and from class in grade school … to and from lunch … to and from the lavatory…. Do not get out of line! We are told our lives only have value as determined and put into action by higher ups.



For only with such complete conformity, such machine-like regimentation, did Controllers feel that they could be safe from insurrection. Only with it could they feel that they could elicit actions from their subordinates in which the underlings would put their lives at risk for the ends of the elite. Or do any other thing, however disagreeable, that the Controller would not want to do. Look to any parade, any military ceremony, half-time at any high school football game to see how this kind of total non-individuality is put out as the ideal, as the paragon of total repression of self, which is desired in a patriarchy. All so its elites can wield control and power maximally.

Propaganda, Positive Thinking, and Pharmaceuticals

Hence, methods of mind control developed, ever modified and perfected. It took the form of things similar to the positive thinking and the pharmaceutical suppression we see in modern times. For both serve to aid one in running away from the trauma and pain within and to delude oneself that everything is different than it really is. Such a delusional trance of fake happiness … “just put on a happy face” “smile, though you feel like crying, smile, what’s the use of sighing” … was needed to avoid the huge loss of self-esteem, and thus effectiveness (“use”), that would come with a knowledge of all that one was enduring … and all unfairly … if one compared oneself with Nature.

Indeed, one did keenly feel an unfairness in one’s life. Though it would not do for it to be acknowledged; it was another “inconvenient” feeling requiring repression. For we retained, in our needs and desires at least, a knowledge of what we really wanted. And what we longed for desperately were the same things we had been having while in Nature, over the course of millions of years, which were now being denied, supremely, over the course of the last five-to-ten-thousand-some years.

Eighteenth Descent — Culture

The amalgamation of all these Ego tendencies — which included controlling traits, conforming and sycophancy tendencies, and separation from the Divine and Nature and the loss of connection to feeling or to a life lived with “felt experience” — is culture. Culture developed, in civilizations, in concert with the loss of Divine connection. It created a mesmerizing maze in which to get lost and to hide from oneself one’s lost experience of life. Culture is a weed without roots, it is the fury we create to block out our emptiness. Ignorance of the Divine made for some pretty a-mazing untruths and empty rituals.



Nineteenth Descent — Soul Murder

Thus, with the assistance of mind control that was imposed — things akin to morality, propaganda, and religion; augmented by mind control that was self-administered, which would include things like thought control, positive thinking, “creating one’s reality,” “channeling” of one’s drives for fulfillment, and sublimating of one’s desires; along with trivial distractions from one’s experience of self through mindless entertainment, mind-numbing work, and such; and finally with the boost provided by the modern pharmaceuticals serving to put blinders on one’s thoughts and to restrict one’s feelings and emotions and channel them along those “appropriate” lines helpful to the higher ups … with all of these together we had the ability to achieve a pretty good murder of the conscience, of the soul.


And with this we have the achievement of the heights of “civilization” — the sociopath. All human “evolution,” characterized as it is by increasing control of everything and anyone around, reaches its fruition in the creation of a personality without the ability to empathize, which enables a human to kill, steal, manipulate, bully, destroy the environment, kill off species, and dominate without conscience or remorse — all in the service of narcissistic desires and greed. The sociopath is the logical and inevitable omega point of man’s descent from Nature. Commiserations to Teilhard de Chardin for having gotten it backward, regarding his Omega Point, under the nearly unbreakable spell of the overweening anthropocentrism which arose in tandem to such sociopathy, sharing many of its qualities.

Indeed, while this evolutionary “advance” — sociopathy — came into play with civilization, especially among elites and Controllers, these tendencies can be seen to characterize and be at play in the majority of human personalities at this time in history. While mostly recognizing these traits in their most extreme form, most humans will fail to see the reflections of them in their own selves. Unfeeling, insensitive, greedy, narcissistic, anthropocentric, and self-centered people will not know they are that way. And seeing everyone around them as much the same, they will hardly know it can be any different.

This is where we are today and why we need to return to our primal personalities, in tune with Nature and the Divine.

The Descents of Man

In sum, these descents, in relative order of their appearance in time or, if they occurred concurrently, their priority as being causative were as so,

  • First Descent — Bipedalism
  • Second Descent — Birth Trauma
  • Third Descent — Prematurity
  • Fourth Descent — Fetal Malnutrition
  • Fifth Descent — Ego
  • Sixth Descent — Mistrust
  • Seventh Descent — Hunting
  • Eighth Descent — Murder
  • Ninth Descent — Farming
  • Tenth Descent — Husbandry
  • Eleventh Descent — Sedentary Life and Storage
  • Twelfth Descent — Accumulation
  • Thirteenth Descent — Hierarchy … control of others, inequality, domination and submission, class war
  • Fourteenth Descent — Misogyny … domination of women, domination and submission brought into the family
  • Fifteenth Descent — Child Use…. and Abuse … domination and control of offspring, mistreatment and exploitation of children, family “armies” and work groups
  • Sixteenth Descent — Work
  • Seventeenth Descent — Religion … instead of spirituality, beginnings of impersonal and ritualized practice in relation to Divinity and authority, sycophantic worship instead of connection with Divinity, phantom and transcendent gods
  • Eighteenth Descent — Culture
  • Nineteenth Descent — Soul Murder … control of thoughts and self, avoidance-denial of pain, ultimate loss of empathy and conscience (the sociopaths of today and of history) and, thus, the ability to engage in war, hate crimes, burning of Jews and witches, genocides, ecocide, and to murder from afar and upon command.


So we arrive at our situation today, separated from Nature and about to bring down the whole shebang out of our pure contrariness. Oh, what to do. Well, at this point we are thoroughly removed from Eden; we have cast aside natural ways. “By the sweat of our face we will eat our bread.” We have learned to work hard, to forgo pleasure. And we never look back, lest we be confronted by that burning pain of birth pain. Let us now bring that aspect of it deeper into focus.


— from Chapter 6, titled “The Descents of Man:  Descents to “Civilization” — Control … Human Devolution in Light of the Trauma of Birth; Our Separation from Nature Began When We Stood Up”

— of *Psychology of Apocalypse: Ecopsychology, Activism, and the Prenatal Roots of Humanicide* by Michael Adzema, coming to print book and e-book format March-April, 2018.

Click for a free downloadable copy of this excerpt from *Psychology of Apocalypse*, with my compliments.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR, Michael Adzema. Video below … interviewed by Michael Harrell





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*Dance of the Seven Veils  I(2017). 

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*Falls from Grace: The Devolution and Revolution of Consciousness* (2014).

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On Sanity, Insanity, and Ecopsychology… “The only sane response to an emergency is activism … and the sanest response is heroism.”

On Sanity, Insanity, and Ecopsychology… “The only sane response to an emergency is activism … and the sanest response is heroism.”

Which is the Introduction to Psychology of Apocalypse by Michael Adzema




On Sanity, Insanity, and Ecopsychology


“The most important revelation of this new ecopsychology made possible by the twin factors of a collapsing environment and an advanced form of child-caring, in the last fifty years, creating the sanest generations to date is that the opposite of insanity is not normality … at all! The only sane response in an apocalypse emergency — a situation analogous to one’s house on fire — is activism!”

“The only sane response to an emergency is activism … and the sanest response is heroism.”


Theodore Roszak, in his seminal work, The Voice of the Earth, introduced the civilized world to the term ecopsychology.


Clearly combining the meanings of the words ecology and psychology, he asked us to question the sanity of a world that would bring humanity to the brink of destruction. Clearly, our ideas of humanity and normality were estranged from the natural world we lived in. How else could we think to destroy our own nest? He did an overview of psychology and philosophy in Western culture and showed how none of them gave us a conceptualization of humanity within Nature. All showed humans as divorced and separate, often urban, as intellectuals tend to be. Yet this is what we call “normal.” This is what we call sane. This is what our psychologies and psychologists wish to help us “adjust” to. And this is all rather questionable in light of where it has led us.

Roszak called for a psychology that would start with man as rooted in Nature, belonging to Gaia, as it were. With all due modesty, this is that book. This work, and my other pertinent works, in particular Planetmates and Prodigal Human, indeed provide such a psychology. It is an ecopsychology where we see humans within the context of the natural world, as another planetmate within Nature.


In addressing such an ecopsychology which see humans within Nature, we see that normality and sanity, as viewed from within the domains of psychology as given to us down through the ages, are instead quite insane.  From a context of what would be sane for humans, in contrast to it, we evaluate where we are psychologically as humans, how we got to where we are, what it is about us that is wrong, what it has led to inevitably and why, and what insights it brings us about what now to do. How do we become sane in an insane human world — a world that is at war with its own home, that is burning down its own house, even as it barricades itself on the couch, watching television and eating chips from plastic bags that will not decompose, and so simply add more fuel to the inferno already raging all around.


Yet it is not that there is no basis for establishing what is sane. What this book does, in particular, even more so than Planetmates and Prodigal Human, is show what is meant by that. Following from concepts first brought out in my work Wounded Deer and Centaurs, this work shows just what sanity looks like in our current situation.

“What does sanity look like? This is what sanity looks like!”

Amazingly, in the context of a vision of humanity set within Nature, as one planetmate among all the others (Planetmates) and clearly having gone through a devolution from Nature, not an arrogant transcendence above Nature, allowing us dominion over it (as I showed in Prodigal Human), we are seen to be quite insane. What is sanity then? This book shows that.

What we find out is that the opposite of insanity is not normality at all! Clearly, our normal sanity is just another version of insanity … a kind of group insanity, an insanity of the herd … like an entire population with the same disease … we call it “human nature” though it is not … we do not recognize the sickness.

And we wouldn’t still, save that there are, for reasons of evolved child-caring, parenting techniques finally come back to humans, now people coming into civilized world, who provide the contrast necessary to see that.

“The most important revelation of this new ecopsychology made possible by the twin factors of a collapsing environment and an advanced form of child-caring, in the last fifty years, creating the sanest generations to date is that the opposite of insanity is not normality … at all! The only sane response in an apocalypse emergency — a situation analogous to one’s house on fire — is activism!” The only sane response to an emergency is to deal with it. Anything else, even normality, contributes to the death that is coming and assists that death in including more in its jaws. The only sane response to an emergency is activism … and the sanest response is heroism. Not sainthood. Not enlightenment. Not social status. Not corporate success. Not any kind of material achievement. No. the only sane response to a situation where we stand in front of a house on fire is to pick up a bucket. Anything else is numb, unfeeling, quite dissociated, and selfish. And when one is inside that house, the only response is to get out the fire extinguisher, seek to help the ones inside to get free from the flames, to minimize the suffering of others and to save others and oneself, regardless if one succeeds or not … the only sane response is thus heroism.

So it is that in a time like this many things need to be re-evaluated. For not only the definition of sanity but even our understanding of heroism requires reconsideration. We have a legacy where, amazingly, heroism is associated with killers, with warriors. Well, the ones on the other side of this societally proclaimed “hero,” as destroyer of life, do not think this person so “heroic” now, do they? So this also must be revised. In a multicultural world, where not only the environment needs addressing but war needs revising, we see that there are no humans worth killing for the sake of anyone’s government. All are innocent. And warriors are not heroes, they are murderers. Sanctioned murderers, rewarded murderers, heralded murderers, yet murderers nonetheless.

So what this leads us to is a new definition of the hero’s cycle. This new hero’s cycle, in its turn, reveals another revision needing to be made. Which is that of the Oedipal and Electra complexes. This book shows why that is so, as well.


— from Introduction, titled “On Sanity, Insanity, and Activism”

— of *Psychology of Apocalypse* by Michael Adzema, scheduled for publication, winter-spring, 2018.


Click for a free downloadable copy of this excerpt from *Psychology of Apocalypse*, with my compliments.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR, Michael Adzema. Video below … interviewed by Michael Harrell



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*Dance of the Seven Veils  I(2017). 

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*Falls from Grace: The Devolution and Revolution of Consciousness* (2014).

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There are lives “when the grand vision is wanted, even if it is more painful”: What does that say about us who have reincarnated on this brink of human extinction?

 “…there are times when the grand vision is wanted, even if it is more painful. Some lives you want to loll on the beach. Some lives you want to go to Life University and understand it all … er, actually, overstand it all.”

“…here’s where it gets really, really interesting. If we are living in simultaneous realities, and at different levels … even to the point of being the entire enchilada and having the experience of being God … well, what does that say about each and every one of us now, at this time in history?…”

– from “Funny God: The Tao of Funny God and the Mind’s True Liberation”



For any of Michael Adzema’s books, go to Michael Adzema at Amazon

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Extinction Radio (Activate Media, formerly Occupy Boston Radio) interview of Michael Adzema on extinction, activism, and the cosmic significance of our lives in these times

Heads up, folks. Here’s the recording of the show that was broadcast on Sunday, October 18th. It is the main interview on Extinction Radio. It is now available for listening and downloading.



I was interviewed by Peter Melton. Extinction Radio is a broadcast of Activate Media, formerly Occupy Boston Radio.

This is not to be missed. And thanks for the great support I always get from my followers and friends.

My 37 minute interview begins 2:40 minutes in. From the show broadcast on Sunday, October 18th. 

An interview with Michael Adzema, by Peter Melton. Extinction Radio

Broadcast originally at Activate Media http://www.activatemedia.org/

Now available as an archived broadcast to be listened to and downloaded any time 


Michael Adzema, author of the books, “Apocalypse Emergency: Love’s Wake-Up Call,” “Apocalypse NO: Apocalypse or Earth Rebirth and the Emerging Perinatal Unconscious,” “Planetmates: The Great Reveal,” “Funny God: The Tao of Funny God and the Mind’s True Liberation,” and the soon-to-be-released, “Wounded Deer and Centaurs: The Necessary Hero and the Prenatal Matrix of Human Events” … among others … talks to Peter Melton​ on the meaning of these times in the context of the impending extinction of all life on Earth, the invigorating role thus presented to those awakened of us, the cosmic significance of it all, and much more.

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“The 1% were one election away, in 2012, from installing a charter member as leader of the Western world: We start by looking at beginnings of this culture war, class war

“One of the biggest recent battles in that class war was waged in the U.S. presidential election of 2012. The 1%, having gained an unfair advantage to use their vast wealth unrestrainedly to further their ends electorally, had managed to pollute the electoral process so much that one of its most visible members — Mitt Romney — was able to be one election away from being the most powerful person in the world. Almost one half the American people somehow did not see how that would be a Waterloo for the forces of the 99% and they were okay with that happening. To make things worse, this came on the heels of the one percent’s ongoing effort to dial back the ninety-nine percent’s ability to have a say in their governing with fantastical redistricting outlines and by limiting and harassing voter participation throughout the U.S. with draconian registration requirements and purging of voter rolls. The fact that Mitt Romney lost is in indication of the “fall of obvious truths” that will be discussed in the latter part of this book and which is the hope abundant in the advance of generations.

“Still, the never ending budget battles — which on this very day, incidentally, has led to a shutdown of the U.S. Government because the Republicans do not want to allow health care coverage in America (Obamacare) — and the filibustering and gridlock in Washington on virtually all legislation needed for American advance indicate the battle has not ended the war. Indeed, this one-time “cold war” between the 1% and the 99% has heated up fast. Let us start by looking at its beginnings….”

– from “Culture War, Class War: Occupy Generations and the Rise and Fall of ‘Obvious Truths'”



for any of Michael Adzema’s books, go to Michael Adzema at Amazon


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“We are fields overlapping, intermixing, potentially expanding, in an instant, to include all of Reality … and to have the experience of ‘God'”: The Nature of Us and God

“Down the line, eventually, in some field of experiences that are part of larger experiences is us, each of us …. single points of observation … an ever changing organization of Experience aware of itself … existing within some mix of fields of larger experiences.”

“Individual waves on an ocean … single leaves on a tree….”

“Each of us is like a bringing together of pieces from the jigsaw puzzle of all experience, in a way that suits us, the magnet. We are fields — that’s another way of looking at it — we are fields overlapping and intermixing and potentially expanding, in an instant, to include all of Reality … and to have the experience of “God” … of being God.”

“With total freedom you might have something equivalent to being able to see yourself as the individual leaf, or yourself as the entire tree, alternately and by simply a change of focus.”

“Thus, we are All … and a part … alternately. But since there is no time, we are both All … and a part … simultaneously….”

“We are God. Each of us, all of it. We are a tiny subset of It All, each of us. We are essentially It All … God … but we choose to be lesser at the same time … to have the experience of both … to better magnify the glory of it all. Or, as I like to put it, to make it more fun….”

– from “Funny God: The Tao of Funny God and the Mind’s True Liberation”



For any of Michael Adzema’s books, go to http://www.amazon.com/Michael-Adzema/e/B00J7F0URC/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1

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Sure It’s Hard and an Insane Society: But the path to bliss leads through despair; egos must be “destroyed” before new worlds can be born

Final Cover WDC 2

…on relationships, Sure It’s Hard….” to think that it is easy is probably to be an impostor (p. 134). He asserts that the people who are really making the changes in male-female relationships and becoming fuller human beings, you can expect, are struggling to do so . . . that it is a difficult process and takes time.”…. 

from the book, Wounded Deer and Centaurs. an excerpt: ………

“Sure It’s Hard

“As most of us have come to realize who have been on this path for a while . . . who have been working at changing ourselves for a while . . . it is no easy task to change those very deep grids or programs. Rather, we discover that it requires a lot of work, dedication, and time.

“The Task Is Immense for Our Point of Departure Is a Psychotic Culture.

“The psychiatrist Theodore Isaac Rubin (1983), in his book on relationships titled One to One, points out that the divisive competitiveness and us-versus-them striving that we see predominating around us in Western culture is learned. He writes, “We compete, we fight wars, we are compulsively concerned about our hierarchical position relative to the next person, because we learn to be so through a psychotic culture passed on from one generation to the next” (p. 184).

“The point is that this is where we are coming from. Our point of departure is a psychotic culture or, as Erich Fromm (1955) put it, an “insane society.” Many of us are trying to reverse this violent and crazy trend, but it is understandable that it would be hard to make a 180-degree turn in orientation — from aggression to peace, from competition to cooperation, from fear to love. Therefore, our culture is gradually coming to the realization that we are involved in a difficult process, and understandably so. Our culture is starting to realize the immensity of the task we are undertaking in trying to change our inherited and deleterious patterns.

“To Think That It Is Easy Is Probably To Be an Impostor.”

“For example, Herb Goldberg (1983), a psychologist, points out in his book, The New Male-Female Relationship, especially in his section on “Transitions,” that to think that it is easy is probably to be an impostor (p. 134). He asserts that the people who are really making the changes in male-female relationships and becoming fuller human beings, you can expect, are struggling to do so . . . that it is a difficult process and takes time. In fact, Goldberg discusses at length his contention that real growth takes a lot of time and struggle, whereas “pseudo-growth” is the only kind of growing that occurs “overnight” and easily. (pp. 134-141)

“So not only does it take time, but we discover that it is hardly ever pleasurable. What most of us have discovered is that the path to bliss leads sometimes through despair and hopelessness. As Hesse (1965) described it in Demian: the bird, in pecking his way out of his shell, must destroy a world before discovering a new one. No, it is not often pleasant to confront some of the darkest things within ourselves, as we must do if we are not to continually project them onto others and onto the world around us…..


 excerpted from “Wounded Deer and Centaurs: The Necessary Hero and the Prenatal Matrix of Human Events” by Michael Adzema,   … now available in print and e-book formats at Amazon 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR, Michael Adzema. Video below … interviewed by Michael Harrell




— Related: See also other published versions of these ideas….


*Dance of the Seven Veils  I(2017). 

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*Falls from Grace: The Devolution and Revolution of Consciousness* (2014).

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what defines us as being human. how we became separate from all other Earth Citizens…. in the Eighth Prasad from the Planetmates

“Humans, in their evolution from planetmates, for survival advantages became crazier. And this is when we became more human…. It was a tradeoff. We became pretty good at surviving  … we managed to overpopulate this planet. But we’re crazed mother-fuckers … and we’re going to eliminate this planet and all the life on it” say planetmates in the Eighth Prasad.

what defines us as being human. how we became separate from all other Earth Citizens…. in the Eighth Prasad from the Planetmates


– from “Planetmates: The Great Reveal”  http://www.amazon.com/Planetmates-Great-Reveal-Return-Grace/dp/1496083326/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=

for any of Michael Adzema’s books, including Planetmates: The Great Reveal go to http://www.amazon.com/Planetmates-Great-Reveal-Return-Grace/dp/1496083326/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=

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